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What growth there was the first King - Kong?

Meticulous historians of cinema believe that everything began with sir Arthur Conan Doyle who in 1912 published the novel (and rather, the story) “Land of the Lost“. A decade of the imagination of the writer later were picturized. In several years the director Marian Cooper decided to use models of dinosaurs which remained after shootings.

Together with the specialist in special effects Willis O`Bryan he removed fight of a tyrannosaur with a huge gorilla. The episode was shown to chiefs of studio “by RKO Radio Pictures Inc.“, and those, without deliberating, allocated nearly 700 thousand dollars for shootings of the feature film. So King - Kong“ began first “.

So, “King - Kong“ ( of “King Kong“ ) 1933 - go year of birth. Originally this film project was designated as of “The Beast“ (Animal), then creators of the movie consistently thought up of “King Ape“ (The king of monkeys), of “The Eighth Wonder of the World“ (The eighth wonder of the world) and just of “Kong“ (Kong). The movie which showed to the audience of the cult character of the 20th century received the final name shortly before the first display.

Actually that there was a brilliant idea: to show the far ancestor of the person who is at war with a huge reptile in one movie, to depict relationship with it of modern people, to picture the romantic line in “beauty and monster“ style and in addition to make disorder of New - York! If at the same time to plunge the audience into awe credibility of the events, then the movie is doomed to success. Especially, when similar appears practically at the beginning of motion picture art.

The premiere of a picture took place in New - York on March 2, 1933. “King - Kong“ was extremely successful, it went at movie theaters till fiftieth years. Then there was a King - Konga version made in 1976 - m. This version was shown in the Soviet Union. In it King - Kong battles against the planes attacking it, having climbed up on notorious the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Boards represented Konga standing at once on two buildings; however, in the movie the film monster was less, and he had to jump from a northern tower on southern. And the roar King - Konga is the combined record of growl of a tiger and lion which is slowed down and lost in the opposite direction.

And at last in 2006 in world hire there was “King - Kong“ the director Peter Jackson - joint creation of the USA, Germany and New Zealand.

Generally speaking, in comparison with Arthur Conan Doyle`s novel in movies about King - Konga the new subject courses appeared. Professor Challenger brought from Land of the Lost of the pterodactyl caught there. In London the pterodactyl escaped and departed. On it the narration comes to an end.

In pictures about King - Konga the most fascinating begins when brought to New - York Kong tears slavery chains, escapes to the city, kidnaps the Hollywood beauty Ann, gets with it on a skyscraper and here heroically battles against military airplanes. And before the death before falling with Empayr - steyt - the bilding which is fatally wounded by shots from planes King - Kong carefully releases Ann.

After murder of Konga the final phrase sounds: “Not planes became the reason of his death. The monster died from - for the beauty“. (I suspect that upon termination of this episode women and other nervous audience of a sample of 1933 - go were necessary to cry years.)

Certainly, King - Kong had to die, having faced human hostility and intolerance to those who differ in a constitution, the sizes and availability of wool. We so do not love others, not similar to us.

... In memory there is a phrase from other cult movie - “Juggler“, shown in far Soviet years, that the first King - Kong was growth in 3 feet 6 inches; it reached to the heroine of the movie a navel. However, information is not absolutely right. The first King - Kong was even less: on shootings in 30 - e years were used gorilla 45 centimeters high models.

This year “King - Kongu“ executed 77 years...