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One-way love. What do we divide? What do we share?

Love - fine feeling, it it is accepted to share with somebody. To divide, under laws of arithmetics, to reduce it. Or laws of arithmetics in love do not work? I think, it will be useful to understand and understand, the one-way love is the benefit? Suffering? Interestingly, for whom? For this purpose, with whom do not divide, or for this purpose who does not want to share?

Let`s argue together.

What is one-way love?

Definition can be such: it is love which the person wants to receive from another, but due to various reasons it does not occur. Or: the one-way love that which the person wants to give another, but it is not necessary to another.

I will give a metaphor. For example, the girl has an apple, she with anybody does not share it, and eats. Full, happy, she`s fine. But if the young lady has many apples - she wants to share generously them, but it is answered - it is not necessary. Then the girl remains with the apples, she cannot divide them with anybody, a lot of most it is not necessary for her, but also it is not necessary to others, the surplus strains, apples decay, spoil.

Other option: for example, the young man has several apples. The girl approaches, she wants too, but the guy does not wish to share, and the young lady leaves with anything, did not share with it. Perhaps, with other girl the young man would divide apples, but not with this. The reasons can be different.

As a rule, at absolutely young age think more how to receive love from other person, than as to give it most. Therefore more often the one-way love arises at the age of 14 - 25 years. Logically - if all want to have only, but not to share, then the simple law comes into effect: in total there is a lot of, and the love has not enough therefore when most is not enough, to share there is nothing.

At many the desire only to receive remains all life, but there is an assumption that, becoming more cleverly, the person reflects - whether can always share with it if in an exchange to offer nothing? Therefore comes to the useful rule: before to receive something, it is necessary to give something. You already understood it?

of the Reason of one-way love

I Think if nobody loves you, does not share love - that is your fault. It is possible the reason to look for in other people, arguing: I love all of them, and they are not present me, for it I hate all of them. It is possible the reasons to look for in itself, it is more productive.

1. The person did not get rid of a children`s habit to infinitely demand and receive love from others. In the childhood the world consisted of the loving parents, relatives who loved (best of all or worse) owing to your birth as child. But the adult world is not kind mother, laws others there. Agree?

2. Your interests, way of life and what you want to share, is not value for your elect. Why the camel of vatu does not eat? Does not want. Just it is not necessary to it, joy is given by a camel prickle.

3. You have nothing to offer. Just life is empty, there is no fascinating business, look gloomy. And what to rejoice? But then be realists, love safe, not that from whom the benefit runs away, and those who attract it. If there is no benefit then and to share there is nothing.

4. Other person is not necessary, his love is not necessary. Bright experiences, disorders, sincere fluctuations are necessary. There is a wish to create a soap bubble which will be beautifully poured on light, to please somehow, but it empty, will leave behind the wet place. Not the result, but a sincere holiday is important though for a minute, and the more the better. Then the understanding comes that your soap bubble is illusions which are interesting to nobody. Well if comes, and if not, then such people go around one-way love, at the same time complain: all men …, all women …, well you know.

5. There is a one-way love from - for the simple word - it is not pleasant. So often also speak: the person is good, but physically it is not pleasant. The shape, separate trifles in behavior, began to smell. Just accept the fact that you cannot and you are not obliged to be pleasant to everyone, not 100 dollars to be desired object of possession.

I think, now it is clear what is one-way love, the reasons of its emergence, but also what to do? As it to make



at first for yourself.

1. You like a condition of one-way love? Perhaps, it is just a way to create “soap bubbles“ and just to observe, deriving pleasure. Then whether it is necessary to change something?

2. You do not like a condition of one-way love. As told ancient: “Find to all the beginning, and you will understand a lot of things“. What of the above-stated reasons led to such result?

3. You are ready to change something? You want? You can? If yes, that you is expected by difficult and interesting work. For example, begin with the fact that define the purpose. What is is not pleasant? And what you want? How you will formulate? What you will make first of all? Make the plan how to cease to suffer from one-way love.

4. You want to change, but do not know as. Here everything is very simple, do not know - learn! It is possible to read books or, for example, to listen to mine “How to get to fall in love?“. To descend on the corresponding training. At many it turned out, will turn out also at you.

Anyway the one-way love comes to an end when the person grows sincerely, financially, personally. It is always accepted with pleasure and pleasure, seek to share the love, in worthy it is correct to put both, and it is favorable. You are worthy?