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Which of children will become a winner and will depart on Baikonur Cosmodrome?

Draw an emblem of crew of the Russian piloted ship “TMA Union“! The competition of children`s drawing organized by Federal Space Agency and the Union of the charitable organizations of Russia is held under such motto.

The competition of children`s drawings on creation of emblems of crews of the Russian spaceships “TMA Union“ is devoted 50 - to the anniversary of flight in Yu. A. Gagarin`s space. A prize - a trip on Baikonur Cosmodrome, communication with astronauts and astronauts.

Roskosmos and the Union of the charitable organizations of Russia invite young artists of Russia and other countries to carry on a good tradition and to draw emblems for crews of the Russian ships “TMA Union“ going to the International space station.

The winner whose work will become a basis for an emblem of the next crew “TMA Union“ will have an opportunity to visit Baikonur Cosmodrome and with own eyes to see start of the Russian spaceship!

The sponsor of a competition Insurance open joint stock company “Russian Insurance Center“ already presented such prize to authors of chevrons of crews of “Unions“ in 2009-2010. Now the Russian ships go to space with the emblems drawn with children.

And as it appeared, “children`s“ emblems, sometimes, are much brighter also ideologically nasyshchenny, than what is thought out by adult designers. Interest of younger generation in research of space does not die away.

Dare, young artists! Connect the imagination, attract friends, schoolmates, mothers and fathers. And even if your drawing will not win now, one of the astronauts preparing for flight can notice it and to choose as the emblem later. So happened to Yura Menkevich`s work from orphanage “Island“ in the Kemerovo region. Yurina work intended for crew of TPK “The TMA Union - 14“, and departed to space on “the TMA Union - 15“. The name of winners of a competition already became property of history.

You want that your drawing departed to space? Then take pencils, handles, felt-tip pens, paints and - forward! In a competition receive a surprising gift only for a victory - a trip on the spaceport where it is possible to see real start of the piloted ship “TMA Union“ with astronauts and astronauts onboard.

We invite to participate in a competition of children from around the world. In one of the previous rounds we already had a foreign prize-winner - the thirteen-year-old schoolgirl of the Beijing high school of “Lukhe“ Dong Yue. Its work, and also Oleg Golovin`s drawing from Russia, became a basis for an emblem of crew of The TMA Union - 17 spaceship starting on December 21, 2009 Dong Yue and Oleg visited Baikonur Cosmodrome and saw start of the Russian spaceship.

If you are not 14 years old yet if everything that is connected with astronautics is interesting to you if you dream to look how the rocket comes off a launching table - we wait for your drawings! Send them to an e-mail address of public relations department of the Union of the charitable organizations of Russia to obsv@sbornet. ru or surface mail to the address: Russia, Moscow, Astronaut Volkov St., 10, Union of the charitable organizations of Russia. Postal index 127299. In an e-mail subject, or on an envelope do not forget to specify: “On a competition“.