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What it is possible to look in vicinities of Sopron at? Lake Fert

that in Hungary there is such lake - Balaton, is known, probably, if not all, then very much and very many. And here on the fact that the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO included one more Hungarian lake … Somehow is given to me, though not closed it is information, but not many of those who for any of several reasons got to this interesting it is central - the European country, glance towards West - the Zadunaysky region. What for? to Them and Balaton - for eyes.

And in vain, in vain … In my opinion, so it should be made. And not to shelve if such opportunity appeared. Why to push tangerines in the refrigerator if they can be eaten today? Or what, someone disturbs us?

Well and if is not present, so on North - the East from Sopron … About ten kilometers only. And - here it, Lake Fert . The second lake of Hungary, after Balaton. The fourth - the Central Europe. More largely only its main Hungarian lake pearl. Moreover Geneva and Bodensky lakes.

And it - not all! Fertyo - the largest shchelochno - land (alcaline) among all European lakes. And … the most western in Europe saline and flat, especially, when both that, and another, here it - rolled into one. The most interesting reservoir. And memorable.

Here to me, for example. When I on that lake was? In the middle of 80 - x. And still I remember. Because, in - the first, nearly became on this Fertyo the subject of the international borderline case.

Business as was? We arrived to the lake. From Sopron - that is practically nothing. Why in day off and not to wave? Especially, in the summer. To be bought, sunbathe … Arrived, settled down. And all, seemingly, as usual. Beach small. At decent distance from the coast a chain of red anchor buoys for which the rescue service does not recommend to swim away. But for red, on small removal from them, - one more number of anchor buoys. Only white color.

Well, I think, now I will show a class to this overland. I Povypendrivatsya before their little girls. I will swim to white. And back. Well though before to come into water, asked representatives of local population:

- And it supposedly that?

- Yes nothing, - answer. - The border is designated by anchor buoys. Austrian.

Yes, yes. It is one of features of the lake. It is of a dual citizenship . From 315 of total area of a water mirror only 75 fall to the share of Hungary. Or 23,8%. Other 76,2% - Austrian. Therefore also names at the lake too two. Hungarians call it Fertyo. And in Austria you can not look for this name. On their cards the lake is designated as Noyzidlerzy .

The second, than me was remembered by Fertyo, so it the fact that on it I, already before the sunset, for the first time got up on a board of a vindserf. However, the sail as tried, did not lift. Though and decently since morning swallowed porridges. But … Not on the cards. It is visible, at vindserfingist whom in the summer on the lake - in enough, the secrets are enough. And they chose Fertyo with an ulterior motive. And not only they. The lake - the good platform for occupations by both windsurfing, and sailing.

Judge. Average depth of Fertyo - 50 - 60 cm. Maximum - 1,8 m. Of course, if to be set by such purpose, and in a pool it is possible to drown. But Fertyo - not a pool. In length, from the North on the South, it was extended on 36 km, and width on different sites fluctuates from 6 to 12 km. But here depth …

With such depths should not speak about serious development of transport and passenger navigation on the lake. But to vindserfingist and athletes - sailing vessels - almost expanse.

“Almost“ - so it because besides - the average depth of Fertyo small, and to a cane on the lake - the most favorable conditions. I do not want grow. And he, just - wants. Also grows. Nearly 88% of a lake mirror are covered with this plant. In places, especially in the southern part of Fertyo, width of cane thickets reaches 5 - 6 km. In the Hungarian part of the lake in them special channels which total length makes nearly 240 are cut through (!) kilometers. On them special boat campaigns will be organized. So who has a desire, can not only be bought or walk on the lake under a sail, but also get acquainted with its fauna . And it - the diverse.

In water of the lake it is full of different invertebrates. In canes - insects. So the stern is enough also for 15 species of the fishes living in the lake among which are considered the most widespread a pike perch, vyyun, a pike, a sazan, and to birds. The last to Fertyo - both flying, and nesting - great variety. More than 300 types. Of course, such rare as lun, a sea eagle - belokhvost, the krasnozoby brent to see very difficult. But here herons, wild geese, spoonbills, millerbirds - very much even easily.

Since 1991 the lake is a part of the Hungary`s first national park of Fertyo - Hanshag therefore it is no wonder that today here - edge of almost untamed birds. To hunters the way on the territory of park is closed, and fans of birds can closer get acquainted with avifauna of the lake, as during the boat excursions organized by administration of park , and having passed on the educational footpath of Dyondvirag (Lily of the valley) which is specially laid on the coast with which the biosphere of the lake is observed not only by tourists, but also professional scientists.

And it is possible to watch on the lake and directly at it not only birds. In the woods, adjacent to the lake, amphibians and other cool inhabitants of the lake winter. Such as smooth tritons, water ears, gray toads, krasnobryukhy zherlyanka. Only the trouble - a way of these animals from the lake to winter quarters crosses the highway Sopron - Ferted.

By the way, and it to me remembered the lake. I in Hungary in a stoyotryada was. And we established at this road special protections that poor animals did not perish under the wheels of cars, and “chapal“ to special transitions arranged any more not with us under a roadbed.

So if suddenly when it will be possible to get to the district of Sopron again, I with pleasure would submerge on this route. Not only because it would be desirable to look - whether escaped what shred from what once, let and in others country, but - your hands, or there already some latest designs cost. But also from - for the fact that this is dear … In Ferted conducts. And there … Palace of princes of Esterkhazi. That which the Hungarian Versailles is called.

Is in Fertyoda what to look at. And about what to tell. But about it I as - nibud another time …