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Whether it is possible to make the life better if you the woman and to you it is far for 50?

In article “How to make the life are better? Personal experience“ Victoria Belkina, one of authors Shkolyzhizni. ru, I liked the simple councils suitable for women of any age. How many passes years as quickly we move to the last line, - if our souls remain young people, then and bodies are not given in captivity to years. However, if the soul grew old then and there is nothing to advise.

Of course, it is possible to get into the role of the pensioner, a floor - to sit days in front of the TV, to infinitely wash and clean the dwelling, on a habit to make lunches, to go behind products, to keep ringing to relatives and to exasperate them with the questions and councils, to pick to pieces to neighbors with other grandmothers on a shop and to feel the satisfied this routine. But days will go behind days, to develop in monotonous years and to age us not only a body, but also soul.

Certainly, it is more difficult for women to whom it is far for 50 to take advice to Victoria because to them specific age problems spoil life. To fully enjoy life it will not turn out, and here to derive pleasure from life - quite perhaps. If to eliminate some hindrances.

What prevents us to live? First of all state of health .

If not to speak about really serious illness which owners can only sympathize and wish to cope somewhat quicker with an illness then at our age health surely begins to glitch, and it - is natural.

But, likely, to you it is not necessary to perceive too seriously and tragically these failures? Why constantly to discuss the indispositions with the family and girlfriends, all the time to listen to itself (whether hurts that?) to take excessive quantity of medicine (drugs, as they say, treat for one, another cripple)?

We will remember how we treated the health of years so 30 back. And it is necessary to continue to belong - a little ironically, without doing treatment by meaning of life. Here it is only not necessary to forget to do the gymnastics at least sparing at least lying in the morning in a bed. And it is good to rise after that under a contrast shower. In such a way in the last two years I got rid of scoliotic back pains and the accompanying sores which suffered since the childhood (no earlier to guess to do gymnastics in a bed!) .

Still to us the loneliness prevents to be happy even if imaginary, or limited communication . Sometimes it seems that we are thrown out from life. And too, too early! Our mind ripened, we had excess time, we became free from many duties, fears and conventions. It is a high time to live, it is a high time to impart experience with people, but... we are held down by convention of an old age.

Children are adults, grandsons - grew up. They have the life. Husbands either grew old, or left.

But it is not necessary to look at children and grandsons! It is not necessary to interpose in their matter, to jealously compare their life to the. They go in the way, we - will go the. Let`s remember old girlfriends. Perhaps someone from them is still ready for feats? It is ready to go with us to the cinema and in theaters? Perhaps they hesitate to tell openly that they want the same, as in youth, - an emotional, rich life?

It is simple to sit in cafe with the girlfriend, to walk without the purpose (not on grocery stores, and so), to come into cinema from there is nothing to do - same fine! It is possible to porazglyadyvat men also. You should not do eyes, of course, - will not understand, but who to us forbids to discuss them? At the same time the age will with guarantee be forgotten, will absolutely be forgotten. But the mood will be lightened to the sky. And you never can tell, can be we dogulyatsya to a meeting with the man of the dream? I know several such cases.

Work well rescues from loneliness, of course. Trouble only that in our country we - the generation lost. Cleaners, dishwashers is please, will take and that not everywhere. But if there are young acquaintances who will be able to attach you for some more prestigious work, do not refuse. At once you will feel necessary, and for certain with your experience, knowledge and a sense of responsibility - and you will become necessary.

Still there is a remarkable place - the Internet, more precisely the RuNet where it is easy to find that it is necessary to us (and we could not know before THAT it is necessary!) or to carry out what dreamed in youth of, or to dig out in itself talent, it is unknown when buried. I, for example, began to write articles and stories, to have couple of blogs and - about happiness! - it was trained in computer graphics. And still it is possible to find in the Internet quickly enough interlocutors - adherents who can be looked for for years in world around and not to find. And to meet them then in real if it wants. Usually such meetings do not disappoint.

And constantly interferes us as it is banal, with limitation in finance . And how pleasant trifles about which Victoria writes? Unless they under a ban after 55? No, they are necessary for the woman always, all life! It is necessary to contrive to update the clothes fashionable clothes, but not infinitely to wear old. Expensively? And on what there are sales, the great invention of a civilization?

That who lives on pension and still somewhere earns additionally, in a year quite really to save up for inexpensive round and to go together with same not grown old soul the girlfriend. And how many impressions will be! Will last for all next year.

Of what disturbs us there is one more, strongest hindrance - irritation , discontent with such life. Therefore it is necessary to try not to be angry, not to envy and not to condemn anybody. Sometimes there is a strong wish, but with age such allegedly fair anger leaves a strong and unpleasant mark on character, and with it and on the person. And much quicker, than in young years. Own rage oppresses, stultifies, limits an outlook and prevents to find good in life. Also we drive ourselves into a vicious circle.

Summing up the result of my reflections about improvement not of young life, it is possible to tell: it is necessary to treat what surrounds us, on - kind, to the illness - is quieter and more ironic, to try to expand the circle of the communication limited to age. But at the same time to remember ancient wisdom which speaks rather about wealth internal, than material: that person who has enough of what he has is rich. And how not to lose and increase the internal wealth depends on ourselves.