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Traditional medicine for growth of hair

All know that an illness it is simpler to warn then long not to treat. Those who find time and strengthen healthy hair never learn what is fight against baldness.

In traditional medicine it is collected and the set of various recipes of the hair stimulating growth is stored. Medicinal properties of plants form a basis for them. We suggest you to use any of these ways.

Gryzhnik smooth

the Crushed grass: two tablespoons are worn out two glasses of boiled water, give 15 minutes to be drawn and filter. Infusion it is necessary to rub in head skin one and a half - two months to strengthen hair.

A birch

In the crushed birch leaves in number of 4 tablespoons pour in boiled water of 300 ml and 2 hours allow to be drawn, later filter. Process head skin, after each washing of hair.

the Cut burdock root in number of four tablespoons otvarivayut15 minutes having filled in a burdock with water halfliter, then filter. Rub for two months, in a week two - three times.

The ivy

is Cut by four spoons of leaves of an ivy and boil minutes ten in 500 ml waters, allow to be drawn and filter. Every day within one month rub in head skin.

A toadflax ordinary

the Dry crushed raw materials in number of 4 tablespoons is boiled throughout five - seven minutes in 500 ml of milk or water, having filtered apply to a spolaskivaniye of hair or as the compress on head skin strengthening hair.


All know that at application of garlic there is a stimulation of growth of hair. The high content of essential oils in garlic irritates head skin and causes feeling of burning and reddening, thereby having the stimulating effect on a rush of blood to follicles of hair. To improve growth of hair and to eliminate dandruff, use garlic in two hours before wash the head once a week.

Segments of garlic clear and crush that dense gruel turned out (for this purpose use a grater or the meat grinder). Apply the received gruel on head skin. If at hair dry type, rub with vegetable oil in half. Such treatment lasts two - three months.

An acorus Take

an acorus root in the crushed look: four tablespoons also fill in with water in number of halfliter, boil 15 minutes and insist 30 - 40 minutes, filter. Rinse with this infusion after washing hair.

Escapes, fruits, leaves crush a juniper and in number of two tablespoons fill in 400 ml of abrupt boiled water and insist before full cooling. Apply, for strengthening of hair rubbing 1,5 - 2 months in head skin.

A yarrow Fill in with

four tablespoons of a grass of five hundred ml of water and you boil five minutes, let`s be drawn, every day process head skin within 1,5 - 2 months. Such infusion promotes strengthening of hair and helps to get rid of dandruff.

A poplar

Long since that hair became stronger, used the oil prepared from poplar kidneys. At home to prepare oil, take a glass jar or the enameled ware and place 100 g of the fresh poplar kidneys cut more small there, fill in them 300 g olive, and it is possible also vegetable oil and lower in ware of the bigger size with the boiling water. Mix is maintained on a water bath, at the same time constantly stirring slowly with two hours. Through ten - twelve hours wring out oil, let`s be defended for several days and filter.

Collecting No. 1

the Cone of hop - 15 grams, calendula flowers - 10 grams and twenty grams of its crushed roots mix in one ware. One tablespoon from the received mix is made one - two glasses of the boiling water. Such collecting is good for strengthening of roots of hair.

Collecting No. 2

Take bark of a white willow (or vetla) and burdock roots in an equal proportion, fill in with the boiling water in number of one liter, sustain on weak fire of 10 - 15 minutes. Rinse with such broth hair, having washed the head, and for strengthening rub in roots for 1 - 2 months.