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How to begin the way to increase in the income? Work on the personal budget.

Suggest to talk about what ways of a victory over tears in the personal budget are. How correctly and competently to construct the personal budget how to force money to work for itself, but not to stoop on them all life.

So, for a start, I suggest to find out why you have difficulties with money?

In my opinion, the main reasons are covered in the following:

1. Money is spent quicker, than is earned - thirst for the credits

2. Already again it is not possible to save up the necessary sum - more “necessary“ expenditure

3 appear. “Woe from Wit“ - education (school, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION etc.) is, and I pound from it any

4. Love to visits of shop and to not the necessary purchases - the shopaholic

5. Pulls to the easy ways “earnings“ that leads to hit in “mousetrap“

6. One way of obtaining the income - for example hired work. There is no work - there is no money

7. Life by the principles “It is necessary to live here and now“ and “To save silly and not fashionably“

8. Life not according to the income - purchase of expensive “toys“ for display of “steepness“

9. Not confidence in the forces - “Nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it“ Agree

? Everyone will have ten more of the reasons for which there are difficulties with money. What to do?

How to take the first step to increase in the income? It is necessary to remember once and for all the main principle of the rich - “The poor and middle class work for money, the rich force to work for themselves“.

Analyse how many income sources you have? Present to

yourself a beautiful flower. The stalk of a flower is your source of the income (hired work for example). What will be if this stalk breaks? Correctly - the flower will wither. Now present yourself the sun with rays. Let each ray will be a separate source of the income - what as a result? Yes if several beams go out, the sun will shine all the same.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? Create as much as possible sources of the income, let not big streamlets in the life - but they will merge to the deep river of your income!

We go further. Let`s sort the main principle of management of personal finance.

It consists of two composed:

“Preservation of money“ + “Enhancement of money“

I.e. the first task which faces us is competent preservation of what is earned not by feasible work, and the second - how to increase greatly this money, using various financial instruments. We will talk about them another time.

Make the small test - answer yourself three questions:

1. How a lot of money comes to you without your efforts?

2. How many money you saved in the future for last year?

3. How you created many sources of the income for the last 3 years?

If answers to these questions satisfy you, means you on the right track and if is not present - begin to make the plan of your actions for correction of a situation.

By drawing up this plan replace a position “I cannot. I am not able. At me it not to turn out“ on a question - “What is the time on it it to be necessary for me?“. Make the accurate plan with concrete dates of performance. For example - “To create the financial safety cushion by December 1, 2010 of year “.

So you have already the first key to success - it is your concrete action plan! What`s next? answer yourself a question Further - what option of the development you choose?

1. To leave everything as it is - let life go by itself

2. To begin to be trained independently in financial literacy and to develop in this

3 direction. To begin the training in team of professionals

If you selected the 2 or 3 item - I congratulate you. Begin to ACT! I believe

Ya that you will achieve success and financial independence!

Remember that the level of your income is limited only to the level of your self-education!