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Amber acid - a source of vital energy? I told

In the previous article about amber and its medicinal properties. Today we will talk about amber acid which is received as a result of processing of natural amber - from here and its name. Amber acid represents the white kristalloobrazny powder which is tasting like lemon acid. This substance has the mass of useful properties and now is a part of many dietary supplements.

What does it not only useful, but also necessary to our organism? The matter is that amber acid is one of those substances without which the organism cannot just exist. She participates in a power exchange at the cellular level, provides process of cellular respiration. It appears, our organism itself can make amber acid. And it is developed it very much - about 200 g a day, it is necessary for it so much to support the life cycles. But our organism never makes amber acid “for the future“. Having hardly appeared, our own amber acid is right there used in the proceeding chemical reactions of a metabolism.

A quantity of amber acid comes to an organism and with food. Therefore healthy, normally eating and not experiencing the raised strain of people practically has no deficiency in this substance. But under the influence of adverse conditions (a stress, a hard physical activity) the consumption of amber acid raises, and there is its deficiency. The person from - for it begins to test fatigue, a breakdown. It reduces working capacity and resilience to diseases. Besides, the lack of acid leads to decrease in efficiency of process of oxidation of feedstuffs and education of free radicals which begin “to walk“ on an organism. And here at this dramatic situation amber acid can help, i.e. the preparations prepared on its basis.

Amber acid, also possesses ability to prevent loss by a cage of the ions of potassium necessary for maintenance of activity of many intracellular processes. Special researches showed that the amber acid received from amber is almost harmless to an organism and cannot cause undesirable by-effects, even when arrives in rather large numbers.

What impact on an organism is rendered by the amber acid which arrived with food or bioadditives? There are several highlights:

- direct influence on exchange processes in cages;

- delivery of free oxygen in fabric;

- maintenance of activity of nervous and endocrine systems;

- improvement of comprehensibility of feedstuffs.

What diseases it is possible to treat amber acid? Amber acid in a complex with other drugs is used for treatment of a hypertensive illness, a cardiosclerosis, ischemia, heart diseases, myocarditis. It allows to improve significantly a condition of patients, and also to lower a dose of drugs which heart troubles traditionally treat. Besides, the person accepting amber acid easier leaves an anesthesia after operation.

Amber acid can help the person suffering from alcoholism. From all set of “antihungover“ means only it possesses really magic action. If it is about a severe form of alcoholism, it is senseless to hope for a miracle, unfortunately. However at early stages of an illness it is worth resorting to its help. Business here not only that amber acid accelerates process of “combustion“ of alcohol in an organism and quickly removes a hungover syndrome. Here the fact that at the same time it allows an organism to leave a disease state with the smallest losses is important, in particular, supports work of a liver.

Today scientists with confidence claim that a number of a serious illness are caused by influence of free radicals. For prevention and treatment of such diseases antioxidants - the substances capable to protect our organism from them are widely used. Probably, you know that such ability vitamins A, E and Page possess. But nevertheless amber acid is considered the best and high-speed natural antioxidant.