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Psychological charging... Time - two, three - four?

“I am a big and strong, beautiful pink elephant... I bathe in a golden shower, and Universal Lyubov wraps up me as if a blanket... that did not catch a cold“, - the next victim of Esotericism whispers with the last bit of strength, hoping to return itself to life.

Somewhere nearby again pale Krishnaites diligently try to sing about something good... And sweaty club yogis even do not try to sing a letter “O“, they just lie in a corpse pose... for fatigue.

Completely exhausted with macroeconomic indicators and fatal thawing of glaciers, I am on the back on a sofa - I cannot move a hand.

“A rug at a door - dirty!“ - for the tenth time remind me. “What else, to the wood goblin, a rug, - I think, - here, understand, stars gradually die away, the Universe, accelerating, runs up in all directions, “black holes“ already reached me - there are no forces any“.

What occurs?. General breakdown? Great Disappearance of Energy?

Yes, something like that - there was an energy and suddenly disappeared. At greedy it was filched by some swindlers. At impressionable energy was exhausted, at especially impressionable - exhausted in the sophisticated way. Many “do not remember where they put“, some never before did not have it. Someone as it became clear, lent energy and now demands with percent back. In clinical cases - energy when walking follows spontaneously from natural openings... Generally, each in his own way, but all amicably nod towards the law of energy conservation: “So supposedly and so... Not guilty we, it is the law such!“ there is no

... are guilty. To everyone is given to energy exactly so much how many it is necessary for the solution of own tasks. “The potential“ is called. And it is necessary to care for the national economy, but not to “participate“ in world revolutions.

It seems - listen the whole day about a doomsday - and there will definitely be no force left on cleaning of a dirty rug. For days without a break “stuff“ us with megatons of global unnecessary information. The head goes around from universal plot. The fact that the head goes around is still nothing, here just right the disabled person to become from such abundance of human values.

However if “electee“ it is also prepared to solve global problems, then they do not roar concerning “the got littered charkas“. Their energy - is more than enough.

It at ill-matched public - continuous “impassability of power channels“. Have heard plenty - read about instant millions suddenly for everyone and got a false idea themselves not particularly whom. To painful dependence. To the person, maybe, on a sort is written to be the good carpenter, and it, the poor fellow, got on stock market - money to row with a shovel. Here to you and next patient. For such, probably, also thought up such medicine - psychological charging.

Simulated it peculiar - in the manner of recharge of the rechargeable battery of the mobile phone. “Energy everywhere. Pochist the charkas be also recharged!... We take cheap“. And trust, bear money for recharge.

Energy is necessary to all. Even that who does not trust in anything. There are such difficult life situations that any is ready to renounce from sensible in favor of obviously false. The person is weak... On it many profit, and having profited, are trapped.

Empty this business - to generalize and give advice. I will tell better about myself. Having adopted logic of the known expression “The cold is an absence of heat“ together with still working law of energy conservation, in the way of simple conclusions came to the ingenious conclusion - in life I need to go about really the own business. If still at the same time not to stuff itself the head with the world problems distracting from real life, then with energy at me will always be all right.

For dinner I will surely eat a good piece of tasty made meat... I will wash down with tomato juice. It is my psychological charging - at heart to me it will become very good.