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How to begin to become tempered?

About what such hardening, it is hardly necessary to tell. Many, wishing “to take care at last of the own life“, include it in the plans, along with gymnastics, walks or still some active recreation. “Everything, I begin tomorrow“ - and it really occurs. But soon the initial enthusiasm disappears somewhere. There is no time, was ceased to want, forgot and so on. From what it?

The answer simple - that some business became a habit, it is necessary to include it in the daily routine. That is, having decided to become tempered every day, it is worth defining when. In most cases this occupation “will well fit in“ in the morning. Time for it will leave a little, within 10 minutes. On the working days it is possible to be in time even quicker, and during week-end, on the contrary, to prolong pleasure... I will tell about what is checked by personal experience and can be useful still to someone.

in the fresh air

Is time to rise Morning, already absolutely it is time... Rose? Now we will go to a balcony in one swimming trunks (or a bathing suit) - we were going “to idle“. How many there on the thermometer? If now June, July or August, then hardly lower than +10, even early in the morning. In other words, not so cold. Therefore it is easy to begin in the summer, the main thing - to continue every day, under any weather conditions.

In the fall temperature considerably will decrease, and the habit to “air bathtubs“ will already arise. If the first time fell on winter, then impressions will be far stronger. Under a blanket there was heat, and on a balcony - absolutely on the contrary. Especially if to stand barefoot in a snowdrift which managed to grow in a night and to catch the flying by snowflakes, feeling them all over...

Of course, such beginning can seem excessive. But there is the same nothing to be afraid here. To begin to become tempered it is possible in any weather, choosing only duration of “bathing“ in cold air. For the first time there will be enough also half-minute not to overdo. Left, stood, returned... After return to the room will seem at once that in it hot. Though temperature there usual. h2 do not have

After charging

For full-fledged charging in the mornings most often time. But it can be designated at least, having executed one or two exercises. Made, were warmed? And now - in a bathroom. We discover cold water, we fill a bucket and we overturn it on shoulders... Feelings are quite strong, especially if in the winter moreover for want of habit. And it is impossible to overcool, everything occurs very quickly.

Instead of douche it is possible to rise also under a shower. It, of course, will be simpler, but force of influence will increase. That is from - under cold streams it will want to jump out at once. Means, there is already enough, it is more so far and it is not necessary. If to become tempered nearly an every day and not to give up the begun business, then duration will increase by itself. And when in the summer will disconnect hot water again, it will not concern any more.

For future “walruses“

That who was going to bathe in an ice-hole (for the Epiphany or just like that), the easiest to begin with a cold bathtub. It is convenient to start this occupation in the summer when from - under the crane water with a temperature about 20 degrees flows. In the rivers, lakes or ponds it is approximately same. It is absolutely simple to plunge at this time. In the fall water will become colder, and by winter there will be already +5. Having got used to house bathing, it will be easy to come into an ice-hole.

If now not the summer, then is quieter to begin with douche or a shower. These should work weeks two - three, and to make the first bathing absolutely short. It is possible to imagine what it will be: we fill a bathtub with cold water and we walk in it, and then we are dipped... Oh! And at once we get out.

It is better to take a cold bath not daily, and with some pauses. If to bathe once in three - four days or only on days off, for beginners it will be just right. To lie long in cold water to anything too, the regularity is far more important. There will pass not enough time - and similar “extreme“ will become a commonplace.

It is possible to become tempered very much differently. Ways is thought up much already and if some did not approach - it is possible to try new. Some of them will be good in the summer or in off-season. For example, run in easy clothes. Or circulation barefoot which tempers too. And here exercises on the street can be done at any time and under any weather conditions.