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River Vakh: poisoning with corruption of

Earning millions, eko - swindlers kill the future of Yugra

discharge History to the river Vakh of poisonous waste the third month haunts to the authorities of the Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area, to various supervisory authorities. The governor of Yugra Natalya Komarova gave to the relevant departments an assignment to liquidate threat for life, human health and environment, and also to understand the reasons of emergence of this state of emergency. Our journalists were also connected to this question. How on oil swill and boring dirt millions become and why, despite judgments, nobody hurried to prevent Eko - state of emergency on Vakh - read in our material.

Vicious circle: papers, courts, state of emergency, again papers

In brief about background. In February of this year in several kilometers from Nizhnevartovsk ecologists - social activists pollution of a shore and the water area of the Vakh River was revealed. It became clear that on production base of LLC Plant of Ecological Mechanical Engineering thousands of tons of dangerous toxic wastes of drilling and oil production lie. The arrived numerous commissions from various departments saw near plant traces of dark liquid with a pungent smell which was merged to the river. Ice in the place of dumping became black and it was possible to set fire to it as some peat or coal. The situation was aggravated with the fact that at distance about 50 meters from pollution, on the river bank Vakh are placed several tanks. Their total amount makes 20 thousand CBM. In tanks there is oil production waste - oil slime. According to the expert opinion, waste from tanks belongs to highly toxic waste of the III class of danger.

From the moment of “promotion“ eko - scandal especially dirty ice was cut and brought in shlamokhranilishche. After that the river Vakh was checked repeatedly. Representatives of various government supervisory authorities, the deputy of a thought of Nizhnevartovsk district, social activists were a part of the commission. At the same time from nine members of special commission, four represented various establishments and the organizations for fight against corruption. It is an important detail to which it is worth paying attention. Further it will become clear why the authorities of Yugra suspect a big corruption component of all this history.

Officials and social activists passed more than a kilometer along the polluted river, carefully fixing traces of dumping of boring slimes and oil products on the card. Said numerous remains of the small small fish along the coast that dumped in substances are poisonous. Here excerpts from the Statement which is drawn up and the signed members of special commission: “Proceeding from the principle of a presumption of ecological danger (i.e. potential threat of harming environment) the fact of pollution of the Vakh River investigated by us, and also due to the lack still appropriate measures for prevention (decrease to admissible level) of its harm to environment (A Nizhnevartovsk water intake, Nizhnevartovsk GRES and inhabitants of all settlements located in lower and partially headwaters of the Vakh River and Ob River), we suggest to make immediately deputy request in MPRIE the Russian Federation (Trutnev Yu. P.) regarding identification of the licensed economic entities on processing and recycling of oil production which are based in this area and acceptances of sufficient measures for identification quantitatively - a chemical composition of a pollutant, its biotesting and influence on water resources, ground deposits and fauna of the Vakh River and Ob River“.

Speaking to the simple, not bureaucratized language, members of the commission once again suggest to find the guilty person and to establish by what he poisons people in Nizhnevartovsk and Nizhnevartovsk district.

Meanwhile, guilty of ecological state of emergency it was called in 2006. We have a copy of the judgment No. A - 75 - 5197/2006. On the fourth of September, 2006 the Arbitration court of the Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area considered case with participation of Management of Federal Nature Management Supervision Service on the Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area - Yugra and CJSC Rosekoprom. State agencies demanded from CJSC Rosekoprom (further the quote from the judgment): “To suspend placement of toxic waste and their unauthorized burial in the territory of brick-works and the adjacent territory (the region of a city drinking water intake of the city of Nizhnevartovsk on the Vakh River of 1 fishery territory), to suspend placement of oily waste in TVS (tank vertical steel) in a coastal strip of the Vakh River (the area of brick-works)“.

Afterwards, on September 18, 2006, one more court with the same participants took place. In the decision for No. A - 75 - 6239/2006 Arbitration court of the Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area ordered to the CEO of CJSC Rosekoprom Shakirov S. A. to hold the following nature protection events: “The first. To carry out export of unauthorized waste from the territory of brick-works and from the adjacent territory (the region of a city water intake on the Vakh River), in places authorized, out of the water protection zones, to the requirements of ecological safety of recycling meeting all, including also the placed oily waste in RVS in a coastal strip of the Vakh River. Date of performance 01. 09. 2006. The second. To develop the project of land reclamation, to submit for consideration of the State environmental assessment in Management of Rosprirodnadzor across Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra. Date of performance 01. 09. 2006. The third. To carry out land reclamation. Date of performance 01. 10. 2006“.

the Arbitration court of the Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area also specified in the decision that when checking warehousing and disposal of hazardous waste in water protection is established to the Vakh River zone that is violation of St. 12 The federal law “About production wastes and consumption“ No. 89 - Federal Law from 24. 06. 1998, Art. 16 of the Federal law “About environmental protection“ No. 7 - Federal Law from 10. 01. 2002, Art. of Art. 105, 108, 111 of the Water code of the Russian Federation.

Thus, CJSC Rosekoprom was obliged by court to clear the water protection zone of waste, to remove the tanks belonging to it with toxic agents and to put the territory in the corresponding order 4 years ago. Since then the judgment was not carried out neither partially nor completely, the director of CJSC Rosekoprom, guilty of non-performance of the judgment, Salavat Shakirov is responsible not made. The land plot and objects located on base several times hastily were renewed on the new companies - LLC Rosekoprom, CJSC Rosekoprompererabotka, LLC Rosekoprom - Production, CJSC Plant of Ecological Mechanical Engineering therefore supervisory authorities and courts just were not in time for so bright mister Shakirov … By the way, the most part from these companies is made already bankrupt and liquidated, or is in a condition of bankruptcy for failure to pay taxes. And perpetrators are known to competent authorities, but are not made responsible …

Knows that influence of the boring slimes and other waste located near Nizhnevartovsk has very unsuccessful effect on human health. Local doctors repeatedly noted that they connect double increase in oncological diseases in the city with pollution of drinking water of boring slime. Hit of poisons in water slowly poisons thousands of people on a watercourse, up to Salekhard. Corresponding the conclusions, in particular, it is possible to find in decisions Nizhnevartovsk city the commission on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety. There is also the all-Russian statistics. Researches showed that incidence of the population Srednego Priobya (the river Vakh and the city of Nizhnevartovsk are just included into this zone) about 40% higher, than on average across Russia, and the level of oncological diseases is three times higher. By the way, at the mouse-like rodents living in this zone, malignant tumors meet considerably more often than at the same animals, in environmentally friendly areas.

Where big money, medicine are kneaded - it is powerless

medical specialists paid attention To a situation on Vakh also. Here what is told by the director of Nizhnevartovsk interdistrict branch of District Fund of obligatory medical insurance, the deputy of a thought of Nizhnevartovsk Alexander Karpov: “The situation demands immediate intervention of appropriate authorities. Decisions of the courts have to be executed, it is a basis of the democratic state. We eat the poisoned fish, we drink the poisoned water, and then we spend a great lot of money for treatment of oncological diseases, we look for the reasons of growth of an allergy at children. I understand that the purpose of business is generation of profit, but certain subjects for the sake of own enrichment do not shun than. Persons who in every way constrain execution of judgments which untie eko - to swindlers of a hand for commission of crimes by them against health of residents of Nizhnevartovsk and many other cities, do not even think that they ruin health including the children. The allergy is incurable, and oncology very artful disease. All of us live here and everything we test identical risks“.

All this is known to officials of the relevant controlling departments. Written reports on the environmental disaster which is developed on coast of Vakh are multiplied. But still business from a dead point did not move. In the course of material preparation we called up to many executives and tried to find out why judgments are not executed. We were “futbolit“ from the organization in the organization whose powers include functions of control of similar states of emergency. We did not receive the answer to the question. But we felt resistant unwillingness to deal with a problem.

We will not call a surname of ranking officers yet that we were not accused of “sneer company“ against their departments. We can only refer to experience of ecologists - social activists who also say that in response to all inquiries there are formal replies. For example, the executive director of Regional public organization “Ecological Safety of Yugra“ Kanybek Tokmoldoyev directly declared: “On check of the enterprise which illegally buried dangerous wastes in the water protection zone of the Vakh River, in close proximity to a city drinking water intake of Nizhnevartovsk the chief of the department of Rosprirodnadzor across Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra g - N Antipov sent to our address to us “formal reply“ from 05. 04. 2010 which sense such is - at Prosecutor`s office of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra is the plan, at Management of Rosprirodnadzor across Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra - the. In 2010 additional checks it is not planned here. However intervention of mass media took effect. Now officials say that they are ready to cooperate“.

Get acquainted: the Ugra scheme of receiving millions from dirt Why case of pollution of the Vakh River will not end with

in any way? One of versions Konin, the chairman of the board of “Interregional public organization of assistance to development of ecological and industrial safety“ told us Vladimir:

the Situation with pollution of Vakh - a special case, but it is indicative for the description of a problem in general.

“Rosekoprom“ - only one firm from tens of similar, - the g - N says Konin. They work across all Yugra and actually make money from dirt. More true from highly toxic waste - boring and oil slimes. Scales of earnings of such swindlers allow them to bypass all legal and ethical standards or just on them to spit. From each barn - a shlamokhranilishch of the average size, and such barns - hundreds, these firms receive 30 million rubles from the oil companies. Ponder upon figures! These are huge amounts of money from which most part for certain goes on bribes to officials and kickbacks to curators in the oil companies that those helped to hide frauds, and in case of detection of those - to shelve affairs. And oil industry workers pay contractors for recycling. And they are definitely not interested in eko - scandals, it is negatively reflected in reputation of the oil companies and creates risks of huge penalties and, as a result, capitalization falling - as a fresh example - a recent situation with British Petroleum and pouring of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

At the choice of the contractor for processing of waste the oil-extracting companies are guided by licenses and allowing documents which to them are provided by applicants in the packages given on tenders. And, of course, on the prices. And so, as a rule, at swindlers all documents formally in a full order. Practice shows, as swindlers do the cost of the services lower average market to win the tender. And they quietly underestimate the prices since are not even going to be engaged in processing. Long ago simple schemes which allow to imitate recycling are thought up. I will give only one of examples of such “technology“, and, by the way, allowing documents for use of this technology are issued by nature protection bodies of Yugra. The speech about “backfilling“. The method means slime dilution by sand and cement. Doubtful action in itself. Even the school student will begin to doubt whether it is possible to mix toxic agents with neutral and to receive ecologically safe product. However, it is other question. It agrees let the doubtful, but documentary resolved technology everything has to look so: take the excavator and dig a trench directly in the sludge collector. In a trench pour out cement, sand. Then mix a bucket of the excavator and it is proud declare: “We received burolitovy mix!“. And so several times. When all slime is mixed with cement and sand to oil industry workers speak: “Everything, burolit everywhere. Work was performed, slime in the store was processed“. So has to be on “technology“. Actually nothing is done at all. For the sake of appearances put the excavator, several bags of cement, pair of machines of sand. Then take samples of usual clean sand and carry to laboratory. Call the field, number of a bush, number of the sludge collector and receive the decision that this product is not toxic. Further, come to the customer and speak: “Everything is ready, mix was made, it is safe. Here conclusion of laboratory. Sign acts that works are performed“. Paper is - all are covered. Manage to sign such “utilization“ even in severe frosts when sludge collectors were chilled through, slime rimed, was turned to stone. According to similar technologies huge volumes of cement, peat, detoksikant, etc. have to be applied to utilization of slime. On fields, naturally, nothing is delivered, it is checked elementary - now everywhere posts, the check point, PSF. And all understand everything, but - are silent, the Most terrible that it already accepted mass character. Slime is masked sand, dug in in pits, secretly taken out to the woods, thrown out on slopes of roads and the coast of the rivers. So measures are necessary global, but not dot. A situation with pollution of the Vakh River - it is only insignificant small part of a problem. But on this example we, - at social activists, - had a hope that swindlers will be exposed, guilty persons will be revealed and will punish, and the state and the companies will completely change approach to control of utilization of dangerous wastes“.

Special attention of the governor of Yugra Natalya Komarova to state of emergency on Vakh and recent work of the commission, which half of members - the people who are professionally engaged in anti-corruption activity - an indirect sign that social activists nevertheless managed “to reach“ the mighty of this world.

We take this subject on editorial control. In the next releases read interview with the person who agreed to tell us about system of obtaining phony documents and creations of doubtful “technologies“ of neutralization of slimes.