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Why now so poorly happy faces? The house, work, health of

on faces of people most often lies Now in our cities and villages the press of concern and alarm, they are distorted by grimaces of rage and aggression.

Get accustomed, there are practically no good-natured persons as earlier - we will tell, in the eighties the last century. Those people, as far as I can remember, were happy the let and soft, but simple happiness. Even if it is possible to tell, happiness “stagnant“ (from the name of that era). I remember those faces of simple people, though was unsteady the tousled lad everywhere.

And now, today... Here the fatty, growth “knee-high to a grasshopper“, real “Kolobok“ stamps. Pants, pulls along the four-footed friend - a doggie. Both the little man, and an animal puffs. In Soviet period similar little men - fatties differed in natural kindness. And now puzan with hatred “yelps“ on the doggie: “Where you prt to me under legs, a bough!“ The grin of anger was imprinted on his physiognomy.

A doggie from - for abuses of the owner the same spiteful expression of a muzzle bears to people around. Faces of people and even animals, is given to me, today were considerably changed. What generates the marked hatred and so cruel expression of persons right now? Why before it was not? Why some persons express nothing, how at Fantomas now? Let`s give some, apparently, firm postulates and other moments explaining partly the reasons of changes in expression of faces of people.

1. My house - my fortress

Earlier each Soviet person knew that, was not as if “lousy“ to it, it will always have a roof over the head. Now people see that a postulate “my house - my fortress“ does not reflect reality any more. Any cunning combination of “black“ realtors (sometimes at you behind the back), and you are already deprived of housing! Not without the aid of the interested officials. Further the kick, I`m sorry, “under the back“ follows, and you are a bum. In Soviet period the homeless was not. The corner relied everyone let sometimes and tiny, but. And when the person has an understanding that the state cares for it, and his face finishes. I think, feeling of fear of loss of the HOUSE - cozy, native - one of the reasons of disturbing, aggressive persons of the beginning of the 21st century.

2. Be healthy, the Soviet citizen!

the state inspired

In Soviet period in citizens: care for the health! You do not wish? Then receive the order on all enterprise and go on doctors forcibly. Mass, total medical examinations were carried out among all segments of the population. Level of knowledge of medicine of ordinary doctors from policlinic sometimes struck even foreign colleagues. You could come with the complaint to a throat, but, thanks to an attentive eye of the doctor and given to medical examination, found in you still which - what illnesses also right there began to treat them. Before receipt in kindergarten - blow on medical examination! Before school - again on medical examination.

Before army, revenues to work - desire to pass surely all doctors according to the long list yes to hand over a lot of analyses. You do not want - we will force! The postulate that the builder of communistic society has to be healthy, was propagandized everywhere. were necessary for the embodiment of ideas of Marx healthy individuals, but not mouldering addicts. Now - all differently. Why the builder of capitalist society has to be a percher? Why he has to sup beer buckets and always have near at hand tobacco and “kosyachok“? To me this policy is unclear. Where general medical examinations at the enterprises disappeared?

3. Food. Water

Quality of drinking water and food of those years was not comparable

to what lies on our counters and laps in large bottles now. Yes, products then, in the eightieth, almost everything were in deficiency, but and drank what people ate, passed rigid control regarding compliance to state standard specifications. The range was limited, but if you bought sausage, then it was SAUSAGE, but not a stick from mix of unclear ingredients. Qualitative, let and simple food with gratitude was eaten by an organism and adequately processed.

Therefore the zashlakovannost of organisms of people those years was much lower. Purer a metabolism - more joyful the person, a light step. You remember the most popular song of Soviet period of Yury Antonov with words:

The flying gait you left May

I disappeared from the sight in a veil of January.

the Soviet girls Quite so moved. And now with a hamburger in one hand, a can of beer in another, with a cigarette between teeth, the girl is rolled out on the street in pass - a skirt - shorts and it is overcome by short wind. The person is eager for oxygen, it screws up the face that does not correspond to the flying gait in any way.

4. Feeling of the person of part of huge powerful whole. The Obshchinnost of tenor of life

the Soviet system, the state as a method of the organization of space and human resources at that time approached the high level of compliance to spirit of the people. The Obshchinnost, domesticity if you want, feeling of belonging to the biggest and of the most powerful (even if only in some areas) to the country of the world - all this responded rest and content in attitude of the Soviet person.

Socialism 70 - x, 80 - x, strangely enough, at all ateistichnost of the doctrine of Marx, most closer approached Christian outlook. Collective farms, state farms, cooperatives, design offices, scientifically - research institutes, plants - all this were the organizations communal in essence close to tenor of life of our ancestors.

5. Financial stability of a family

Each resident of the Soviet country in “stagnant“ times knew that it will always have an advance payment and a salary. So much it will give on utility payments, it is so much on a payment for cooperative, it is so much for garage etc. And here such sum will remain on livelihood, clothes, entertainments, giving and so forth. Lived then, it is generally rather poor, but that there was very decent, worthy socialist poverty. Now we see or the shouting, bright wealth with yachts and Bentley, or poor, true poverty.

6. Work

In Soviet period if sensibly to see things, everyone found for itself application though some and work. Sometimes the simplest, even seeming senseless, at first sight. More important another: the postulate was firm that each inhabitant has to be provided employment. Moreover, the state insisted on your work: if you live in the USSR, then desire to bring benefit to the country! You prefer to tuneyadnichat? Then you will be attracted for similar trutnevsky existence. “Work improves the person!“ Now many hang about so the anger on their faces seems more clear.

In final part of article we will consider still some aspects of a problem of changes of expression of persons at modern people in comparison with “stagnant“ years and we will try to answer a question why the marked changes happened to us.