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Let`s create the next stereotype? It is not enough about the Berlin ladies of

“Yes will forgive me men, it will be a question of women“.

Old - prestary this phrase very is also very actual for our today`s Berlin reporting. The speech, really, will go about women. Or rather, about ladies of the German capital because to address to any of them as it for some reason is accepted now in Russia - “woman“, it is absolutely impossible, the German mentality of it well does not provide in any way.

“Mayne Damen“ - it yes, is present. “Frau Kattsenbakh“, and is better “Libe Frau Kattsenbakh“ or even “Than Mayne for a liba Frau Kattsenbakh“ - please. And here so, on - simple, at vigorous rate of a message conversation: “Frau, hey, of Frau, to a postoyta - you will not prompt how here to pass on Muzeeninzel? “ “Herr, undress eyes and do not take me for a ride, you stand on this Inzel, what you herr dull“, - it is impossible in any way.

But something we distracted. So, what she is the lady of the German capital? Let`s try to participate in “ungrateful business“ of creation of stereotypes and to outline the sketch to a berlinka portrait. And here at once we will tell: is of the lady of East Berlin - and Western .

Elderly , in the majority absolutely charming, friendly, well-mannered and elegant ladies for seventy are externally quite similar, both western, and east. But, perhaps, only externally. Well, unless east are less coquettish, though are very well-groomed, prefer modest gentle pastel tone in clothes both absolutely simple and convenient footwear.

East lady this age, as a rule, the owner of quite good pension as all life worked, the apartment or a small lodge with a small well-groomed garden, the pensioner - the husband, the decent health insurance, gentle and sentimental soul, staunch firmness in the face of adversities, stereotypic thinking within “Ordnung muss sein“ and fine false teeth.

Adult children visit parents several times a year who to whom give incidental financial support, not always clear. Happens often that GDR - ovsky parents help children and when those very adult.

Elderly ladies of the Western Berlin - oh, it is simple “Flight of Valkyries“. Behind shoulders at them often affairs with the American officers, rough student`s youth, travel worldwide, participation in the movement “hippie“, breadth of views and individualism, lack of stereotypes in attitude to extreme old age, sometimes - alternative sex - orientation. Let`s not forget that the Western Berlin was and remains, the European center sex - minorities.

Elderly western berlinka of a vykholena, often very extravagantly are also brightly dressed, the pension at them happens both small, and big as till 1958 the married lady of the Western Germany could work only with the permission of the husband. So own apartments and lodges with gardens, as well as expensive health insurances with expensive sets of false teeth, for pensioners of the Western Berlin are not always real now.

As the statistics speaks, 90 percent of elderly ladies of Berlin do not intend to be engaged in grandsons constantly, visit of grandsons is a pleasure and a holiday, at all it is not obligatory that this holiday was always with you. Children in families of the Western Berlin separated from a family early, the help of parents proceeded while study lasted, further - expensive.

Distinctions of western and east of the Berlin ladies of middle age are very insignificant and externally are not obvious. Both those, and others are obviously drawn towards style of “natures“ and practically all “denken ekologish“, i.e. practice “ecological thinking“: a minimum of cosmetics, any extravagances in casual clothes, simple hairdresses, lack of high heels, bright manicure and a make-up, sharp spirits, bright gold jewelry, quiet, very polite and tactful communication.

Extravagances surprising happen sometimes at western a berlinok of average years when it is required to put on “on an exit“, and then absolutely incongruous things connect. For example, the low-necked black dress with a big coquettish blue rose, a long string of gilded pearls, is gentle - blue stockings in a thin stripe and kremovo - shoes, white with bows, but similar “mistakes“ happen, I believe, everywhere.

East berlinka like to emphasize “vostochnost“ in conversation: “Their bin Ossy und darauf a bin their Stoltz“, - i.e. I am Ossy and I am proud of it. They almost everything work, are independent, very much respect themselves as the personality, prefer to build equal and equal relations with the friend or the husband, to contribute the share in the family budget and to divide all difficulties of maintaining the house and the birth and education of the child with the man. Berlinka do not hurry to register marriage, others do not wish to connect themselves by a matrimony at all, this tendency exists, and the Berlin mass media, paraphrasing classics, claim: “Beauties of Berlin in marriage do not want“.

“To mount upon the husband`s neck“ and to allow the man to support completely itself, as well as to support the man - it is simply indecent and fraught with big complications in the relations, consider now and ladies - “axes“, and ladies - “rural lands“. To be realized socially after training, to work as the volunteer in the different countries, to travel, see the world, to decide where it is better for you to live, find the partner and, it is desirable, the first child - here tasks a berlinok from twenty eight to forty years.

And here career, purposeful and its “toothy“ construction, smart cars, magnificent rest, diamonds, a silicone bust, company rags, big earnings of a family as a criterion of great success are not included into priorities of most of women of this age. Money is appreciated on an equal basis with free time, sometimes and slightly lower, and free time is spent very effectively. Though is among them successful and taken place business - the lady.

But, I will repeat, all above - only certain average images a berlinok, this subject it is extensive, the Berlin schoolgirls and students, the most picturesque ladies Turkish and the Latin American diasporas that is called not “were located in the set ladies` format“, stayed behind scenes, and it is necessary to write about them separately.

And on it allow to finish the short story about the Berlin ladies - and for today to take the leave.