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Whether it is easy to be the first grader?

“Mummy, hurrah!!! Vacation!!!“ My daughter today when I came to take away her from school so met me. Yes, the first academic year remained behind. What it was? Certainly, difficult. I see how strongly she was tired. Something turned out, something is not present. Perhaps, I made many mistakes in it and for me the first academic year. It is often possible to hear opinion of people around: yes calm down you, sticks - hooks... Yes, children go to school to study. But ability to consider, to write and read not the only thing that it is desirable for child to be able and what should learn it when he for the first time crosses a threshold of school. Actually, whether it is easy to be the first grader?

School, so many alarms and disorders, expectations and doubts both for parents and for children are connected with this word. To what school to give the treasure to what teacher to go, what program to choose? But you should not forget that besides acquisition of knowledge of various objects, the school is an important step for your little man on the way to independent life. Where it is important to be able to interact with other people, to consider their interests, to make decisions, to carry out certain duties and to be responsible for the acts.

Is the first steps of the child in society new, not familiar to it. And it is very important what your son or the daughter attended school with pleasure.

at the age of 6 - 7 years children are very strongly focused on the parents. They are very sensitive to a praise or, on the contrary, to disapproval. They try to resemble the parents. You praise the child more often, show him that you are interested in his school affairs, you are proud of his progress. Encourage its achievements. It so needs your support. And if something is impossible at once - it does not matter. For this purpose we also go to school. Have patience. Of course, it is much more difficult, than to shout and knock a fist on a table. But, remember - your child only studies. I know from own experience: it is very important not to be overzealous with occupations of the house, those hooks and small letters, it you for long time can discourage at the child to be engaged. Children have also other, not less important issues: to drive in the yard in soccer with children, to ride a bike, to play with favourite dolls. And then, it is always possible to present to the child of occupation as game, for example: oh, you are already able to read?! Means, today the fairy tale for the night is read by you. Or: read me a label on a box with cookies, I will not understand that I am written there. Give to children instructions, it will help them to develop a sense of responsibility. Let they will have household chores: to feed pets, to water flowers, to help with cleaning.

When you write down the child in music school, on occupations by dances, in sports section, think - whether the child or this your desire wants it? Perhaps, once children give time to adapt and decide that it is necessary for them? Believe, they are already capable to make decisions independently. Do not charge them too much from the first class. Think about their health. Often parents establish a level too highly and children can not always reach it. And to be pride for the father, mother, the grandfather and the grandmother, oh as there is a wish.

your little man is a book with pure pages, help it to write his first lines in it.