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Achievement of the purpose by “- In - In - N - D-P“ method. Part 1

is familiar to you a situation when you speak to yourself once again: “All! This week I grow thin on 3 kg!“ or “I will find at last work within two weeks!“

In the appointed time occurs nothing. There is no result at all, or is, but positive it can be considered, only if to look at it through a magnifying glass.

But you set to yourself the object . And it is already good. Strangely enough, in most cases, people do not set any purposes at all. Is to them from it, of course, more simply, but it is somehow poor and boring. I hope that if you read this article, then you want something bigger from life. In general, statement of the purpose is a separate subject for conversation. Now I want to talk about achievement of a goal.

The matter is that quite recently recommended to read me one book (the name I will bring later), which, I am sure, will turn consciousness to many people, and will force to reconsider the views of the concept “achievement of the purpose“ and the analysis of the reasons of failures. I read the book on one breath. In many respects I agree with the author, but there is one important addition about which I will tell later.

So, we begin my free retelling (you should not compare it to what is written in the book)! As my subject - the Internet - business and MLM, I will give examples from this area. Let`s allow you decided to connect 10 people in blivayshy month. And connected … 3 - x.

How we arrive in such cases?

At worst - at us lower hands and we throw everything to hell.

B the best - we begin to analyze that we made not so.

Is correct? No! Not correctly!

You will not find the real mistakes in actions. do not have them there just! The advertizing campaign is badly adjusted, several days the Internet did not work, the microphone in the computer broke, candidates came across some “not such“ and in general I need to study in skill of communication and to all this Smartresponder`s servers burned down!

Actions is a consequence something more deep. Something that is not even realized by us without special preparation. A task of this article just to help you to be prepared and expand the range of your consciousness. To go beyond a habitual framework. It is not mysticism! It is a set of certain skills.

What was before action? And whether there is something after it?

All chain looks so: Desire - the Choice - Internal state - Intention - Action - Result (-In - In - N - D-P)

we Will begin

with Desire . Here, it seems, everything is clear to

. You want to achieve some objectives. From where the desire came it is unknown (More precisely it is unknown in this article, for simplicity. Another time I will tell how it is possible to generate desires.) And at present it is not important. Important how you arrive: you will dream lying on a sofa, or you will make something for achievement of your purpose.

You have to make a choice - towards achievement of the purpose, or towards the seeming comfortable state. It is very important point which stops many from the beginning the Internet - business. The person can dream for months of financial independence, or increase in off-duty time, but cannot make a choice - the elementary action, for example, to subscribe to free newsletter! It does nothing, but can even sometimes seem to it that it approaches the purpose, thinking of it.

It is possible to sort the reasons of such behavior in detail. One of them which it is possible stands behind all other justifications - fear to leave the zone of comfort. It can be uncertainty, negative experience of the past, fear of new technologies, fear poterit low-paid, but permanent job etc.

What can help the person to leave a comfort zone? His Desire! He has to act in compliance with the desire, without taking the internal analysis, last experience, fear into consideration.

It is simple to reject everything and to remain alone with the desire! To plunge into it!

As soon as at it begins internal dialogue, it has to return to the purpose. Otherwise it will always have very logical arguments further to lie on a sofa (sometimes having a little bent after the unlucky working day)

of the Summary

If you had a desire - take the first step for its achievement, without thinking of anything. Be sure that you will achieve result. Be resolute. Be not engaged in the analysis and excessive self-criticism! Take the first step and keep on this wave of the first inspiration, feed it with the desire and visualization of the purpose! Perhaps you for this purpose need to read some motivating books or to talk to the successful people who already achieved your objectives. Protect yourself from communication with sceptics and losers.

Act, proceeding from the desire!

And now we will return to our example. Check what you tell yourself?

“I will connect 10 people this month and it is not important that will proikhodit around me!“ or “I will connect 10 people if I manage to adjust a good advertizing campaign and I will have free time to ring round the bigger number of candidates“

In the second case you most likely will not achieve the objective!

In the following articles we will talk about other components of achievement of the purpose.

A now most important! The book about which I spoke Sergey Komarov wrote and it is called “If to it to be - it depends on me“