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Diamonds - the best friends of girls. What is told about the autolady of her ornament?

“Diamonds - the best friends of the girl“. So spoke to Marilyn Monroe, and to her it was trusted unconditionally.

“The best friends of girls are diamonds“ - girls from VIA GRA group sang, but it was trusted them already hardly. Looking at them, it was clear that the best friends of girls are plastic surgeons, and already then, maybe, and diamonds. Or as will carry pastes, a coma.

Personally I strongly doubt, about the best friends. My second cousin decided to marry, made the proposal and presented to the bride a ring with huge diamond. The girl took a ring, but the brother decided not to marry. In hard times she sold this ring at the price, five times smaller, than the brother paid for it.

Then he decided to marry again and presented to the following bride a ring with diamond. The girl took a ring, but in marriage did not go. Therefore the brother a ring at it of visors, having realized economic inexpediency of the efforts on creation of a family. He could not sell this ring therefore he melted into a cross worn on the neck and carries.

All this I to the fact that to at least two girls on my memory diamonds were not that the best friends, but also as jewelry did not take place.

But today I want to tell not about only one diamonds, and about all jewelry. And not about all girls, but only about motorists, and about that role which in their life is played by jewelry. We are hidden by tinted glasses from man`s views. What do we decorate ourselves there, in the cool depth of insides of our cars with?

Autoladies in costume jewelry are evident first of all. A bright orange beads on a neck is far more noticeable than small gold ear rings in ears, even through tinted glass. She drives well, but quickly, in traffic jams is nervous, puts out the head in a window and, thanks to an orange beads, receives necessary amount of man`s attention. On my supervision, ladies in costume jewelry most often are not those whom seem, in sense of character.

The autolady in silver is always the strange woman. The vegetarian, gives lectures on an Ayurveda, teaches yoga, gives birth houses. It is shipped in itself that cannot but affect its style of driving. Only the woman decorating herself with natural ornamental stones like jasper, nephrite and a tiger eye can be more terrible than it on the road. I tell it to you as the former geologist.

The woman driving in gold and diamonds to such an extent that you noticed it through tinted glass - it is … … the impudent haughty smart aleck and as it is only not a shame to it to brag of the wealth. Here.

If the autolady of does not decorate, then option two - or she a miracle as is good also without gold - silver. Or there is nothing to decorate, and the lady understands it.

The lady on whose fingers you will meet at the same time diamond, a Golden wedding ring, a silver ringlet with the inscription “Rescue and Keep“ and a children`s plastic ring, it … Correctly, it I. And again hello.

In general, the best friends of the girl is not gold in ears. And gold in ingots. In a cell of bank. And not diamonds on a neck. And in the jewelry store belonging to you. Here then it is possible to speak about a true friendship.