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To keep, get profit, to sell wood at the price of firewood. Whether necessary to emphasize

the consumer Wishes to receive wood in quantity, sufficient for himself and protected from diseases and defeat by fungi at a stage of logging and storage in warehouses? Whether it is expedient to use protective structures at wood preparation? Whether the consumer of pilovochny raw materials is ready to pay additional expenses of the lumberer on works on protection of wood? How it is correct to protect and keep the wood prepared and delivered to storage warehouses?

I dare to assume that all readers working in such branches as logging and processing of wood will answer the first two questions given above approximately so: “Yes, I want to receive the wood protected at stages of preparation and storage in warehouses“. And it is quite explainable: very few people work from wheels today, that is without ensuring woodworking production with a raw materials stock at least for the month ahead. And it is that minimum term during which wood has to be protected from the striking factors.

At the same time, most likely, the majority will answer other two questions given in the prolog of the text so: “The raw materials now and are so sold at the very heavy prices, and here still to pay in addition for protection of forest products? The expensive part on preparation and production makes very large sum, we live only on profit (at most 15%), there is not enough money, and you here with the antiseptirovaniye“.

But at the same time very little who remembers that the sawlog which came to work is struck with blue, a mold and in it is full of bugs - wood borers and their larvae. Very few people admit that in the glued bar made at its enterprise in an average insert not really quality board is used.

Alas, similar moods reign also among many suppliers of raw materials: the pier, Moscow and St. Petersburg close, timber and without processing will reach the consumer quickly, nothing will happen to it. It is interesting whether often someone from suppliers of timber is in the Moscow and Petersburg markets or construction bases where the timber delivered by producers from nearby areas is on sale? For those who there never were responsibly I declare: after one or two months of lying in warehouses almost all timber put by you “blossoms“ in all flowers of a rainbow.

Change of climatic conditions when changing seasons, sharp approach of sunny days, the accelerated snow thawing, heavy pouring rains, transportation to a long distance with crossing of different climatic zones, storage of wood in warehouses … In all listed cases it is necessary to protect wood raw materials from influence of external and biological factors which have pernicious effect on it.

How it is correct to protect the timber of natural humidity prepared for long storage, export delivery or delivery within the country?

Everything that it is necessary to make, - to provide the correct mode of storage or protection of wood various chemical methods from defeat with blue, a mold, bugs wood borers and their larvae. The next ways are applied to ensuring safety of timber: compulsory drying in chambers, atmospheric drying and processing by various protective structures.

Activity of mold fungi of a sapwood (“blue of wood“), and also other kinds of the fungi changing color of wood causes extensive damage to timber and does wood unsuitable for application as decorative and finishing material. Let`s consider technologies of ensuring safety of timber at storage in warehouses of the enterprises or timber trade bases.

Atmospheric drying the timber delivered to a warehouse of the enterprise or to timber trade base (it is necessary to formulate accurately all these conditions) it has to be laid out by

After sawing up on laying not less than 20 mm thick - for providing a purge of a package with natural streams of air. An optimal variant - to place packages on laying under a canopy to exclude influence of an atmospheric precipitation. At least, it will give the chance to protect timber for a season. It is impossible to cover the timber of natural humidity put in packages with polymeric films - it will only accelerate development of fungi of blue and a mold, simply speaking, in polyethylene he “will choke“.

A chemical method

the Certain climatic conditions promoting education in wood of blue, a mold and also activity of insects cause that preliminary processing of wood chemicals is the only possible way of its protection.

Today in our country the set of the transport anti-septic tanks capable to provide protection of timber for a period of 4 till 8 months is made.

Transport antiseptics - the special structure intended for protection of wood during storage or transportation of timber of natural humidity. The structure of transport anti-septic tanks of new generation such is that after validity period they decay on a surface of wood and from them does not remain also a trace.

New generations of transport anti-septic tanks for processing of timber not only provide effective protection of wood raw materials against fungi, a mold and activity of insects, but also environment protection meet all safety requirements also. All this antiseptics is made in the form of liquid concentrates that allows to prepare working solution quickly.

Processing of timber transport antiseptics is recommended to be carried out right after the cabin or sawing up, within 24 hours. Disputes of various fungi can sprout deep into timber on 5-7 mm a day. Therefore the earlier processing of timber will be made, the probability of safety of timber in its primitive beauty is higher.

Employees of the enterprises - producers of timber have to be able to choose correctly concentration of working solution transport antiseptics to provide reliable protection of wood. For this purpose it is necessary to follow indications of instructions, and also to consult on experts.

One of ways of drawing protective structure for wood processing - immersion in a bathtub with endurance of timber in it no more than two minutes with providing a rated expense of protective structure per unit area or on cubic meter of wood. It is not recommended to make an antiseptirovaniye of the timber laid in dense packages.

For processing of timber dispersion chambers are used. Such method has a shortcoming - the speed of processing of timber very low, impregnation is made by the piece. It the type of processing is especially effective for protection of the rounded log and the pro-thinned-out bar which are used by production of sets of houses.

Cost of processing of one cubic meter of timber protective equipment depending on section makes 30-100 rub.