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Cliff - diving: what is it? Only you, water and height...

Cliff - diving are a sport at which the person, showing plasticity and beauty of the body, jumps in water from the rock. Cliff - diving - the English word (cliff - the rock and dive - to dive). If earlier it attracted only fans, then now athletes are engaged in it. Their number from year to year increases. It is necessary to tell that today athletes - thrill-seekers jump not only from the rock in water, but also from a wing of the plane, the helicopter, from the bridge …

what was considered still until recently as madness, was brought to the level of a new sport. So, in 1996 in Switzerland the International federation was formed find fault - diving, it also united all fans of a diving from big height. Let`s notice that unlike Cliff - diving where athletes act under natural conditions, find fault - divers carry out jumps from the designs built especially for it. A bit later, since 1997, the federation began to hold the annual World Cups in Cliff - (find fault-) to diving. Among judges there are representatives from Switzerland, France, Australia, Germany, the USA and some other countries.

However in the history similar competitions took place in the different countries several centuries ago. So, it is known that else in the XVII century residents of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina competed on a diving from the bridge which was over 20 meters (it is located on the Balkan Peninsula). Scientists confirm also that the similar tradition existed also among inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands. Here too held tournaments among participants on a diving, judges defined the best. Ability “to enter“ water without splashes or with their smallest quantity was especially appreciated.

Over time this tradition imperceptibly disappeared from life. It revived only in 80 - e years of the XX century. These years many athletes acted in circuses and parks, jumping from towers that caused a great interest in the audience. There were also singles - fans who wished to be included in the Guinness Book of Records. In 1985 all fans Cliff - diving were surprised by American Lucky Vardl. This woman jumped from height of 36,8 meters. And several years later height in 53,9 meters was overcome by Oliver Favr from Switzerland. The participant of this sport, Swiss Frederik Vail, jumping from 26 meters, made a double somersault, having entered water the head forward.

As a rule, men jump from height of 23 - 28 meters, the woman - from 20 - 23 meters. Make jumps differently. Less skilled athletes jump “tell-tale“, i.e. legs down. Masters in this sport direct in water headfirst, at the same time they during “flight“ make different pirouettes. The most skilled and inventive Cliff - divers manage to make several somersault when falling. Depth on which athletes jump has to be not less than five meters. When falling within several seconds the jumper gathers speed to hundred kilometers per hour.

The resident of Colombia is known to Orlando Duca who since the childhood jumped in deep reservoirs. He became really national hero in the homeland, having become the best Cliff - the diver. Besides, Orlando in Cliff - diving won a world champion title more than once.

In Russia too there was the school Cliff - (find fault-) divers. Prizes in world tournaments were repeatedly taken by our athletes Sergey Zotin from Stavropol (in the specialty - the children`s doctor) and Artem Silchenko from Voronezh. Here what was told by Sergey Zotin in one of interview to journalists: “That there was no mistake during performance, it is necessary to fulfill equipment of a jump in advance. Usually you count flight to trifles“ .

Those who jumped from height more than once and tasted a jump, say that they do not represent the life without this sport any more. Cliff - the diver on time of falling remains in private with himself. Only water, height and … you.