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Achievement of the purpose by “- In - In - N - D-P“ method. We continue to tell part 2

about a method of achievement of the purpose. I Will remind

that on writing of a series of the articles “Achievement of the Purpose by Method Zh - In - In - N - D-P“ I was inspired by the book which Sergey Komarov wrote and it is called “If to it to be - it depends on me“

the Following link in our chain of achievement of the purpose is Internal state .

What is it?

you made a choice towards achievement of your desire. You remember what you were at that moment? As you made the choice: analyzing, having been sure of achievement of the purpose, or you thought that process will be interesting to you, and the purpose is not really important?

Let`s divide people into four groups (each person can treat several groups) Find yourself and think in what group you should stay for achievement of the purpose.

1. Action This group is inherent in

action. Aiming at result! All the rest does not matter.

2. Process

the People belonging to this group I derive pleasure from the process of achievement of the purpose. They are aimed at process. It can alienate them from the purpose or in general take away aside.

3. The analysis

People, not beginners of any action without careful analysis. “I can yet not dotatochno it is ready to start business? I need to study, be trained a little more“ Such people are afraid to make a mistake. This fear holds down. Usually all of them know, can give advice on any question, but they so never also will come to the purpose. They most likely will not even begin a way to it.

4. Dependence on an environment

People to whom the opinion of others on itself is important. Acquaintances, relatives, colleagues, just passersby on the street can appear “others“. “Holy Christ! What will acquaintances think of me if I tell them about the business now? They will laugh over me! And how I will call the stranger (candidate) and I will tell something to him? And if he just sends me where far away or will hang up?! What horror!

It is not difficult to guess that only the first group has chances to come to the finish. Thus, after you made a choice and decided to achieve your dream, you need to choose the correct internal state. I.e. to make one more choice, more concrete - what to me to be that my purpose became real.

We go further.

Intention . What is it? - Protection of against. :)

Intention is a certain obligation, first of all before by itself. But how it is possible to oblige itself? We are such weak. Not all have an iron will!

“I will have a rest today, I will sleep, properly, and from tomorrow with new forces for work! “ And for tomorrow the same.

Or woke up at night and to the refrigerator. “I will eat the last time, and from tomorrow on a diet“

the First purpose of intention - to fight against the weaknesses. For this purpose it is necessary to tell about the intention by another. For example, if you told all that you will grow thin for 5 kg this month, and at the end of the month will recover on 5 kg to you it will be a shame. It will hold you within and to force to work.

The second purpose of intention - too protection, but this time from actions.

What I mean? Sometimes (or it is frequent) we prefer to do something that are not connected directly with our purposes. They do not bring closer us to the purpose. Observe yourself. For example, you decided to sponsor 5 candidates this month. Today 20 - e the number, at you is 1 partner, instead of 5, and you instead of ringing round candidates or even acquaintances (it is necessary to achieve the objectives at any cost!) suddenly you begin to be engaged in control of an advertizing campaign or to listen to some trainings. Why does that happen? Yes because you do not believe in the success. Also you begin to do some actions to prove to yourself and others that you do something. Actually it on centimeter does not bring closer you to the purpose. “Here - I tried, at night did not sleep, but it did not turn out!“

not to leave aside, is necessary intention! Write down it on a piece of paper, or draw the colourful picture, or write down audio with your intention. Come back to your intention. Every day remind yourself of it, listen to your record, re-read. It will keep you in the right direction.

Next time we at last will talk about actions...