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Wedding banquet of

the Wedding banquet - the special point of a celebration demanding thorough training and considerable efforts. Now more and more newlyweds prefer suit a wedding feast at restaurant, cafe or club as it exempts from many cares. It is not necessary to rush in search of furniture, table linen, ware and devices, to buy necessary products, to prepare from them various dishes and snack, to serve guests and after all disperse, to do the cleaning... But even if you decided to play a wedding not of the house, it is necessary to approach preparation of a banquet seriously and in advance - at least a month before wedding.

A celebration at restaurant

Usually in banquet rooms from 25 to 120 seats. Choosing the room, think over an arrangement of a holiday table, a table for fruit, tea - coffee, wedding cake. It is necessary to provide the platform for dances and competitions, to check existence of clothes, toilet and smoking area. With administration it is necessary to discuss who provides products and alcohol what will be the menu full or partial will be service at a table.

It is essential to save time and forces the keyterye - the expert in the organization of banquets will help. The companies which are engaged in this type of service appeared quite recently, nevertheless they successfully win positions in restaurant business, arising as on the basis of restaurants, and independently and providing services in carrying out banquets, buffet receptions, formal dinner parties, the presentations, receptions. The catering includes the following items. First of all it is the help in drawing up the menu - since various snack, hot dishes and finishing with drinks and a dessert. In - the second, providing with necessary furniture: tables, chairs, bar counters. Besides, the keyterye belongs to duties appropriate registration of a banquet room and table, and also selection of service personnel. Keyterye the wedding manager can also carry out functions.

As a rule, for dances offer the general hall where all other visitors, or the special hall prepared after participants of a wedding pass into banquet have usually fun. The wedding manager can offer various options of an arrangement of a wedding table in a banquet room - in the form of a rectangle or in the form of letters “T“, “P“, “Sh“. It is considered that for a wedding it is the most convenient to put a table a letter “T“. Then the wedding manager acquaints the customer with order of carrying out a banquet. After all organizational issues are resolved, it is necessary to post bail (the sum is determined by administration). The remained sum is usually granted in day of holding a celebration or the day before.

Placement at a wedding table

At festively laid table the groom and the bride take places of honor. Then parents of newlyweds sit down: to the left of the groom - the bride`s parents, to the right of the bride - the groom`s parents, further best men and guests of honor. The place everyone invited can be designated a nominal card. On ancient custom and the law of hospitality, any person who entered the house has to be treated, and those to whom pay such attention should not them abuse.