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What sometimes tears apart soul of the successful accountant? Petya Sinitsyn glanced the story

in the wallet and utop in grief. It was a purse ancient, with shabby skin, but still strong. Petya saw in a separate karmashik the travel card by the subway, and in another two banknotes which would be enough only for couple of packs of cigarettes. Sinitsyn with an anguish exhaled. “My finance - sings romances!“. There`s nothing to be done, it is necessary to come back home, to mother, under habitual warm “wing“. Petya felt uncomfortablly because already half a year passed as he returned from army. And still lives at the expense of mother, does not earn money itself.

It collapsed on a sofa in the room and touched guitar strings. Mother &ndash entered; Elena Petrovna Sinitsyna also took an interest:

- Found something on work?

The offspring decided to answer with verses because he read them always cordially, brightly. Only he began to disclose the first lines, he was interrupted:

- So, everything is clear, more verses are not necessary! Time verses - appears with work of “amb“. Then tomorrow you call by telephone specified here, - she put the business card on a regiment, - this is the acquaintance of your late father - Victor Alekseevich. You remember it, it has a restaurant and it is ready to take you as the singer for entertainment of guests. You very much want to become a musician?

- I want more so far, mothers. However, watch how many I look for work as the musician, and there is almost nothing on a profile. Workers, managers, teachers, doctors, the CEOs, and musicians &ndash are necessary; are not necessary...

- is fine, call Victor Alekseevich tomorrow.

Petya played week at restaurant, executed the known smash hits, and even played a trick with public. But all the same, though the money, a type of the sweaty men and women dancing in drunk waste “dripped“, irritated him. He observed these organisms, foamy from dances and vodka, their falling, skirmish, a fight, saw how tore them sometimes directly in dishes which they just ate. At him from similar pictures desires to vomiting opened. And when one of drunk men with the svinopodobny person called it: “ This shit is not able to sing, give me! “ Petya did not restrain. In short and fast blow he sent the boor to a knock-down, however, and at restaurant at once lost service. Scandal was hushed up by the head of an institution, and on that thanks.

Staying in search of the new place Petya understood that security guards are required everywhere! It is necessary to guard offices, malls to the subway, hospitals, schools and boarding houses, kindergartens and sports clubs, even street toilets - everything needs to be protected. It turned out that people are divided into those who encroach on property, and those who guard it. So, Sinitsyn sat in a white shirt and a tie at an entrance to office of business concern now, and wrote out to visitors of the admission. Kogdaviziterov was not, the young poet willingly stirred with very young employees of firm, and even recited to them comic verses. Young ladies laughed, were enough the young security guard for a shirt, felt his body, and less attention gave to the professional duties. The administration became more and more dissatisfied with this fact. And one time Petya friendly wrote out the admission to three men on the territory of office and a warehouse. At the same time he forgot to warn the management about visit of these people from “ pozharnadzor “.

Guests went to study a condition of fire-fighting equipment in firm, and the guy talked to the very young secretary about Yesenin`s poetry meanwhile. “ Pozharnadzor “ beheld a number of violations, and made the official protocol on violations in the field of fire safety. “Uncles is firemen“ initially took offense as later it became clear that they were met by none of the management of the company. And time so, time them is neglected, the corresponding penalties for “weak observance of standards of fire safety“ did not keep themselves waiting long. As a result, more Sinitsyn in this firm of verses did not read.

The aspiration to purity became the following stage of work of the poet. After employment the janitor, Petya honestly got up in four mornings, quickly waved a shovel, a whisk, and at the same time even sang cheerful songs to himself under a nose. The only thing to that he was surprised, so it to the fact that after cleaning through three - four hours were necessary to do it anew! Citizens and guests of the capital amicably littered with “spark“ and round the clock. Cheerfulness from work in the fresh air was gradually replaced by fatigue. In the afternoon Sinitsyn slept off, jingled on a guitar in the evening and “was sleepy“ in front of the TV. The platform for career development on a position of the janitor was not felt. Well unless sometime to become the senior janitor … Besides, when he received the first salary “for purity“ and counted notes, estimated the labor costs, was decided to leave this though very useful, but not so neat and hard job.

Sinitsyn collapsed in the easy chair again and re-read Brodsky`s verses. Mother entered. She looked at the son, hesitated for a time since half-minute, and then resolutely declared:

- From tomorrow I take your destiny in hand as it happened earlier! Postpone a guitar, verses, songs now. From tomorrow you are engaged in the fact that you always hated - mathematics! Your mother - the quite good accountant, if you remember! You will become at me the good accountant!

Mother did not begin to wait for the answer of the son, and just left. The son dropped the collection of verses and reflected. He knew that to argue is useless. Mother made the decision again and though it is higher than her on one and a half heads, powerful muscles play under a t-shirt, realized: will be as mother solved.

Mother kept the word - with rising on a table of the young man piles of books on accounts department laid down.

The days filled with outputs and the credits, taxes, balances, reports, calculations, and everywhere &ndash stretched; figures, figures, figures. Petya since the childhood hated figures, to it to run, sing, play the guitar, to declare verses, but life dictated the terms. Elena Petrovna daily strictly checked, material in a day is how well acquired, encouraged with money for the correct answers, and began to pout at the son if she felt “hack-work“, not full return. And the young man hated when mother pouted at him. For it it was as a knife on heart. As for accounts department, he already began to hate this discipline quietly. But under pressing study continued, mother bent the line - to make of the poet on a warehouse of character of the cool accountant.

Later half a year Elena Petrovna sent it to the auditor company to the acquaintance Elza Timofeevna Rogozina on training. There some of very young girls worked, and Petya of the beginnings was, “ to line wedges “ to girls, but Elza Timofeevna, the old acquaintance of Elena Petrovna, filled up the guy with work, threatened maidens that those did not distract from work of the young specialist. Rogozina in every possible way stopped any contacts of Petya with maidens which are not connected with accounts department and audit. Mother asked Elza Timofeevna “to make of the expert`s guy“, and that accurately and annoyingly did it. Petya suffered as he could, this experiment with himself. It developed mad appetite, he slightly gained weight, ate mountains of sweet, it began the first headaches. Soon the waist was bent with some scratch. What to do - day and night at the computer and behind papers and reports! The mentality of the guy gave everything - failure: once he “exploded“ directly on service.

It turned out so: Elza Timofeevna brought to Sinitsyn one more Talmud with reports for check. And them and so on a table of the guy rose about the Egyptian pyramid. The working day already ended, but employees as here it was accepted, went home not at once. Sinitsyn planned to meet this evening the forgotten girlfriend, but the Talmud crossed out all plans. Petya exclaimed: “ No! No! I cannot! “ but Elza Timofeevna showed inflexibility again: “ It should be made today! “. Sinitsyn let out “cry of Apaches“, snatched out from the woman`s hands the fat folder with reports, banged it about a table. Young little girls screamed for horror. Elza Timofeevna continued to look at the guy quietly.

- Yes all of you went mad here! - Sinitsyn, &ndash shouted; You behind these reports and outputs do not see some horse-radish of life! Where your feminity! Yes you... Yes you... Yes all of you are just dried voblas here!

Very young bookkeepers were even frightened of the raging guy a little, more seniors without emotions listened to the young colleague. And this colleague at the end of the speech also the poem loudly progorlanit. Very beautifully, lyrically. Verses said that the person - not the slave, and - a free bird, and, it has to fly in blue of the sky, but not ruin life for the sake of gold. In total in this spirit. Petya soon stopped reading ardently verses, and stood red, his nostrils were blown up, eyes extended. It looked statynm in this pose. But Elza Timofeevna put a hand on the Talmud with reports, and quietly, indifferently, gave out VI (valuable instruction):

- Tomorrow verification of these documents has to be finished to 20. 00, poet. You beautifully read verses! Well, and now - for work! We tell it to you - “dried voblas!“

Passed year and Pyotr with might and main worked on account books. He got paid and made obvious progress. Began to learn small secrets slowly. For example, how to reduce taxable base. Once helped to make one to the lady elderly already, the most experienced accountant still of Soviet period, purely routine, but volume work. The woman thanked the young colleague, and asked over a cup of tea:

- You found nothing unusual, in the last two balances there?

Sinitsyn admitted that never found anything interesting in these balances. The woman grinned and asked to bring the mentioned balances once again. She opened one of pages of this powerful folder and began to speak:

- Here, you look, the young man. You see, in the report correspondent account number such - with it - the rest, we transform in debit, then we use this debit account for write-off of funds for means of production. Further we break this account into three main and twelve calculations, further, - and it showed to the guy literally on fingers as it is quite lawful to reduce taxable base and, respectively, to increase profit of the enterprise. This moment seemed interesting to the young trainee, and he asked to paint once again to it the scheme. Gradually its baggage of small cunnings was filled.

And here Pyotr sat at a magnificent table at office of the largest oil company. Interview was necessary to it, it became already a little known in economic and auditor circles therefore invited him “on acquaintance“. At interview there were all highest accountants of the company, finance directors, the invited rank from tax authorities and, even, the president of the company - Gennady Paley. All of them, except the President, asked him the mass of cross questions, he only managed to twist the head and poured accounting terms, in figures, names of tax laws and numerous instructions to them. Summary: it works four years in Elza Timofeevna`s firm. And at the end of a kind of test for professional suitability, for a question: “ And how it is possible to increase profit of the company? “ Petya remembered those schemes that was drawn over a cup of tea by the elderly bookkeeper. He on a board for drawing outlined the scheme of transformation of correspondent account in debit etc. Even skilled accountants with satisfaction and with astonishment nodded when it on “fingers“ literally showed how to reduce lawfully taxable base by one million. And the company where there was the applicant a young man, operated with the sums in hundreds, tysmyach times more. When the personnel manager asked about his hobbies, Pyotr, without hesitating, called music, poetry, singing. He even beautifully read Okudzhava and Mandelstam`s poems. Its melodious voice was not killed. Petya suggested a bit later even to play a guitar and to sing, but he was thanked and told “ There is Enough! “.

The president of corporation Gennady Paley did not tell any word. When all left an office, and it remained alone with the chief of a human resources department, he shortly instructed: “ Make out for work! “. Kadrovichka nodded and left. Paley thought a little, dialed phone number and told in a tube:

- Victor Sergeyevich, at us is the new deputy chief accountant now, and in the future, perhaps, and main. I so solved. You checked it on the line. It - Sinitsyn. You remember? It`s cool! And so, provide it continuous protection from your best people. You watch it, “ wiretap “ - it is necessary. Sponsor him to the maximum, I have to know about him everything, and than he breathes that eats with whom sleeps what team supports what toothpaste brushes teeth. That is - in total!

Four years later after memorable interview Pyotr Sergeyevich Sinitsyn came back from Miami. Pyotr Sergeyevich - so now he was called also young and old alike - decided to walk on the Arbat. Put on simply, threw off a luxurious suit, put on cotton sports. Two bodyguards followed about it long ago, one more loomed slightly at distance. Today at Pyotr output was given. On mobile mother from Spain where Pyotr bought her a country house called. Elena Petrovna said that she in Spain, of course, is pleasant to her, but she misses there, “there are no girlfriends special“, and she wants home. “ Come! “ - just Pyotr Sergeyevich told. In his head huge amounts of money of the next contract, increase in tax base and figure, figure all the same turned... He distracted only when heard the singing young fellow, obviously the student. Approached closer.

The guy sang in the microphone, played lyrically the guitar. Walls of the Arbat listened to these melodies as well as passersby. Songs, obviously, the student composed. Words were not clear, something about ancient Russia, about its boundless woods and fields, about the pure rivers and the high sky there. The people stood and listened, many put small banknotes in the case which is spread out on the earth for a guitar. Sinitsyn`s protection strained: around the place of execution of a music turn sobralosb a lot of people are a lot of, and the protected object became part of crowd now! Pyotr Sergeyevich listened to sounds of improvisation of the street musician. Soon the student asked a pause for the audience and, having raised money from a case, moved to a little table of street cafe. Pyotr Sergeyevich went, was, is farther on the Arbat, but suddenly in his eyes the mischievous person`s spark flashed. He approached the student chewing pizza, talked over with it.

The guy nodded in agreement. Further Sinitsyn transferred to the student the note of 100 dollars, tousled to himself hair, put on a shabby jacket of the musician and two of them already passed to the place of performance. The student corrected the high microphone, and Pyotr took a guitar in hand, spread out before himself on the earth its case - for a whip-round. Protection looked on the re-embodied “object“ with goggled from surprise. And meanwhile, Sinitsyn played on a guitar the solo. Unexpectedly even for him, the lyrical, beautiful melody poured down. It sounded so manyashche, it is so sentimental that actively it began to be tightened dispersed was the people.

But money in a case did not throw yet. And the new guitarist began to sing! It is beautifully, loudly, original. Pyotr executed old and new hits, the Russian national songs, sang even a lullaby for the little girl with mother. Money began to fall in a case, at first the trifle, and then and banknotes is more. Tourists - Japanese threw into a case Japanese and a little American money. And Sinitsyn sang everything and sang. Then he suddenly began to read verses, it is simple to speak rhymes, without music and, strangely enough, to the people there was even more. Approached both young, and elderly now, and people of middle age, and children. The people clapped to the street actor and nobody, except protection, knew that this actor - the financier, famous in a business community of Moscow and Russia, and also some foreign countries, representing one of the largest oil companies. This street singer in a sports suit and a clear voice cost fabulous money. But none of people that to it was clapped sincerely, had of it no idea.

A concert came to an end through an hour and a half and Pyotr together with the student had fun at small restaurant. They laughed, with ease spent on drink money, nakidanny in a case, sang songs, danced, quadrilles verses of local prostitutes, made advances to waitresses and played in “ a stone - scissors - » paper; on “ shchelbana “. Financier`s bodyguards “ ofonareval “ from such behavior always the serious and solid ward. And it only burned more:

- And tomorrow let`s sing again together! Duet! - Sinitsyn, &ndash shouted to the student; let`s buy the second microphone, still a guitar, we will put columns! Let`s sing a duet, to go over the country, to act in the different cities, to read verses, humoresques! To hell accounts department! To hell figures! - loudly Sinitsyn, &ndash shouted; I - it is free! I - it is free! the Senior from three bodyguards shook

the head, and began to reap buttons of the mobile phone. Pyotr and the student laughed loudly over some joke when the bodyguard approached it and stretched a tube of the mobile phone.

- Well, who there still?! - Pyotr shouted. - I am busy! I do not want to talk to anybody! I - actor! I am free! In a bum of all! I am an actor!

- You, Pyotr Sergeyevich, Gennady Paley asks! - the bodyguard explained.

Pyotr even sobered up. He brought a tube to an ear and told: “ I Listen! “. The president of corporation spoke accurately and measuredly:

- I am aware of your extravagant trick, Pyotr. I am aware that you shouted that you will throw finance and will become vagrant actors. I know that you also shouted that you - actor, singer, poet, musician. I understand all this. Just I warn you in advance: “on a nose“ the reporting period, huge transactions. And, if you substitute corporation under blow the tricks, our anger will be furious and, believe, it will be possible to give all your life fat up as a bad job. Perhaps, in direct, and figurative sense. It - not threat, it - simple ascertaining of the fact.

- And, these already reported! - with insult mumbled sinitsin, with hostility looking around on bodyguards. But Gennady Paley turned to conclusion of the subordinate a deaf ear and rigidly continued:

- You, Pyotr, already with the head in this business, know things which cost many millions of dollars. The corporation will not release you anywhere. You - ours from potorokha! See really things.

- But I want to sing, play the guitar, to read verses, to be a vagrant actor! - desperately Sinitsyn shouted in a tube.

- We so much enclosed in you, Pyotr, and very much you were given. You one of the most successful financiers, and we will not miss you. I repeat, you - ours! And, if you do not want the evil to and to the relatives, then “do not play with fire“! I knew about your hobbies and rushes to acting long ago and did not object to it. Until the hobby does not go to a section with primary activity and does not threaten wellbeing of corporation. So be not foolish, but the corporation really you will dig not that …

After these words Paley turned off communication. Pyotr sat deafened. He though was drunk, but understood that everything is very serious. Threats of this person will be executed. Pyotr somehow became sad at once, grew thin, the cheerful fuse was gone. He sat down at a little table to the new familiar student and bitterly muttered:

- Excuse me, but we will have with you no duet! We will not go on the cities, we will not give street ideas. I am not released. I forever in “a gold cage“.

the Student was already fairly drunk and lowed something inarticulate in reply.

- Farewell, the brother is an actor, - Sinitsyn gave to the guy a hand at parting, - our such difficult share! I envy you even, I will honestly tell. But - at everyone the path.

Sinitsyn crookedly grinned, looking at the bodyguards whose services were paid by corporation and who were on the staff of security service of the same corporation of Gennady Paley.

- Hey! - Pyotr to bodyguards shouted. - Take away me, carry home. On Monday for work!

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