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For what liberal America declared boycott to the State of Arizona? To a question about “came in large numbers here!“

you can imagine the country without frontier? No, on the card it is painted, and on life was not its per se, and is not present. At me it too long did not go in. Brought up on concepts (“border - on the lock“, “the violator of border“, “protection of boundaries of the country“), I could not understand in any way how people live in the south of the USA. There lives the farmer Michael in Arizona and knows that he plows up fields to that boulder. And behind a boulder already Mexico. The farmer Michael even in a bad dream to Mexico will not be trampled: poorly there, it is deprived of civil rights, criminal, hungrily. And here horseless and landless Miguyel - the Mexican will be trampled with all village to Michael of a bed to weed for ten in day. There behind a boulder on green ten it - just Krez!

So it was moved from the end of war between the USA and Mexico. Winners gave to Mexicans and give work which any white American will not begin to do. The southern states concern to the guest workers very much even not bad, I will tell you. If everything becomes under the law: the employer submits the application for seasonal or constant workers to the immigration service (IS), the Department of work establishes for them the rate equal to a rate of citizens of the country of this specialty, the commission on life surveys conditions of life of the employed workers (the housing has to meet standards of the USA even if at home this Mexican under a palm tree slept and a palm tree took cover!) then workers receive the visa and legally come to work to the country. And the employer pays much bigger taxes for the guest workers. Here so it has to work. But does not work.

The Latino climb a wall through open borders. From half a million to one million violators a year! Everything is clear - there is a wish for the better life. But they begin it with transition of frontier, with a crime. And continue too not in the best way: if you have no documents, there are no fingerprints in files of the authorities if your residence is not known if you work for cash and are not highlighted in tax anywhere, then you as if Gyulchatay with the closed face beyond the law, and live you not under the law: drug traffic, gangs, theft, evasion of taxes, violation of the labor legislation. Life beyond the law pushes on its violation.

But children will be born already citizens of this country at officially “unemployed“ parents. And the country begins to put these children on decent social sphere, to treat, learn, to care for children as about the citizens from poor families. And all this sits down heavy burden on simple citizens. But if there was a speech only about money! Any business started from a crime is not a solution, and its creation. Also this problem gains such collateral effect that is already threat of statehood of the United States. And with it it is necessary to do something, but years thirty go one talk on immigration reform, and the lot of human rights activists and greedy lawyers is fed around this problem.

The population our, tortured by a complex of racial fault and nauskanny this cohort, and a finger does not allow to torknut violators of border, laws and moral values of this country. Even in more northern Chicago annually Mexico comes for parade with the requirement (but not a request!) to legalize their legal status. Across all America such demonstrations - a commonplace. You can admire the Mexican national flags on their cars and businesses. You can shut up - they in English do not wish to speak: but ingles! Here we also appeared on a threshold literally of civil war. But if “but ingles“, drag to hablat on ispanyol a domaa of?.

Long the State of Arizona where 30% of the Latin population, appealed to the federal authorities: asked to protect their borders, to reduce will to vtorzhishcha. It was promised to build in 2006 700 - a mile wall in the south from the general extent of borders in 2000 miles, but from these promises it is built so far only... 34 miles, and to poor Arizona from them disappeared even 9 unfortunate miles of this pie.

And here the governor of the state, the lady resolute and correct, signs the law which split the USA and called deep odobryams the residents of the state voting for her. From now on the police has the right to check documents at people who, in her opinion, are in the country illegally. With following, all this is clear (arrest and deportation), but under the law. And here is how they dared to demand an ausvaysa?! Same discrimination and fascism! Boycott to the State of Arizona! Personally Mr. Obama shook the fist for such, personally the Attorney-General of the country (by the way, not reading text of the law) declares it the anticonstitutional act and threatens to zamanzhetit handles to the State of Arizona. Here the great city of Los Angeles (which went bankrupt already from - for the Latino), and after it same Latin San - Frantsisko, the same Austin, Texas, declared boycott to the State of Arizona - economic sanctions to you and from our economic sandbox!

I know at least 10 situations when the U.S. citizen is obliged to show the ausvays: airports, banks, hospital, etc. Quietly we show and we do not consider ourselves discriminated. And here the announcement of economic boycott just both is anticonstitutional, and prt directly against one more law - antimonopoly. Turned sour to you in a rag as spoke in Odessa! People of the State of Arizona for 76% supported the new law. People of the country of USA - for 59%! Here it is vox populi - vox dei! These are city authorities of Los - Anzheles which voices of Latin voters are necessary, shout about boycott of Arizona most. Want boycotts - them is at me! Who will sell you energy then? (Los - Anzheles buys from Arizona on - acceptable and nearby). Is not present, to fight, so in a muzzle. Approach distribution.

The most interesting that all shouting meksikolyuba of the law were not read and other laws do not know. It appears, in 1952 the federal law on suppression of illegal stay was adopted. And how this law can be executed? Only through “Gyulchatay, open a face“, ausvays show the with the visa. Slowly and inertly it which - as it rastelivatsya, but only in cases when the illegal immigrant was arrested for other some reasons: got?! And now ausvays show. So than Arizona so annoyed? It only strengthened operation of the old federal law at the level of staff. If the government cannot and does not want, then people of Arizona took performance of the law in hand. And a flag to them in hands!

No, expensive, it now at us both fascist, and Soviet! So any on the street will be stopped and will demand to show the passport if an ugly face did not leave. Well, I do not know, friends, me and so it is all the same - let check if only borders - on the lock. I remove footwear at the airport, and I hand over a junk on examination. If only the enemy did not get. And here the opened borders in the south in 2000 miles not only from - for Mexicans disturb me, god with them by and large. And if who with a face the landing closed from the friendly Arab countries up to my head?

I am an immigrant, and somewhere I am even proud of it is not everyone will make up the mind to such difficult step for the sake of the future of lighter. I respect all immigrants - all of us such here. But there is an immigrant and there is an illegal immigrant. Not those now times when it is possible to close eyes to illegal illegal immigrants. If in Moscow two girls, citizens of Russia, undermined citizens of Russia, what can make one even the man of the unkind country, say, with a dirty bomb in the bosom or with the OV canister on the quiet lakes of the State of Illinois or in canes Don?

Therefore, show - the ausvays, komarad. Drag - drag from wide trouser-legs... To all who read, safety and rest. And to the State of Arizona glory, glory, glory! But pasaran!