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How to save gasoline? The points of view of the physicist, the autoathlete, the autoinstructor and the skilled driver of

me asked to tell Few years ago about ways of economy of gasoline for one of episodes of the broadcast “How to survive in the megalopolis“ RENTV TV channel. I tried to present this problem from several points of view. Transfer was repeated already several times - one, other acquaintances said that they saw it, but remembered not everything. Here I tried to state the same in writing.

1 . As of physics , I see in gasoline a power source for the car. Where this energy is spent? First of all - on dispersal of mass of the car. The dispersal more than the weight is more active, the gasoline is spent more. And when braking all acquired kinetic energy turns into heat of friction of brake shoes about disks and drums. Braking, we warm world space at own expense.

Means, for economy of gasoline we should not disperse and brake sharply, and go smoothly. The driver is more skilled, the less often he uses brakes. And having laid out unnecessary things from a luggage carrier, it is possible to reduce also the mass of the car.

But also at uniform motion gasoline is spent. First of all, on overcoming of resistance of air, and in square dependence. That is, at increase in speed twice, the consumption of gasoline is quadrupled. And too small speed increases trip time with the working engine. The speed of 60 - 100 km/h is most economic.

Is stronger, than air, brakes the car more dense water. All felt how sharply brakes the car at entrance to a pool. So during a rain it is useful to reduce the speed of the car not only for safety reasons.

The considerable part of gasoline is spent in the car for electricity generation. At the same time included lamps, the conditioner, the audio system, heating of glasses, brushes and any other consumers of the electric power can increase fuel consumption of percent by forty. Do not use them without need.

2 . As the autoathlete , I advise to straighten turns that does the speed of more uniform. If the marking of the road and other participants of the movement, of course, allows. Significantly the movement behind other car in it “an air bag“ cuts a fuel consumption. But the small distance can be recommended only to skilled drivers.

Do not lower glasses which create turbulences of air and brake the car. As much as possible unload the car. On good roads it is possible to increase percent by ten pressure in tires that will reduce their resistance to swing.

3 . As the autoinstructor , I learn to press smoothly the accelerator pedal not to upload the engine when its turns still small. By car with a mechanical box of gear shifting it is important to learn to switch these transfers in time. At the same time it is necessary to look not at a speedometer, and at a tachometer.

For daily economic driving turns of the engine have to be within 1500 - 3000 in a minute. At achievement of the highest specified limit it is better to switch to higher transfer. And when falling the turns provided below though the engine still pulls and even the consumption of fuel is cut, it is better to switch down. At too small turns oil pressure decreases, i.e. wear of the engine increases. And safety decreases since when pressing the accelerator pedal the engine can choke.

With an automatic transmission it is necessary to pay for convenience of control of car with the fuel consumption increased for 10 - 15 percent. It is required for work of this box.

4 . As the skilled motorist , I advise to watch a condition of the car. Any, even insignificant malfunctions, the servicing which is not made in time increase a gasoline consumption. Dirty air, oil and petrol filters, the got-off ignition, not adjusted disorders and a convergence of wheels, low pressure in them increase gluttony of the car.

Even the empty luggage carrier on a roof increases resistance of air and gives an increase to fuel consumption in several percent.

Try to go evenly in a stream of other cars. Read the road not only to the next traffic light, but also to the following. In a stopper you monitor the movement both the car ahead of you, and going before it. It will be even better if you manage to choose a route in a detour of traffic jams.

The most cardinal council - to use less car. Think, maybe, somewhere to go public transport more favourably. And if went by car, I hope, the councils given above will be useful to you.