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Achievement of the purpose by “- In - In - N - D-P“ method. Part 3

Today we will talk about actions on the way to achievement of the purpose.

From the previous two articles about achievement of the purpose you learned about stages which the person passes, prior to actions.

At last, we reached actions ! But now you know what stands behind them. Your actions will be true anyway if:

1. They are continuation of your desire.

2. You chose and adjusted the correct internal state

3. You adhere to the intention

Now you know more, than 99% of people who analyze only the actions. The first three points will adjust you on the correct thinking. You suddenly will have ideas. The fact that it seemed for you impracticable suddenly will become simple and available. And all this because you united all components of success and were adjusted on achievement of the purpose.

After that make the plan of deytviya and adhere to it. You look at all difficulties, temporary good luck and failure, as at one more step to implementation of your desire … After intention declaration, start actions at once. Your making begins right after declaration of intention and comes to an end with receiving result. Surely determine the term of achievement of result!

And the last - result .

If you made a maximum, then you have nothing to reproach. Therefore, just accept result. But if the result does not answer your purpose, continue to work on yourself, but not on your deytviya. It is very important point! Try to describe precisely your dream, change the internal state, adhere to intention and the result will come.

Now I want to make one addition to what was written in the book “If to It to Be - It Depends on Me“ by Sergey Komarov. He speaks about change of the person, but does not give system as to make this change.

“You want to be happy - be it! you want to be“

“Strong - be strong!“

the Baron Myunkhauzen pulled out himself for hair from a bog. But not all are capable of it. If I am told: “be such - and such -“, I will not be able to become it.

But there is a system which will help. And this system - your environment. The person - a being social. It comes under influence of the society surrounding it. Therefore if you want to grow thin, create around yourself an environment which will say only that thick to be bad which will tell about harm of fat products and fast food. You will see examples of people which throw off every day kilograms and you want to become such as they. Also groan! Otherwise you loser! And this dependence on opinion of society needs to be used. Everything is measured concerning others.

Therefore if you want to grow rich, create around yourself an environment of people with the similar purposes . They will give you an example. You catch their desires, and change internally, even without noticing it. You will gain all necessary qualities, will take them from your environment in which these qualities already exist.

So, now you have a full picture from origin of desire before receiving result. It is time to change the life and to begin the way to the purpose. Do not ignore the desires!

P. S. Opinion of the woman on Sergey Komarov`s book “If to it to be - it depends on me“.

my wife admitted that she already knew everything that is described in the book. Zhenshina intuitively use this technique. And as at men the intuition is developed badly, they have to check everything in practice and describe the experience. By the way, Sergey Komarov writes that the book for men. Here so … :)