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Who is afraid of feminists? I will open a secret - it is …

Ya I do not trust in feminism. I do not understand what its fight consists in. The it is more, I do not believe in its victory.

The feminism lost while it was issued as the movement. When opposed itself to common sense. Now the victory is already impossible. Always there will be a subject of dispute about which it is possible to tell: “It is discrimination“. Also does not smell of logic in present feminism. Therefore - any bast at line: “he kissed me“, “he does not kiss me“, “he called me the little fool“, “he called me clever“, “he earns more“, “he sits on my neck“. And so on.

And as everything well began! Equal electoral rights and other. If on it everything ends, then now experts on history would have only the amusing word “sufrazhizm“ famous only. But - having begun yes without having stopped.

You noticed that today`s feminists already do not fight for anything? But they zealously try to prove that to them is what to fight for. And opponents doubt.


I do not speak about America. I do not know that there. But I know that here. Any dispute of a feministic orientation goes absolutely equally: those who call themselves feminists stubborn claim that their female rights in something are struck. Some percent of women and one and all men try to prove the return.

“And here to us the salary is paid less!“ - “Where where it is less? Never saw!“ - “Less pay, less, pay“ - “Did not see, did not see“ - “And all who feel like it beat“ - “Too all beat me - and I am a man“ - “And at home force to work, and on a sofa with the newspaper, the freak!“ - “Yes I always wash the dishes, also I take out garbage!“.

It is useless. If the invented designs substitute common sense, to argue is useless. Dispute will not turn out. Holivar - as speak now.

I lived and worked in many places: from the city of Potsdam where I did military service, to the city of Aldan where I made a business trip. And for all the life I did not face payment by gender anywhere. When I worked as the engineer on service of systems of targeting, received exactly as much, as my classmate Natasha. When I worked as the dental technician, received depending on a rate. It officially. Informally, as you understand, everything depends from..., say, charisma.

I begin to remember the professions - was, it was worked! - and I do not find also a discrimination trace anywhere. The storekeeper, the journalist, the hospital attendant, the porter, the radio installer, the radio master, the service engineer and already mentioned dental technician. These are those professions where on an equal basis women worked with me. Besides, in different years of the life I worked as the loader in the dining room, the bulldozer operator, a valshchik of the wood, the car mechanic and the assembler of safe doors. Here we did without women. Was not near brawny femid, excitedly moving pork half carcasses or in ecstasy bringing down the wood. But there were dispatchers, cooks, uchetchitsa and shop assistants.

By the way, I remember, cooks received less us, bulldozer drivers. Perhaps it is also discrimination?

I assume that somewhere and pay someone less for something, being covered with the fact that it is the woman. But to begin fight I see no reason. If to fight, then for more global purposes. For example, for equality of any individual. Not necessarily women. Happens, and pay men less. Who in general told that women receive less - I not too kramolen? About domestic violence I in general am silent as this disgusting phenomenon belongs to the category universal …, of course, problems, but not values. And here feminism? My acquaintance was beaten by the wife.

And yet I for all the life never met feminists.

Only it is not necessary to console me. Like, what your years, still you will meet. It hardly. As already guessed: real feminists do not exist. In any case, in Russia. Only - I ask you - to nobody words and a full secret!. Hardware!

Of course, I exaggerate. Actually, I met them. But always - and only - in various virtual places: magazines, Internet, television. And never face to face. Articles, venomous attacks, declarations and outbursts - it is present only at a form of the faceless content urged to prick, stir up, interest and to recover. But not to fight. Yes judge for yourself: how it is possible to fight article against the lowered salary? Those who clamp a salary, having read article, will shed a few tears and immediately it, a salary, will increase?

And in general, the feminism is similar to a protest of cyclists against a ban to go quicker than hundred eighty. Motorists, looking at it, puzzly shrug shoulders: yes you go if you want. We do not see problems. What you fight against - that?

Here and I correct eye-glasses, I stuff up two fingers for a cuff and haughtily I speak: “Sorry, I do not observe fight - page. And if it is, tell what it consists in“.

Theses about: “And here in the Duma...“ and “And here in America...“ - to a descent I sweep aside as insolvent. I was not in the Duma. And, as already spoke, I do not know as there, in America. Perhaps, fight is well under way. I do not know, excuse. But I know, how at us. To call ourselves the feminist and to be proud of the fact that supposedly we together fight against America - it is even not ridiculous. “Is nice we to lions of a nadavala“ - told a mosquito, flying up from an elephant …

I does not need to say that if I do not see something, it does not mean that it is absent. I agree with it - but though some manifestations have to be, isn`t it? And if on a water smooth surface there is no wave sign even, then a conclusion is unambiguous: nobody threw a stone. There was a spittle, I see it. Not a stone.

Therefore, in all honesty, I with a clear conscience speak: “I am not afraid of feminists. Also I do not know anybody who would be afraid of them: virtuality does not frighten“.

The women in virtuality calling themselves feminists usually design two man`s images: a) an unattractive being, from - for stupid self-confidence and unreasonable egoism in principle incapable to understand fragile female soul; and b) an unattractive being, diffident and uncertain, consoled in tales that feminists are such terrible aunts who just did not find to themselves the man. So that`s that. Or - or. Sometimes the third participate in intellectual constructions, noble and courageous... mm... beings, but always only at the level of good wishes. Naturally, nonexistent.

Also you know that? I against it.

I against the exaggerated image of people - not only men. I against an affirmation as it contradicts common sense. I against a sufrazhizm - and you know that there is a man`s sufrazhizm? And on which to me this mossy concept? I against seminormal Dvorkin`s theory - which feminists call “seminormal Dvorkin“ - about the traditional sex based on suppression of the woman. You will tell: here geek and chauvinist! Yes, I am such.

And for the rest I am quite ordinary man. I never in life struck - and did not even shake - the woman (men - happened and). I am respectful to colleagues of an opposite sex. I do not consider that some of three of my daughters in something it is worse than the son (in confidence: from younger I in general am crazy). I even speak to the mother-in-law “mother“.

And still I very much love the wife. I call it “nice fellow“ and “sun“, I whisper it in an ear different ridiculous and lovely words. And she happily blinks, holds up lips for a kiss, without suspecting that I sexistally offend it. I apply hostility language.

Hurrying to prevent attacks about the vision of the wife “what charm foolish“, I will tell that I also sharply grow stupid when in ears hot whisper sounds: “... I love you...“.