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The curious facts about kefir. What Magomet in a staff carried and for what wineskins were kicked? Though still Herodotus mentioned

a certain popular lactic product from the Caucasus, the people Karachay put own beautiful legend, considering the earth as the kefir homeland. Let will be so, nobody is sorry?

And Karachays here say that: in ancient times the Prophet Magomet to Mount Elbrus came and admired the people living under its tops. As a gift to mountaineers he got several small peas from the staff and taught mountaineers to create from them curative drink of health and longevity.

Only one was commanded by Magomet - not to give these grains to any gentiles and not to reveal a secret of drink. Otherwise health and longevity of Karachays will disappear. These peas were protected and the secret was kept sacredly. Protected so that even the daughters marrying to other auls in a dowry them were not given. Remember this detail - it is useful below.

Caucasians these treasured balls called “the Prophet`s millet“ or “Magomet`s grains“. And divine drink was called in different auls and porridges on a miscellaneous: chypche, khaga, caps. These peas (or gypa - ayran, gyfa - ayran) were also ferment of drink which we call kefir now. And if to speak seriously, then something is valid in it is: still the science cannot artificially remove the ferment called by a kefiric fungus. Only from treasured peas! And all other lactic drinks - anything, only not kefir.

Goryanki it is careful as a pearl, placed a treasured kernel of Magomet in a wineskin with milk. And then the miracle began to happen to usual milk: milk began to wander and grow stronger in degree. Here where, probably, - in a wineskin with kefir devout reached compromise with Allah who forbade to Muslims intoxicated. And to expiate the sin of taste of a product of spirit fermentation, they exposed the wineskins on roadsides of roads that each going traveler popinat and trampled on them legs. Jokes jokes, and periodic stirring only promoted acceleration of maturing of a magic elixir of health.

Other people which heard about wonderful drink marveled, but Karachays as kefir in a mouth gathered - are silent. Only in 1867 the message of the Caucasian medical society on special salutary properties of kefir was heard. And places - that what Karachay - an imperial health resort of the Russian Empire! Kislovodsk where not only waters Pushkin and Lermontov, but also mighty kefir drank...

To the simple people to Kislovodsk behind health not to enjoy traveling. Therefore the All-Russian society of doctors addresses to known at that time to a molokozavodchik - the cheese maker, famous Nikolay Blandov, with the offer to master production of kefir for needs of the Russian society. Especially as Blandov made huge business as the educator - opened women`s school of a dairy farming. He knows best.

And here just in 1906 his brilliant young schoolgirl, somebody Irina Tikhonovna Sakharova graduates from this school. (Talented schoolgirl: at one of exhibitions in Paris Irina Tikhonovna receives the Gold medal for the technology of knocking down of butter developed by it). Drinking a glass of kefir, remember the kind word the beauty Irina - we are obliged to her by emergence of kefir in Russia.

This history - the blank detective story! Blandov charges to the young girl the truths - not truths to find out secret of production of kefir and to receive treasured “Magomet`s millet“. But how? To send to that time the girl one to the Caucasus?! Even if she is Mata Hari from a molokovedeniye. Solved so: the girl goes to Kislovodsk, to blandovsky cheese dairies well-known, there the managing director of cheese dairies mister Vasilyev joins her, and under his supervision they will go to one of large dairy suppliers, the prince to Bekmirza Baychorovu. And there everything depends on Irinushka`s charms.

The handsome, an old family the aristocrat respected in the Caucasus the person with communications willingly accepts in the kosh Korsunk espionage couple with all Caucasian hospitality. Tables crack and ayrans burst with the Karachay izobiliya, kumysa and kefirs flow the dairy rivers: the guest to the house - happiness to the house. But about Magomet`s kernels the prince gu - gu. Already the whole month dear visitors under the Karachay songs and dancings in a kosha stayed. Did sorties to distant auls - where how to podrazzhitsya by millet of the Prophet, to spot knowledge of fermentation, but all for nothing. Still - even daughters native in a dowry to others aul were not given... It was necessary to come back to Kislovodsk not solono hlebavsh.

And here go - there will go our spies on mountain roads. Here suddenly five Dzhigits fly, and in the face of a razzyava - the managing director steal Irina Tikhonovna and bring God knows where, to a saklya magnificent. And in a saklya the prince before it on a lap with the offer of a hand and heart. Here as happens... The proud maiden sent the prince from a saklya, and he filled up it every day with flowers baskets, entreated.

Meanwhile ours a razzyava reached the Kislovodsk and rushed off to get out the Caucasian captive to gendarmes. Gendarmes, of course, reached a saklya and got out the slave, but Irina Tikhonovna under all laws of the Russian Empire filed a lawsuit against the umykalshchik. Judges are local, knowing communications and authority of the prince Baychorov among mountaineers, rendered, as they say now, pressure upon the claimant for the purpose of the conclusion of the world transaction. And then the proud and annoying girl decided to derive from the stealing benefit for Russia. An indispensable condition world she put 10 pounds of millet of the Prophet. That you think: in the morning with the next basket of magnificent flowers the prince sent to Irina Tikhonovna 10 pounds of magometovy grains, and the happy girl hurried to Moscow with the trophies.

In 1906 St. Petersburg and Moscow the first parties of industrial kefir began to be delivered in infectious Botkin barracks for seriously ill people. And in 1907 kefir went to the people. And since then we do not think to ourselves of life without this drink.

And here the European countries in general did not know some kefir before the end of World War I. And only in 23 - 24 years began to fight in legs to the young country of Councils about purchases of a kefiric fungus. Speaking about the USA, I have to tell you: I am proud that lived in one city with the person by nickname Kefir. He died not so long ago, Mr. Smolyansky - Kefir. It put my city of Chicago and USA, not knowing kefir, on a kefiric needle. The founder of the LifeWay company, he filled in the USA with our kefir.

Now its business continues the daughter. And not only makes money on kefir, but conducts big scientific work on kefiric affairs. In laboratories Kefira was developed a new grade of drink with addition of the probiotics increasing its curative force. Who knows, there can be daughters Kefira - the senior it will be fated to solve a riddle of creation of an artificial kefiric fungus.

Remember a prizyvchik “Drink, children, milk - you will be healthy!“? And I will tell: drink, people, blessed kefir, and be always healthy! Bon appetit!