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This article me moved competent care of footwear to write numerous requests of buyers. As I wear informal shoes years ten, I think, I will find what to tell about. Also it will be a question not of the Chinese hand-made articles, and of the real qualitative footwear Cossacks.

For a start we will remember that is represented by genuine leather of cattle. Initially it is a bychina (a skin of the adult castrated bull) which then passes a number of processings before reaching a raskroyny table. You want to be surprised? I will list these operations:

1. Otmoka - processing in water solution.

2. Obezvolashivaniye - down with indumentum sodium sulfide.

3. Liming - processing by ashes and sulfide of sodium for the best digestion of tannins.

4. Nazhor - processing of a skin in limy milk and soda.

5. Obezzolivaniye - removal of the remains of ashes.

6. Mezdreniye - removal muskulno - a fatty layer of a skin.

7. Sgonka of a hair - removal of the remains of an underfur.

8. Myagcheniye - the word speaks for himself. Myagcheniye is made by pancreas juice with salt and sulfate of ammonium.

9. Degreasing by kerosene.

10. A tanning - process which, actually, turns a skin into skin. Presently the chromic tanning is, as a rule, applied. Once long ago furriers performed this operation by means of infusion of oak bark, from here and the name.

11. Neutralization - removal of compounds of tannins.

12. A greasing - introduction to structure of skin of fats thanks to what it becomes soft and elastic.

13. Dyeing, drying, final finishing.

14. Distributing - elimination of wrinkles, an ironing.

In a word, furriers diligent work that to us it was comfortable and beautiful.) ))

from skin on production of Cossacks undertake Further the most dense parts - the shabrack and a rump (a back from forepaws to a tail), skin is cut and, at last, reaches the master. I will not describe further process in this article - so were already fond.) Let`s return to the main subject of our conversation - care of footwear of the Kazak system. And now I will destroy some postulates.

Question: what cream it is better to use?

Answer: it is desirable any! Chromic skin of KRS is so carefully manufactured that usual cream with which hypermarkets abound, it - quite useless. Believe, I never go in Cossacks of model 101000 two years, and (!) did not touch them with cream. You do not know what in this cream is added. What is good for the Chinese shoes from Pashin, will not always suit the competent footwear urged to hold a form in any weather. So if you really want to keep a look and all qualities of the obuvka in primitive beauty, stock up with

with glycerin (is on sale in good shoe shops and drugstores). And if you are fan to move in Cossacks even in a severe frost, I recommend for winter to stock up with mutton fat.) ) About it is slightly lower.

Ya for himself understood ten precepts of happiness, as I recommend to you.

Precept the first. If you bought

footwear Cossacks, but, despite all fittings they are small, do not look for soap and a rope at once. Take medical alcohol (vodka will not approach, it is better than it inside for a new thing), take out an insole (if it removable), moisten a rag in alcohol and with all the heart walk from within a boot. Then implant a leg and also wipe with alcohol the Cossack outside. This recipe guaranteed increase up to a half of the size without loss of a form. by

If indoors not fierce winter, fix deeds! Take couple of editorials (also the gutter press will approach), moisten them, squeeze out, fill in an obuvka and leave for the night. A notch take out and leave Cossacks to dry under natural conditions. Here to you quarter more of the size! This way is not suitable for an extension of tops of boots - will only spoil.

Theoretically, instead of both options it is possible to use special cream for a footwear extension. But, as I already spoke, I am a supporter of the folk remedies which are not containing terrible chemistry.

Precept the second.

Get a brush if you do not have it yet. It is better to clean off dirt at least few times in a week, without painting over it creams. And, please, do it right after return from the street as true British! In - the first, it will be pure at home, in - the second, it will be possible to notice the possible “trauma“ covered with gryazky at once - there will be time for its elimination before important issue.) )

Precept the third. to Grease with

competent footwear it is admissible only for the night. Any greasing, whether it be cream or glycerin, soften skin. And if you right after it potopat on the affairs, you inevitably fingers will help the softened skin to get out of an ideal shape. And for the Cossack a form - all this!

About organic solvents. It is considered that for rainy weather cream on a basis the SHOUTING - ideal protection against blotting. However, the design of footwear of the Kazak system has bortoproshivny a method of fastening of a sole that in itself is practically excluded by water hit inside. Two weeks ago I happened to participate in minibus liberating from a huge snow-covered pool. Action occupied minutes ten, and directly in the car I was exhausted by curiosity. Pulled together a boot, put a hand inside and lit up with a smile - chilly as in the Sahara, only then smells slightly.) )) 501002 - I recommend.

I of any organic solvents, only glycerin.

About greasing process. Arm with a soft tamponchik (I use the round cotton pads which are pulled together at the wife), apply on it a thin film of cream or glycerin and process a footwear surface. Pay special attention to a bortoproshivny joint (once a one or two weeks I clean a gryazka an old toothbrush from there, but it already a perversion). in the Winter I recommend

for an hour before putting greasing to walk on a surface a rag with melted mutton fat. The top layer terms will absorb fat that will in addition provide protection against frosts and slush. Later erase the remains of fat and process an obuvka cream or glycerin.

polish all this beauty with a velvet ribbon and in the Morning - at way, good day! By the way, who has an opportunity on winter to get whale fat - unsurpassed replacement mutton. In minus 30 on the street it is possible to walk about as on the apartment … Only it is expensive.) )

is Still sensitive about mutton fat. The most ideal option - a mutton fat tail (that at a ram over, I`m sorry, bum). You descend on the market or in big butcher shop and buy half a kilo of this charm there, will be enough for couple of frosty winters. Cut houses on small cubes, put a frying pan on slow fire. Throw on a frying pan three - four pieces that they gave the first fat. When fat a little spreads, throw the others and fry as fried eggs. Pieces of a fat tail will decrease in sizes of time five. When color it becomes dark - brown, take out them a skimmer. Be convinced by

that in kitchen there is a fire extinguisher. Joke. Prepare

boxes of matches. Put a frying pan on the strongest fire and include, whenever possible, an extract. Your task: throwing into the heated fat on one match with an interval in half-minute, to wait for the moment when the next match flashes in a frying pan. Threw a match, it turned black, but was not lit for several seconds - we take out. Threw the second, it was not lit - we take out etc. Be not afraid, fat will not light up if not to stir a frying pan. This way is spotted by me personally at one Kazakh in northern Kazakhstan. The recipe purpose - to calcinate, but not to burn through mutton fat.

When a match flashed, we switch off fire and we cool. After that we rake up this paste in a plastic jar with a cover and we store in the refrigerator.

Precept the fourth.

Rather known. After rainy weather do not leave wet footwear unguarded. At once wipe it with a dry rag, and inside fill the printing word. I do not recommend to use color editions if you do not like a type of multi-colored insoles. Unlike black typographical paint, color especially caustic, also began to smell at them some poisonous. But this my personal opinion, it can be prejudiced - I do not love gutter press.) )

If you managed to get to good water whirlpool, after a while check a condition of newspapers - good skin breathes and gives to newspapers moisture nearly outside. If the press obviously wet, replace newspapers with dry.

Outside right after rubbing by a rag grease footwear with greasing. If footwear wet it is very serious, I strongly recommend to use the glycerin which already set the teeth on edge or castor oil after rubbing. It is desirable to grease with cream not earlier than hour through two after that.

Precept the fifth.

In wet or snow weather do not allow to crowd salts on a surface. Its first symptoms - white stains on a sock and a heel. Having come home, wipe this economy with a wet rag and process greasing. It is not recommended to wash boots in a bucket with water or under the crane.

Precept the sixth.

If all - the ship leaked. Well, there is it - roads at us are not ideal, and chemistry - all table of Mendeleyev even on sidewalks.

the seam which Began to pass moisture bortoproshivny is treated by the following method (it is spotted at the same shepherd - the Kazakh, and it has two couples ichig on all steppe). Take ingredients:

* gram 25 - 30 paraffin (the most usual candle) to

* gram of the 50th BF glue will approach - 6 (is on sale in drugstores)

* gram of the 100th drying oil (in hozmaga)

* gram of the 50th turpentine (in the same place) of

In suitable capacity kindle paraffin in drying oil, then add glue and turpentine. This cocktail a little vonyuch, be morally adjusted and send the wife to the girlfriend.

Then wipe with a damp rag bortoproshivny a seam, a type-setting heel and joints of the lower layer of a sole (in a word, what you see all cracks). Properly process warm (but we do not heat) structure all above-stated places. The old toothbrush will be suitable for this purpose.

In hour or so erase the remains if they got on a surface, and process seams glycerin or castor oil. We made seams and joints waterproof.

Precept the seventh.

If is about boots, once a week oil tops vegetable. It will allow them even in a hard frost not to tan. Glycerin and creams in these parts is not recommended to use - skin on a top has other structure, than on a sock and a heel. Besides, tops are stitched by a thread, and only vegetable oil will not leave marks.

Precept the eighth.

Any leather footwear tends to decay from within. On our legs billions of bacteria which wishing will regale on more gentle skin of a lining. If we do not want to receive as a gift fungal diseases (especially in the summer), once a month we make the following procedure:

- we wipe all interiors of an obuvka with acetic essence (not concentrated vinegar)

- we turn Cossacks in a plastic bag and we leave hours on twelve

- after that we wipe with

alcohol from within - we put to be aired and dried up under natural conditions

the Precept the ninth. Here I brought together by

small, but actual councils.

the New obuvka from genuine leather will absolutely try to paint to you the first 2 - 3 couples a sock. If you gather during this period on a visit, is not necessary, I think, to order parade in light nosochny products.

If you are a happy owner of suede shoes, regularly brush their special or … a crust of dry bread. Footwear with naplaky (type 191005) and other varnished I strongly recommend to grease

only with glycerin. It will allow to avoid cracks on varnishing.

If to you is not impossible to clink on asphalt, fill heel-taps on a heel at any shoemaker. It you will triple motor potential of a heel at least.

Whenever possible, use a prisposoba for removal of Cossacks. To the place of a joint of a heel and top so gets when walking. Removing adaptation, you will save footwear from excess loadings and will not persist in, jumping on one leg.

Still more comes nothing to mind. I will supplement this precept in process of receipt of thoughts.) )

Precept the tenth.

Seasonal storage. In my arsenal three types of Cossacks: boots, boots and rats. Naturally, three couples on two legs do not find room, something is constantly stored on mezzanines. How competently to store?

If you decided that the next season is finished, clear an obuvka of dirt and wipe with a damp rag. Stuff in dry newspapers (if it is boots, then including a top). Oil all surface vegetable and stand vertically in a far corner. You should not fill newspapers densely, it is necessary that the internal surface breathed air too.

Degreasing is even more plain. Exempt footwear from newspapers, disinfect alcohol from within and air. Further seasonally grease a surface with glycerin, fat or cream.


the Observant person noticed that this article does not abound with phrases which love search engines. This work was written only on own supervision and experience, but not for indexation by searchers. And if you try to follow at least a third of the given councils, you prolong life to a favourite obuvka for serious term.