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What to do if the man loves the car more, than the woman? Sex two men Meet the muffler

. One asks another:

- What three things in life you love most of all? That answers


- the Machine, the TV and the wife.

- And unless the wife - that`s quite something! - was indignant the interlocutor.

- Yes - and - and, the wife is not a thing... Here the car - that`s quite something!

(a national sign - a joke)

the Vast majority of men love the cars. But happens that this tender feeling brims over. And then the man begins to think of the car as about the living being, and begins to seem to the woman that her gentleman loves this mechanism more, than its. Why some men completely identify the car with the woman? And there is something the general! But sometimes this love reaches extremes.

So the nature disposed that there are people with usual sexual orientation. Is - with other, for example, homosexuals. There are lesbians. Deviations in this sphere a huge number: here both fetishists, and zoophiles, and krovosmesitel, and tyrants, and maniacs, and sadomasochists and so forth. What people only with themselves do not create! And on hooks of each other suspend, and dress up in linen of an opposite sex, and change a floor, to themselves cutting off something and which - that growing up, like tomatoes and a cucumber in the greenhouse. But there is one more type of a perversion which I would christen, say, “narcissism“ . What is it?

That - that! It when the man sticks and loves not the girl or the woman, and a horse. No, the speech not about an inclination to an animal. And about “a horse iron!“. I will try to state a concept essence delicately. Such men who idolize the car meet, adore it as the beloved, and sometimes and more.

And that to prove to the boundless and ardent passion they get from wide trouser-legs, as they say, “tool“ and put it in an exhaust pipe of the car. And for romanticism giving to process of “a vznuzdaniye of an iron horse“ previously stroke body wings, scrub “torpedo“ in salon, splash fragrance, that is make the real sexual prelude before sexual intercourse! About that are also excited.

So, I as could decently told about extreme forms of it as I believe, diseases - “narcissism“. Only it is not really clear what will occur if certain “well-wisher“ at the most intimate moment of such iron coition from final part of the muffler makes the way to the ignition key and will turn it in the provision of start of the engine … However, we will leave for horrors and we will switch to softer forms of love of the man to the car.

I used to know the guy who sincerely worried more about a condition of “health“ of the car, than wives. He did not speak: “My car broke!“, and - “My car ached!“. And on a question: “How health of the wife?“ squeezed out short: “It failed“.

Where roots of similar violent weakness of the man to the car? On my supervision, the individuals adoring the cars from among “stronger sex“ since the childhood were surrounded with tiny and huge machines , collected collections from car models. The father early acquainted them with driving, they were eager to sit though on a lap the adult, but - driving. Strangely enough, all of them are technicians on mentality and education. And they, obviously, have an internal ability, a certain imagination if you want to allocate lifeless things (usual office chair, for example) with certain properties of living people. Approximately so: “Here - a chair. It is soft, kind, careful. Sometimes grumbles on me when I dive on it with running start. He likes and to be washed - I then clean him with a rag etc.“

of the Man, excessively idolizing the car, consider some details of the car as part of the body. the Lever of switching of speeds - continuation of a hand. Pedals - part of a leg. They are sure that the car has a heart - the motor. Charming “eyes“ - headlights. A mouth - a gasoline tank mouth. They iron body details gently as female forms. With admiration. It is senseless to blame such men for this weakness.

They sincerely believe that only the car gives freedom to the man, and the woman limits it. I laughed when one of acquaintances declared that if the car otjezdit the, grew old, became covered by corrosion, then it can be handed over in junk. And the wife - no. And another, it seems, sjekhidnichat that to support the woman much more expensively, than the car. Such men spend with a car more time, than with a family. Ridiculously? I do not argue, but we - that remember that in each joke there lives the element of truth …

A what then to do to the woman? Cunning! It is impossible to abuse the man, his car at all and to put forward the ultimatum, type: “Either - I, or - it“. He considers a car as the member of the family. It will be correct - to make friends with its car. To be interested: Whether “Was not unwell it (broke)?“. To buy by it - the car - souvenirs. To care and cherish it by a car . To wash its body gently, without forgetting to wipe at once after procedure with a soft flannel rag as when drying on the sun (now summer) on car paint spots are formed everywhere that does it - the machine - ugly - not made up.

We do not forget to vacuum salon. Vacuum cleaner! But without having spat on a rag! We learn to rub polishing, that is to bring it - the machine - to gloss that on each side it spots of sunlight playfully jumped. Do not allow smoking in salon of a car - its plastic finishing materials “breathe“ too as the person lungs. Establish fragrance with a smell of forest meadows better - same the same deodorant like Reksona who, it seems, will never bring. At such relation the man will understand, as you are a woman, and too part of his family which also has a soul, heart, as well as at the car. Doperev to this simple thought, having lit up with its light, the man and his brain will fall in love with both of you - the car and the woman - is sincere and gentle.