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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 22 - 23? “Shrek forever“ and others

This week is not rich with novelties, but it does not mean at all that movie theaters will be empty. Because, as they say, the structure is small, but is daring. The list includes: a new tape about adventures of a green ogr of Shrek “Shrek forever“, the sequel of the Spanish horror film “The reporting from an underworld“, the French drama “Tomorrow at Dawn“, the musical comedy from legendary Monty Python`s participants “I am not the Messiah“ and the South Korean tape “Mother“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Shrek forever“ (Shrek Forever After). Sooner or later each fairy tale comes to an end with the words “Also They Lived Happily …“. In the near future this fate will comprehend one of franchizes - long-livers, animated by a fantasy “Shrek“, telling about adventures of a green ogr (Mike Myers), his wife Fiona (Cameron Diaz), and also faithful companions - a talkative donkey (Eddie Murphy) and the Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas). Dreamworks Animation “Shrek Forever“ releases, the fourth and as the studio declares, final part of this cartoon serial. This time the above-stated green guy will be abandoned in alternative reality in which the Faraway kingdom not a so friendly world, but the main character did not exist at all. Respectively, the former friends and the beloved of the zelenushny giant live life, and do not know any Shrek.

After relative failure in the third part (“Shrek Trety“) creators decided to recover history unexpected turn of events, and also to add an intrigue, in advance having declared that this head will become the last. As far as authors of this, certainly, remarkable cartoon serial will manage to keep the promise - will show time. And the viewer will already be able to get acquainted with quality of the fourth movie in these days off.

2. “Reporting from an underworld“ ([Rec]2). Three years ago the Spanish directors Jaime Balaguero and Paco Plasa shot very scary horror film “Reporting“. The plot of a tape did not shine with originality, but bewitched imaginary reality of all events and was rather frightening. The young journalist, in search of hot material, incidentally gets to a certain house in which strange and awful things are created. Inhabitants gradually, owing to some unknown infection, turn into bright and spiteful zombies. The authorities, having understood that the virus is extremely infectious, seal up the house and all to whom “has the luck“ to remain inside, are provided to themselves now.

The original of 2007 removed for a ridiculous plot in 1,5 million euros earned more than 30 million dollars in world hire. By itself, Hollywood could pass by so successful picture simply not and already a year later in the USA there was a remake under the name “Quarantine“. Americans, naturally, did not see the Spanish tape therefore the remake enjoyed popularity and also hit a jackpot in hire. An exit of continuation was only a matter of time. However Spaniards took advantage of the opportunity and released the sequel earlier. It also comes out the Russian movie theaters this week. Judging by a plot, we should visit other house with similar problems. Darkness, shouts and the shivering small lamp beam which is snatching out terrible faces of infected from a gloom … Successful viewing.

3. “Tomorrow at dawn“ (Demain des l’aube). If you think that only in Russia there are strange young people and not really the people who are dressing up in a medieval armor and mutuzyashchy each other swords and axes in the fresh air, then you seriously are mistaken. Roleplayers, as they are called for participation in role-playing games, are present everywhere. Because the reality is boring and sad, and sometimes so there is a wish to stay in the knight`s skin in armor, or, like heroes of this French drama, as duelists of times of the Napoleonic empire. The problem is what sometimes the invented image so tightens that participants of imaginary fights lose a thread of reality and cease to distinguish fiction from the truth … Leading roles played

in a picture Vincent Perez (“Indochina“, “Fanfan - aroma of love“) and Jeremie Rainier, little-known outside the homeland (“To go in hiding in Bruges“) who, nevertheless, made an excellent actor`s tandem with the more eminent workmate.

Denis Dercour`s picture is a typical sample slow, thinking and forcing to think, the cinema intended not for the mass viewer, but for exacting jury of film festivals. However, meanwhile the tape did not manage to catch any awards, but critics treated it favourably.

4. “I am not the Messiah“ (Not the Messiah - He’s a Very Naughty Boy). If English the comedian - Monty Python groups tells the name to you exactly about anything, then I do not even undertake to recommend you their new creation. Too at these classics of the British humour specific vision of ridiculous. Cardinally different from the American sitcoms and comedies with Eddie Murphy or Seth Rogen.

In this case we deal with the comic oratorio written by participants of group based on their own movie of 1978 “Brian`s Life“. Show was written down during the only concert in Royal Albert - the hall in October, 2009 in honor of 40 - summer anniversary of group.

It is senseless to describe a plot of a picture because it is the absolute farce, the comedy, the tragedy and the surrealistic musical in one person. The leading role show was played by Eric Idle, and as the invited stars, including, and constant participants of “Monty Python“ Terry Jones, Michael Pelin and Terry Gilliam.

5. “Mother“ (Madeo). about 15 - 20 years ago the Asian cinema for the domestic viewer was accurately connected with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and John Wu`s names. Special “esthetes“ knew Kurosawa and out of the corner of the eye saw “The empire of feelings“. Now the Chinese, Korean and Japanese cinematographers became obligatory participants of all large film congresses and festivals, regularly receiving the whole scatterings of awards and awards, including the most prestigious.

However, June`s Korean - ho Bon, though not the beginner at cinema, for the present was not lit in a glory pantheon, and removes strong middlings. Its next movie “Mother“ narrates about difficult history of relationship of mother and the son accused of murder of the local girl. Being mentally defective, the son cannot stand for himself and therefore his mother, like the best representatives of world investigation, begins own investigation, with the purpose to prove innocence of the offspring.

The picture is shot in a genre of the thriller and, as well as all east tapes, the world on black and white, like the Hollywood stampings does not divide, and narrates about life of ordinary people who as the fates decree appear in unusual circumstances.

Disputes on the favourite of this week will not be. It`s a no-brainer that “Shrek forever“ which besides is presented in a 3D format will easily be beaten out in leaders of hire, having pushed all beginners and old men into the second and other places. The family project of Dreamworks and Paramount studios, obviously, for a long time will linger on the top lines if, of course, quality of the last film corresponds to declared. The closest direct competitor, the third part of “History of toys“, will be released only in a month, and the “Prince of Persia“ starting next week, all - is intended for more age audience.