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Tsvigun, Grabova: deja vu?

Moscow - the city curious. Once again I will repeat: I love not less, than St. Petersburg or some other cities of this of the best of the worlds. But Moscow attracts to itself and swindlers of all colors, including, swindlers extra - a class.

Once upon a time there was a girl Marina in Donetsk, worked as the instructor of the Donetsk city town committee of Komsomol. The Komsomol died, and the beating energy and enthusiasm did not decrease, here and she became after a marriage not just anxious matron of family, but also … in not which a sort - Maria Davy Christ . To whom does not happen, there was it in the head.

But soon this homebrew Davy Christ organized “A white brotherhood“ where were bullshitted especially impressionable citizens. After Marina Tsvigun with companions came into St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev under a “valid“ pretext - the most real descent of the Holy Spirit had to take place there!, - she was arrested.

To be fair it is necessary to recognize that Maria Davy stayed all the put, all 4 years given her. Now she lives in Moscow and is called Victoria Preobrazhenskaya. Paints pictures, music, verses - and what you think? Probably - recurrence. If more precisely - it is certain, recurrence. Again the brotherhood, unclear on what money, it is unknown from whose easy hand (help) is organized. In total on new, but already in Russia - and absolutely dumbfounds the fact that again and again, both presently, and near by at the authorities. Sadly...

Once upon a time there was in Tashkent the mechanic Grigory Grabovoy . But there are more fascinating affairs, than work in design office, - for example, creation of the new doctrine. Why not “About rescue and harmonious development“? Good business - rescue and development, and that the nonconventional methods, so now it just “what the doctor registered“.

Moscow Grabova already began the academician of the most known academies - to understand from where he has all these ranks and regalia. But who needs to understand? Here blind Vanga, speak, understood: simply expelled Grabovy away.

But it did not prevent it to declare a few years ago itself the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. And right there to make full, incomprehensible to human reason and heart, a disgrace with “Mothers of Beslan“. As soon as society could take out it: the offer to revive the died children? (And here the fact that for considerable money - it surprised nobody any more.) All then understood: there is a territory of a human grief where it is impossible to interfere as whom you would not consider yourself. Just it is impossible.

But also here everything escaped punishment. But when by Grabova it was put in policy and decided to run for president, here then the prosecutor`s office and all put bodies were connected. As - new party, very rather well-to-do and with strange points of the program: for example, “statement of eternity of life“. Against eternity of life of special objections had no, but to citizens of exotic on behalf of the party leader - it did not endure a vparivaniye. By Grabova it was arrested.

But instead of 11 years he stayed only 4 and, as we know, recently was released. Surprising mercy, is rare when you notice it concerning the ordinary guilty citizens. Reason: excellent behavior, participation in amateur performances and even Stierlitz`s role in a prison performance.

No, I am a person not blood-thirsty. Prison - piece terrible. Just questions arise “on the life course“. New “Hrista“, revivers are healers - saviors - “prophets“ of all colors and both floors are well and prosper in Moscow. They are ogrebatel of money (and a shower, there is a wish to tell) at those who need the help. I do not want to count death money , but it is known that the former prisoner left prison on the good foreign car.

M. Tsvigun - Mamonova (more precisely, today - Victoria Preobrazhenskaya) returned to “primary activity“ recently - sect conductresses. Everything is absolute the same, as was - only with verses. Even the picture did not exchange. That Grigory Grabovoy will do - yet it is not known, but there is a high probability that we “will meet“ him still more than once. It is too much money in such business, it is too much people ready to believe in anything.

It is remembered to me (not personally, of course, - from books) that before two Russian revolutions (1905, 1917) in Russia violence of various “mystical“ and esoteric moods, ideas, people was observed (if it is possible to be expressed so). Now the same. From banal fortunetellers to the new embodiments of Christ. And then burst so that echoes are heard still.

It is thought to me that all events are not casual, though frightening to understand it. Perhaps the truth the fact that to Grabova it is simply favorable? What on its background any will be perceived as the decent person?

It would be possible to call all this the farce and nevertheless it is sad. There is a wish to repeat after Julius Futschik: “ People, I loved you, be vigilant! “. Please.