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Violin. What the beginning musician should know?

the Violin are among those musical instruments on which it is possible to begin training at any age.

Teachers advise to start this hard task in the early childhood. For kids of four years there will be a tool by the size of their tiny handles. It is worth explaining that the complete set for occupations consists of the violin, a bow (it represents a wooden cane on which the horsehair is tense), the bridge or a small pillow which serve for convenience of the musician and, it is desirable, a case.

For a start it is necessary to choose the teacher or music school with office of a violin. It will be better if they to you are advised by someone from people skilled in this case. Then to lease, and it is even better to buy own tool. With one amendment: purchase becomes usually while you reached “the“ size of a violin - ceased to grow and to you about lshy dimensions would not will be necessary for any more. Children with their fast development should change a violin repeatedly. Many teachers possess a small collection of own tools young and old, and with pleasure give them in use to the pupils.

The main thing is very careful to handle a violin as its material is not so strong to endure tortures. It is worth buying a good case - it can be found in any musical shop or on the Internet (the sections of announcements working on the “From hand to hand“ system). The second option will cost to you cheaper - as it was already told, children quickly grow up from the tools, and, even in spite of the fact that the case is capable to contain in itself several different sizes, to have to change it sooner or later.

At home it is worth caring for a condition of the violin too. I do not mean damage of physical character, teachers usually say that it should not be allowed at all. The main thing, is correct to choose the place of storage - it has to be the place with normal room temperature, far away from a window, in the winter and from the battery - storage can lead to deformation of the case here. The case can crack, and it already pulls for itself a number of serious problems.

Take care of that the case with the tool was not stored on pass. And far away from small children, from their desire to make a toy of a violin. Once at once the child explains that before him very fragile subject to which it is necessary to treat with love. There is one more problem connected with storage, are harmful insects - ticks who are engaged in eating of a horsehair on a bow! It is for this purpose quite good to put a carnation in a case.

There are several unspoken rules of violinists: before game it is necessary to nakanifolit a bow. It means to apply rosin (vitreous pitch it is yellow - red color) on a horsehair, on its outer side - on that which will adjoin to strings. The violin systematically should be wiped in that place where settles dust from rosin. If not to do it, then at first in that place there will be white sticky tarry spots, and over time they will turn into black mud stains. Also remove all rings from fingers before taking a violin in hand, - they can prevent. Upon termination of game do not forget to weaken a bow so that the horsehair sagged a little. It will relieve you of possible breakages.

Having studied these rules, it is possible to start occupations. Whatever was the age, it is necessary to begin with the simplest songs. Usually they are chosen from the corresponding collections, or - for interest of kids - parents ask to get the musical notebook or an album lined in the musical lines where notes will appear along with the illustrations drawn with the child.

During game always you remember that shoulders, the neck, hands and legs have to be relaxed. It is only this way possible to receive good result. Always you watch a bow trajectory - it has to slide perpendicular to strings and not slip on a signature stamp is a condition of good sounding. I want to notice that on the first occupations you should play a pizzicato - instead of a bow to pinch strings fingers. Try to follow precisely advice and manuals of the teacher, playing houses because worst of all to be engaged in learning of the wrong things - from them sometimes very difficult happens then to get rid.

If you are seriously ready, then it is necessary to pay attention to occupations not only in a class, but also at home. For your convenience it is possible to get some accessories. Owing to the fact that the violin rather often should be adjusted - as force of a tension of strings changes - you have to hear clearly how the note of La from which all other strings are adjusted sounds. If you have no perfect hearing though it is big minus in playing a violin as there are no frets here, then I advise to get a tuning fork. If you were left by feeling of a rhythm then a metronome to you the assistant - it will persistently beat off the set account, at concerts it is replaced by accompaniment of a piano. Also you need a lectern - on it conveniently to put notes, its plus that it is adjusted under any growth.

Also it is necessary to show consideration more for himself, I do not advise actively to be engaged in volleyball and basketball - fingers need to be protected.

The violin is considered one of the most difficult tools for training. But persistent work which at music school usually occupies years seven obviously costs result.

Surprising music which flows from - under a bow, - the highest award. I want to wish good luck to those who will decide to choose this way!