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Medicine and theatrical ticket. What between them can be the general?

That the general between vital medicine and theatrical tickets? Having thought, it is possible to answer this tricky question so: the price which beats the cap fits.

The average income Muscovite lives in places not bad. For food is enough also for gasoline. Which - that on clothes remains also on the mobile phone. The Japanese restaurants give sushi, on sales - offer 50% of a discount: live - do not grieve. But sooner or later this Muscovite is taken by the scruff of the neck by the problem dozing for the time being: the loved one got sick, and in drugstores there is no necessary medicine, and the poor fellow should turn as I will fish on a frying pan.

Medicine should be looked for on all city, to ring drugstores, to monitor the Internet, to ask acquaintances, but the got boxes all the same are not enough for a full course. Without necessary preparation it is necessary to those to whom it is necessary poorly. Only this means is capable to break the begun illness.

Of course, the way out can be found of such situation nevertheless. There are people who will help to solve a problem of deficiency of medicine until the Ministry of Health resumes registration of a preparation. They, according to their version to sell to sufferers, bring scarce drugs from - for borders. The price of a question is usually equal to two - we rub the face value of pharmaceutical cost.

The same who has no such sum, recommend to believe in a miracle and to adjust a healthy lifestyle. Walks in the fresh air, rubdown by cold water and vegetarianism are very useful and manage, besides, very cheap.

The rich, speak, too cry. Only anyway it is more pleasant to cry in a limousine, than in the tram. Especially as in present conditions the rich have an indisputable advantage: money grants to them the right for life, and the wealth decorates it. Here country country houses, expensive resorts, restaurants and foreign cars do not mean. For the present nobody cancelled cultural wealth.

In recent years there were off-budget traditional intellectual hobbies - theater and concerts. In the twilight of the Soviet era theater-goers repeatedly declared that theater tickets and on a good concert should not be cheap - differently just it is impossible. Today their dreams came true. Moscow Art Theatre of Chekhov on top performances sells tickets at five thousand rubles. In any case Moscow Art Theatre very few people from more than 150 Moscow theaters estimate the premieres cheaper than two thousand.

In a theater world are surprised now why halls are filled with casual people? Where that public of former times - fine, intelligent, sensitive? We answer: those who so far with us, do not go more on theaters. They should save money for drugs.

The Muscovite of middle-income can afford still such average pleasure how to descend on “Avatar“ or on “Robin of Goode“ with Russell Crowe. But here to inveterate theater-goers it will already hardly become - with the income to it not to pull such addiction. The market cut from it everything that is outside masses - a market. Piece things get, alas, to those who are richer if they have forces and time for intelligent leisure.

Sad the fact that already and nothing is necessary to most of average income Muscovites of similar. Addictions, as we know, form habits, the average income Muscovite has enough also “Avatar“.