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Wedding host: to invite or not?

the Leader or the host - usually are the person who becomes soul of the company at once and sends a feast to the necessary course. The word the host came to us from Georgia, the word tamadoba there (the senior on a feast) called the oldest and wisest resident of the village. This rank was carried by the most dear aksakals, and only to them trusted to process such important issue as a wedding or a feast. Services good hosts which during the whole evening is able to support feeling of a holiday quite fairly stand. And in connection with crisis some newlyweds try to save on services of the leader. Is it worth inviting the host to a wedding or not?

What we usually represent, having heard the word “host“? Most likely, it will be the person with the microphone who is constantly saying toasts and jokes, the expert on ceremonies and customs, different games and competitions. The main objective of the host - to watch that the feast proceeded as a holiday, but did not turn into an ordinary household booze. The host has to be very good psychologist to prevent the conflicts and dexterously to settle explosive situations. He has to catch accurately the moments when pertinently to hold a competition and when it is necessary to give to guests time to have a snack after a toast whether it is necessary to declare dances or it is time to call guests back to a table. That is the wedding has to become similar to one big holiday, and any guests by the Russian tradition sleeping the person in salad.

I is just necessary that the host was educated, erudite, teetotal, well-mannered, and able to speak well and harmoniously. If the host such - your wedding is simply doomed to success. How to check whether the host gets along with the case well? Look at young people and at guests if you see cheerful and persons are joyful, so the host worked on five with plus.

But give everything - we will find out what we pay the host the fee for. Generally allocate eight tasks with which the leader has to cope during a feast.

1. The host has to meet personally young people at restaurant (cafe, at a steamship ladder, at a house threshold - necessary to emphasize). If the host is invited to carry out repayment - it has to arrive home to the bride in advance and prepare all requisite.

2. The leader, before arrival of a train with young people, has to organize a meeting with a loaf, bench hammers, icons. For this purpose it has to place in places of parents, hand them all necessary objects and remind what needs to be done (what ceremony goes for what). During a greeting of young people the host prompts to parents that should be done (they sometimes for nervousness forget). The part of welcome actions - congratulations carries out personally leading.

3. Reminds newlyweds that it is time to invite guests to a table and helps to seat guests (watches closely that all had enough place).

4. The main objective - to carry out a wedding banquet. Here host God-almighty. He says toasts, reads congratulations and telegrams, pledges the word to guests, holds competitions and draws, declares dancing pauses, invites newly made relatives to the obligatory dancing program (dance of the son-in-law and mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law etc.) declares small breaks, amuses and entertains guests.

5. Acquaints guests and relatives from the parties of the groom and from the bride. Tactfully reminding them that now they one big close-knit family. Reminds who to whom whom is necessary now.

6. Monitors music of a banquet. Declares dancing breaks, watches that guests danced, but did not run up on corners as cockroaches.

7. Announcing competitions and proposing toasts the leader specially reminds guests what occurs at present on wedding evening that guests were not lost during events and did not feel forgotten. Explains sense of competitions and comments on the events.

8. Good the host at a wedding has to be at the same time ambulance (to watch that guests did not get drunk and were not bored to death), fire crew (to prevent unexpected situations - disconnected electricity, broke something from ware) and a police squad (whenever possible to settle the conflicts and to separate potasovshchik). And in case of an unforeseen slip has to come to the rescue as Chip and Dale and to settle everything.

All this as for work professional hosts. Of course, if the wedding just in the family, without presence of unfamiliar far relatives is supposed, then it is possible to refuse costs of the host. Leading it is quite possible to choose from among relatives, there will always be a person - soul of the company. It is possible to do without host if the wedding is played in a circle of friends (a student`s wedding). But if a large number of guests moreover and people at all not of acquaintances with each other is supposed then in any way not to do without leader.

But before finally solving, is necessary to you at a wedding the host or not, well consider everything and carefully weigh, and then already make decisions. Same everything - your holiday.