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Pin - up: the threshold of a porn or beauty on - is American?

In the 19th century of the man were examined it is black - white pornographic photos with the women who were bashfully looking away from the photographer. “Sexual revolution“ 60 - 70 - x years of the XX century led to emergence of a set of magazines for men with abundance of nude female bodies. But there was also a transitional stage, a genre of a journal illustration - pin - up.

In 30 - x years of the XX century on covers of the American magazines the drawn beauties in the fluttering dresses, with the bared legs and the bodices which are sliding off shoulders began to appear. Bigger the American morals did not allow, but bigger and it was not required: magazines in which, by the way, beauties on covers had nothing in common with contents enjoyed wide popularity.

Soon their began to buy up not so much from - for contents how many from - for covers with which long-distance truck drivers and bachelors pasted over the dwellings and cabins of cars. From journal covers in the skirts overtaken unawares by a flaw in the translucent peignoirs, in the towels thrown at the last minute Pin - up Girls began to call fervent dolls (“to pin up“ - to pin, attach to a wall). Having found out what man`s audience interests, first of all, not the printing text, but legs in stockings with garters, publishers began to lard the magazines images of white teeth beauties. It is more than that, there were magazines which specialized in such illustrations (“Beauty Parade“, “Whisper“, “Flirt“).

An indispensable condition of pin - up was naturalness of a situation and a hint: the main thing stayed behind scenes. It forced to work imagination. One of the best artists of pin - up - Gil Elvgren - brought this reception on which all sensuality of Hollywood is nowadays constructed to perfection.

In the years of World War II coquettish temptresses decorated boards of planes and a sleeve of shells, and in a pocket at any American soldier Zippo lighter with their image lay. The American government for maintenance in the soldiers of heterosexual intentions who are torn off from the house encouraged issue of magazines, cards and calendars with erotic implication.

As at that time nobody did distinction between a pornography and a sensuality and words such - “sensuality“ - yet did not think up, all this production could be carried safely in the category of a porn. Certainly, as well as all other in our the best of the worlds, this pornography was relative.

Girls on pictures were not demimondaines, such “neighbour`s little girls“, they did not bare shameless places, and is quite chaste, especially to today`s measures, moved down on a handrail in nightgowns, climbed palm trees and from above rushed cocoes, in thoughtless aprons swept the floor and inclined over pans, stirring slowly with some semi-finished products.

We from Pin - Up

B 50 - x smiles of the drawn coquettes became more and more zazyvny, poses - more frank, and the clothes opened a body more, than covered if at all was present. For this time the peak of popularity of Bettie Page also dropped out.

The best models posing for magazines were called The Great American Pin - up Girls and became the real stars. Without Bettie Page, this long-haired brunette with her company hairdress, all pin - up is inconceivable - not without reason it received the title “Pin-up for all times“. Within seven years she ran the show fetishists, having pushed aside traditionally - luscious blondes. From simple model Bettie turned into really iconic figure of the American and Western European culture 50 - x years: in an underground way were on sale the brochure with the description of its love affairs, there were amateur short films in which it in boots on a lacing and with a lash in hands showed to the connected men, who in the house the owner.

In the middle of 50 - x, during presidential elections, one of candidates for president put forward the slogan of fight against a pornography. At senatorial hearings of Bettie Page accused of corruption of youth and nearly of depravity of spirit of the nation then it hit in Christianity and went to the monastery. Interest in it revived in 70 - x - together with the beginning of an era of a porn - and since then does not die away (in 2005 there was a movie “Obscene Bettie Page“).

In a close formation of harmonous stars of Pin - up Girls shone also with Marilyn Monroe whose affairs in cinema at the beginning of 50 - x went worse than ever. It is so bad that it had to be removed in such here doubtful magazines. Once its image pin - up caught sight to the photographer Hugh Hefner who conceived to issue the own magazine - “Playboy“. He chose by model for the first issue of the magazine which was issued in December, 1953 Marilyn who was pleasant to it. On this first number it was not even specified that it is the first number as the hope for the edition of the second and the subsequent numbers glimmered poorly. However the improbable success of “feeler“ defined future of the magazine.

Hefner decided to inhale new life in the monotonous and already becoming obsolete pin - up. Having connected pretentiousness and a coquetry of pin - up to an exposure of a female body, he created the style, playboy style. “Playboy“ was followed by an exit of some other magazines for men. Images of affected creatures in old-fashioned bathing suits gave way to photos of naked bodies. What shocked in 50 - x, in sexually liberated 70 - x could raise only an indulgent smile.

The call of free love thrown by hippie and with enthusiasm picked up by the whole world, made the business.