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Whether will forget to write mankind thanks to the computer? To Write

? Never! I mean creativity. To forget to create new works, scientific works, verses the mankind simply is not capable.

And how to keep in itself that volcanic energy which and is torn outside? Piece of paper on which the pen or a pencil wrote down someone`s address, a phone number or several phrases to the friend means. I was expressed purely symbolically. Both the notebook, and the whole commonplace book where its owner keeps the diary or detailed account of the financial activity can be this piece of paper.

All this can be made by means of the computer now. Instead of the personal data which are written down by clumsy handwriting, the businessman in increasing frequency uses business cards. In them carefully each stroke is also thought beforehand over. They are brought to the good printer and at once draw attention with the accuracy and legible printing symbols. It is pleasant to take them in hands and it is convenient to hand. Present a situation: winter, you in a coat, gloves, and you need to give to the person number of the phone and the address of office. You take off gloves, with impatience look for a pen (and at this moment long you do not find it), pull out a leaf from a notebook. Extremely inconveniently and boringly. Agree? And having the business card, it is enough to stretch of it, and any problems.

To keep the diary, to write the report or the instruction too it is the most convenient directly on the computer. If to do at first hand-written option is a double work. All will understand the printing text, and handwriting Handwriting at all different. Even sometimes hardly you understand the and what to speak about the stranger?

At work I quite often had to accept hand-written notes which I accurately placed then on a disk not to get confused with scraps of papers. And so, time time on three it was necessary either to approach me the person or to call him to find out what figure he meant and that is meant an unclear syllable.

I any information, even the most insignificant, try to key, but not to use a pen. It occurs naturally. It is much more convenient to me so, I test comfort! And once I used notebooks. Especially it were pleasant to me in a section. Why? I do not know. They somehow pulled at once to creativity. There was a wish something in them accurately to write down. Now notebooks - only in case of need. And all the same from them I will transfer any necessary information to the computer.

It is sure that similar transformation happens to many now. Especially, to write with a hand much more slowly, than to type the printing text. Also there are no prospects of acceleration. The hand is tired. On the keyboard it is possible to learn to enter hundreds of signs a minute. The ten-manual blind method can be good help. There are many programs, allowing to master it independently. And hands at the correct installation are not tired, at least, long enough.

Children, without having learned to write yet, already reach for the computer: are enough a mouse, press keys. They will grow up torn even more off from the letter by a hand, than now we. So, it is asked whether it makes sense to learn to drive on paper a pen? Whether it is better to sit down at the keyboard at once? All the same many tasks, papers are accepted only in printing. Of course, process will develop naturally and gradually. Perhaps, written works will become some separate insignificant subject soon, and, maybe, in general, will turn into an open classroom at will.

Once first graders began to write with a fountain pen. I well remember what torture was to carry itself an inkwell. Teachers said that it is necessary that handwriting did not deteriorate. Thanks to pens we left from inkwells. Whether it means that thanks to the computer we will leave for good from pens? On records by a hand there step from two parties two solid monsters now: the personal COMPUTER and the mobile phone which by opportunities catches up with the computer and begins to carry out the same functions.

For myself I for quite some time now began to notice that I experience difficulties when writing something by hand. It is simpler to me to type the text by car, and then to unpack. Any note or even a commonplace book can easily be lost, take the place in some secluded corner of the apartment and long not be. I remember how I was delighted when I unexpectedly found a cardboard box with the youthful verses. However the pleasure was a little saddened then. I could not find the same box on volume

to store information In the computer much easier and more simply: to copy on magnetic carriers and to hold the copy by other car. And if you do not trust either disks, or equipment, then it is possible to store files in the Internet. Let`s assume, the system will be filled up, will become useless figurative disks, and you can always restore it, having come into a world Network.

A conclusion is clear - the keyboard much more reliable and more convenient than a pen. Things are easy: to forget to write quicker.

We will forget?