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Trolley for memory or what you wish?

Sharply up and five steps on the left. A hand up - and on the left, up - and to the right. Behind glass of couples. No, it is morning fog. In a breast the pleasure is distributed. And on a face - pleasure. Palms - to cool glass, and ó sweat; m - to hot cheeks. It is live ë m. So, and we have a voice today?

- And what today already number, Vera? - perplexedly Victor Sergeyevich asked the wife.

- The twenty seventh since morning was, - striving in kitchen, Vera Vasilyevna responded. - And to what you ask?

- Strange somehow, it seems soon New Year, and ë a lka to the yard now eshch ë did not deliver, - it stopped at a window.

- Also will not deliver already.

- It why eshch ë?

- Yes because construction of a new house is planned here. And the announcement already was, unless did not see?

- Strange, mortality exceeds birth rate, and all is no place to live. Construction by construction, but holiday soon! Hey!

- Yes though be cried - will not help. As though we live in the wood.

- And it is idea, mother!

- All ideas strictly after a breakfast. - cheerfully the hostess picked up.

The most important is a basis, on it vs ë will keep. Presented by the son-in-law of t ë with - wanted to become a bench at an entrance, but changed the mind. The basis is the most important. Through a half-hour in garage I descend - I will take away. So. Here nearby. It is close to go. Along a narrow-gage railway that behind a hillock, is and tr ë x - and five-meter fluffy beauties. It is solved? It is necessary! By the evening I will turn back.

And from where you undertook, the rope-walker? Nonsense ë t on edge of “piece of iron“, balancing with hands. Earlier I would be a poster ë gsya, and now, in mo ë m age, it already to anything.

- You will help? - he asked Petya who turned to it.

- With a bag. Probably, you are Father Frost? - rope-walker posh ë l to it on a meeting.

- Yes, remained only ë to get a lka and there will be a complete set.

- At last this mad year comes to an end, - Petya breathed sigh of relief, taking seat on fir-tree branches. - And it will leave for us a lot of good. too

- And want, I will present you something? Here you what want? - Victor Sergeyevich glanced in it the shining eyes.

- Yes what in this ice steppe to take - that? Well, here unless in - about - it that trolley, over there on the horizon is seen, - Petya pointed to the blackening rectangle forward. - Since the childhood dreamed about such.

- the Trolley so a trolley. Let`s try.

- Ha! Well, give! - Petya was given to a miracle to such answer, with impatience rubbed hands and took seat more conveniently as the diligent first grader.

Victor Sergeyevich looked at the watch and efficiently got the dense lace overwound from several threads from a pocket. Having a little blinked an eye and having extended hands to the horizon, the graceful movement of a lace sliped under the figure standing in the field, clearly. The middle of a lace had exactly on the center of a trolley.

Petya all this time with genuine interest looked through a shoulder to the neighbor at first with a playful smile, but after a while - having met with ser ë a zny face of Victor Sergeyevich - his physiognomy sharply changed. The lace suddenly caved in under weight and settled, the joyful shaman tied the ends over the horizon and victoriously lit up. The medallion came unstuck, having left forever lonely line between the cold field and, beginning to blaze, glow.

- Hold! An amulet for memory! - it is proud Victor Sergeyevich before the surprised public of eyes and Petya`s mouth shook.

- Listen, now that`s something like it!... - he from amazement lost a mere verbiage and only swung the head here and there, trifling with something.

- And how at you it turned out?

- Very simply: it is a little imagination and will power. Sometimes happens so that it is possible to take what, apparently, not to reach.

- Then why this ë on yourself you drag a lka? Neponyatushki leave, however!

- At the wood the spirit is, - on - philosophically and somehow Victor Sergeyevich with insult told. - Svo ë understanding at it … Here another story altogether. It is necessary to feel that you at home …

- And you that, now at home?

- Of course, sky same., look - even the plane also flies along the route from Hugo - the East on North - the West, as usual! Watches can be synchronized. Unless it is not enough?

Soon and their growing dark time was bent by flight: the road - home. Poses ë the mka rushed ahead of fatigue - together dragged a fir-tree to the yard and fixed in in advance prepared crosspiece. Victor Sergeyevich good-natured received the guest at home and joyful from pr ë rnuty adventure with ë a lka went to rest.

The next morning on a staircase the man-to-man talk was heard and loudly called their door.

- And Victor Sergeyevich lives here? - one of two the tall young man in shape took an interest. - It houses?

- Houses. And what happened? - perplexed Vera Vasilyevna stretched. - To twist, there you are asked … in shape!

- State supervision. - The young man who got up in door about ë was surely presented; m - Be so kind as your logging ticket or the certificate for the right of the cabin of a Christmas fir-tree. Check. - In details the second reported.

“Neighbors already managed to drop“ - Victor Sergeyevich thought.

- Yes I somehow... It … Well, was not in time … Here children … And I somehow … Here … - it began.

- That for noise since morning a bit earlier, - the soaped Petka jumped out. - And? Permission? One minute. So, so, - he undid the leather folder brought to them from the room and got some form. Quickly dropped a line, turned, stretched on it a wide flourish and stretched to the people who tarried in the doorway.

- The mistake left, Pyotr Antonovich! - spoke in a bass checking in shape. - Work at us such.

- Aha! Aha! And you with Coming, - guests for a door Vershinin Pyotr Antonovich quickly showed the door.

- Yes as it, Petya! - Victor Sergeyevich threw up the hands.

- You told that sometimes it is possible to take what not to reach. - Petya smiled and added, admiring how the first children to ë joyfully ran; to a lka: - Heart trusts - the desire will come true!

And you what wish?!