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Not developing pregnancy - how to worry?

Unfortunately, the pregnancy which presently is not developing meet even more often. At once all hopes and plans fall, you were only going to become a mother, and now do not know how further to live. Why the child ceases to develop on early terms of pregnancy what to it fault? Of course, the huge role is played by the spoiled ecology, radiation, dirty water and artificial food which we eat or infectious diseases. But it is possible that this punishment is given some of us as a lesson when we have to reconsider the life. I know. With me it was. I took such lesson very hard. Perhaps, my history to somebody will help not to lose courage and to pass this test.

We with the husband very much waited for this pregnancy, everything went well, but after the tenth week the stomach began to hurt me. To the doctor I did not go since. in two days I should have gone for the appointed reception, I decided that nothing terrible, pobolit and will cease. But pain did not cease. When I got to the doctor, was established that the term of pregnancy does not correspond to the size of a uterus and I was sent to hospital. Cleaning to me was made at once, on the same day. I even in a bad dream could not present such result of my pregnancy. My child ceased to develop.

After operation me put in chamber to pregnant women, and it was one more test which I hardly took out. Only couple of days ago I was same as they. The psychological stress was awful. I wanted to see nobody, even the husband, did not want to come to work, did not want to live. In the head questions turned: For what? Why me?

Once when I wandered about hospital corridors, me the doctor stopped. For some reason it did not pass by as others, and asked what happened to me. As could, I told it the situation, and she invited me to come to it to reception when I am written out. It was my first ray of hope that everything will be good. I decided to get it together and for myself decided that I still will have a child, but only later.

The doctor was the surprising and sincere person, she gave hope to me. And this most important. There was a desire to be treated, the purpose - the child appeared. Treatment was long, but secondary pregnancy did not come. Times at me began panic, the relations with the husband deteriorated. There was a moment when I had a hope again (there was a long delay), but it failed. After that I released the dream, decided not to wait any more. We went to the sea, and there I understood that I am pregnant. After everything endured it was as a miracle.

Now I have two children - the girl and the boy. I am happy mother. I know that I it deserved. Now I know what should be done and how to endure this state, I know that this my lesson after which I became stronger.

My councils

1. It is impossible to lose courage, to turn away from the world and to fall into hysterics. Surely there will be a person who will help you and will support. In my case it was the doctor.

2. It is obligatory to listen and implement all recommendations of doctors, to pass treatment which they will appoint.

3. Meeting on the street of small children, do not turn away, and smile to them, as if inviting in the life.

4. Give the Universe and the highest strength to know about the desire to have the child (for example, you descend in church, ask the child for the Mother of God), and then release the desire, i.e. do not think of it constantly.

5. Have patience. You will have everything.