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How “the double eagle“ of 1933 became the most expensive coin in the world? The interrupted flight of

For people, inexperienced in numismatics, coin value, first of all, is defined by its age. Actually everything is much more difficult. What to explain with that the most expensive coin in the history of mankind is “the double eagle“ of 1933 of stamping today - a gold coin of 20 US dollars?

According to collectors “a double eagle“ of a sample of 1907 of design of Ogastas of Saint - Godensa - the work of art, and the real masterpiece is not simple. But why all - from many thousands of coins which are rapped out by the American treasury as the most expensive it is recognized unique which, strictly speaking, can even be ranked as money with a big stretch?

Gold money appeared in the USA in the middle of the 19th century. At that time there was enough gold in the USA, and the sound dollar quickly became a stability standard. Upon the demand of the congress on all American gold the image of an eagle was minted. The first the coin of 10 dollars which and nicknamed “eagle“ was issued.

Of the monthly income in ten dollars those years not each American could brag. Smaller coins, of 5 and 2,5 dollars received the name, respectively, a floor and a quarter of “eagle“. Naturally, released in 1850 dvadtsatidollarovik called “a double eagle“.

Gold “eagles“ flew across America till 1933. Over time, from - for inflations and economic difficulties, their flight had to be interrupted. Most of the population practically stopped use of expensive coins as a currency, Americans saved gold “for emergency“, buying weighty yellow circles is much dearer than face value.

In 1933 the president Franklin Roosevelt issued the historical decree No. 6102, having actually put gold money beyond the law. They should be exchanged without fail face value for paper banknotes or not gold coins, accumulation and possession of gold “eagles“ of all face values was declared by a crime, the punished large penalty, and even imprisonment for a period of up to 10 years.

The decree appeared quite suddenly, having brought turmoil in planned and slow work of treasury on stamping of gold coins. In 33 - m them managed to stamp 40 thousand pieces, but did not release. Unnecessary any more to nobody thousands of “double eagles“ decided to melt into ingots, as made with registration of necessary documents.

As it became clear later, in treasury there was an official who did not agree with opinion of the president and immediate superiors. The prophetical thought came to the chief cashier of a mint George Makkan to mind that unfortunate circulation in the future will be able to bring serious wealth if to keep limited quantity of coins from destruction. The idea was successful, and several “double eagles“ completely disappeared.

At least, so it seemed to the criminal and his accomplices at the beginning. As soon it became clear - only it seemed. For certain in the huge country to hide thought gold in circumvention of the presidential decree came not to one “lucid mind“. The intelligence agencies mobilized by the government “dug the earth“ in aspiration to reveal the malefactors who intended “to drive to paradise on the stranger to a hump“. In seven next years the vigilant “American security officers“ - FBI agents tracked down, found and withdrew almost all coins stolen by Makkan.

Almost everything, except one. About its destiny - in the following article …