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You know how to become a star? What lead fairy tales to?

Are not the fairy tale,

not byl,

and all true, the truth.

It is far - far, behind the Dream horizon, over the ocean of Desires, behind Nadezhda`s valley, on the mountain of Fulfilments there lived the princess. It nobody could say a name, not because was difficult and only because only the ringing of silver and crystal hand bells could recreate her name. In bright nights of a full moon, she by power of the soul created great and mighty action - sent to other worlds of unicorns.

Before going to the world of people, the herd of unicorns followed on the way of Knowledge, through the gorge of Mercy, to the rock of Wisdom. At top of this rock, shining in the light of the moon, they were waited by the conductor, the one who opens the Star Gate to the world of inconceivable Opportunities. To that world where they have to, by the force to protect the wards and special minutes of Inspiration the presence to fill space and time with happiness and pleasure. And, if who knows how this Way and achievement of the Purpose can be difficult.

Unicorns provided transition of souls of messengers. Is lighter than those who purity of the thoughts, sincerity of views, the validity of knowledge had to make the world on Earth and is purer. At association of strength of a unicorn and sincere purity of the messenger, in the sky the bright star which specified the Way flashed, and the horn of a unicorn lit up the magic shine specifying where it is necessary to follow. There, where will understand, will help, will prompt, will support. There, where it is possible to live with the motto I Know, I Am Able, I Can!

What dreams came to the daughter to a childhood, after such stories? What it was dreamed of? She already adult and lives long ago independently. Both the word, and business, always helped those who needed its help.

There passed years. At night when I worked with documents, the signal in Skype was suddenly distributed.

- And what happened? - quite playfully I asked.

- Mother, I, probably, lost a unicorn, me so alone and it seems there is nothing to breathe!!!

- Quietly. For a drink of clean air it is possible to open a window leaf, or to go outside, wander and look on the parties and it is desirable to see stars. If so got used to presence of the keeper and so that you do not notice support, talk to stars.

Each star - soul. You can see the star - it attracts a look, here and talk to it.

It is you, only in another dimension, but it has the huge advantage - it is a star, it bright, she shines in night and in the commonwealth with others brings benefit, specifies a way for those who got lost. Listen about what whisper stars! Itself become a star!!! You were always imitated, followed you because you created. You were a little tired, but did not change - it was time for accumulation of forces, and well - a devonka, be stirred up and turn into the best that I have, in my DAUGHTER!!! That all ancestors with pride began to shine in heaven!!!

- Mamul, my problem that I ceased to believe - to believe in myself in angels, in the fact that everything will be good.

- Enough! I Hope, you and can tell yourself, enough! Trust in angels, in keepers, in patrons, that everything will well not be obligatory . To know the main thing that everything is already good that the brightest star in the sky, it you!!! Unite two potentials, become though for an instant a star, believe, it will be pleasant to you, and you will long live and to radiate happiness. Nobody repealed the law, give - shine, you take, so a black hole and if to accumulate and stop in development, then after excess of critical weight explosion will follow! The black hole, at this time, throws out the transformed energy. And then oh, miracle, the brightest new star!!! Also one more birth is necessary. And why to go on that way where already was - it is not interesting. Everything is much simpler, time came for recognition of the forces in this world. Good night, daughter! Good night! Tomorrow is a new day! I believe in you!!!

- And you good night! Mothers, mother, we did not speak about unicorns so long ago, I so lack you...

It is not the fairy tale, it not byl, and all true, the truth.