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Why the Greek put a hand to the river and what it can end with?

Went the Greek through the river.

Sees the Greek in the river - cancer.

Put to the river of the Greek a hand -

Cancer by the Greek`s hand tsap.

it is much easier for i to Utter this tongue twister, than to deal with potsapanny cancer of Grekaya. I have nothing personal against Greece and its wonderful Greeks. But why about Greece I want to argue at “School of Life. ru“? And all because the Greek syndrome concerns inhabitants of all Europe - not only Greeks put hands to the river, and it is better to study on others cancer stings.

I know Greece not from a window of hotel and as the person who was repeatedly living in the country. In Greece there lives the daughter of my husband. Naturally, we go to each other. And if the daughter of my husband feels like at us the guest, then I in Greece undertake economy: to help in process of forces. Therefore and I go to markets, both on shops, and at a plate I am not lazy to stand to indulge them house. And domashnenky they seldom see - if only to peck to grapes or to eat ice cream. And so all in taverns eat. And not Onasisa from. Just in Greece, especially in Athens, - all so!

Only the heat will fall down by the night, Greeks get out of houses, and on taverns. It at them a lunch such. Have dinner hours till three in the night. In the morning sleepy which - as for work trudge. In the afternoon - a siesta. Little shops are closed - owners sleep. When there were drachmas, to the European Union, Greeks went to shops to buy. Now go with euro for the sake of conditioners - to be cooled. Everything rose in price so that Hellas grew sad. But old habits to live freely and to work slowly remained.

I do not politize. Just I tell about what I know itself and I observe. So to speak, on a simple personal example. And not only on the example of a family of my relatives, but also on examples of their friends, acquaintances, neighbors. On the example of the city of Athens having dinner at 10 in the evening. The vacationer on islands everyone two - three months. Taking sick-lists and holidays at own expense when it is necessary and it is not necessary.

Never Greece since it ceased to be called great Hellas, was rich. It would seem from what bodun the people were lazy to work and earn? But we will leave it on conscience at those who put forward a racial factor: the southern Europeans are supposedly lazier, than northern. I so do not consider.

Just I know who is guilty of it - democracy with the socialist person. Too the paternalistichesky state at Greeks. Here also Greeks put a hand in granaries of the state. Too the government zanyankat the citizens: and medicine to you free, and holiday till nearly three months in a year, and labor unions with teeth in three ranks, both the eight-hour working day, and days off are fixed by the law... And it here as hallooed.

When about twenty years ago we began to run to Greece and it was even more safe country, us, with our American not hackneyed eye, also these little shops, both this night comfortable life, and these benefits closed on a siesta various struck. Yes as it so what the family lacks money?! And you work not 8 hours, and not at one work. And you have not a rest on islands. And you do not take the sick-list paid - your brother or the son pays taxes for him. And you prepare houses, but not at restaurant burst. (By the way, both in Italy, and in Spain the same picture - all poor on money, but free for a while.) And the river to which Greeks put hands appeared not bottomless. It shoaled - began to live as a loan that further to nurse the citizens. And here then the cancer which affected a body of Greece was got in the river.

The clever Greeks who presented us the European cultural civilization at once and suddenly refused to themselves ability to understand the Hellenic brains that revolts, with arsons, meetings and a throat the treasury will not be replenished. The treasury is replenished only with work of citizens of the country. And the country instead of at machines to stand or the olives to hill, all is on the square and shouts - GIVE! And from where?

Opened for them Ivanopulo - the key keeper treasury and showed - the jug is empty, and more nobody lends. It is necessary, children to refuse to themselves something which - how to zasuponitsya more tightly. But the Greek crowd also does not want to hear though it everyone shouting in this crowd on a default knows that if at whom in the house with a money it is rather heavy, then it is necessary to be pressed down somewhere somehow. But it is an individual reason. And at crowd reasons others. To it guilty from a porch throw, and here and now the lawful benefits. And that will not seem a little.

And there is a tranzhirka - Greece to beg at the European Union which also did not recover from crisis. Save Hellas from cancer! Otherwise we will suit such metastasises to you to all European Union! And here hardworking Germany with astonishment asks: “And from what bodun?! You sang everything - it is business! So go dance...“. The aunt Merkele for it was butted and spat - ugly how not to share, and?

And further you know: money of Greece of a distance. That taverns did not become empty at night, islands did not start missing vacationers of Greeks that they lived and they lived as cheese in oil or fat in chocolate. As - the European Union! And yes gave for ridiculous percent and without any sanctions for deeds in decent community! Here I was lost in day-dreams here that Greece or will temporarily turn out from the European Union while before asking, at myself did not wish to tighten belts, or will just exclude to hell, or such percent is vlupit that will not povadno ask... It is conducted that they will not give money to Europe - for this purpose it is necessary to go to work, or for two works. Not for nothing on - ours is Greek “yes“ ours sounds as “Ne“, and “yes“ as “Okhi“. There will also be to Eurobank of an okha yes sighs...

Now Spain is red debts. Behind it Portugal will begin to blackmail Europe. The first step is the hardest. And all this oncology only - crash of the European Union will come to an end in one. Hardworking, economical northerners ants who by the sweat of the brow in more severe climatic conditions managed to themselves will not want - to create a log hut not ice, but bast, to feed krylovsky dragonflies. And or will enter the strong countries of Europe the currency back and away from this bedlam will run, or all bedlam to the United States of Europe where there will be a uniform government and uniform laws and finance vossoltsya. As the USA. Without wadded and down conditions for separately taken countries.

There is also the third way - to continue to give everyone who will ask. But whereas will come up from the river cancer and as will snatch by a hand metastasises...

Here such history happened in the Greek hall - in the Greek hall. This is still Raikin spoke: in Greece - everything is! Sorri, Arkady Raikin - not only in Greece, but any more and in Europe is not present anything, and nothing will be any more. If only not to put a hand where it is not necessary. Children, let`s live... on means, but it is amicable.