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Why a blue bucket - the biggest threat of the power?

the Most dangerous protest movement for today`s power in Russia - the movement of “blue buckets“.

The CPRF, NBP members and miners of Mezhdurechensk do not pose such threat to Putin and Co as the comic excursions of young people around the Kremlin with blue buckets on the heads imitating automobile flashers of officials.

Why? The answer is very simple. The power is always afraid if begin to laugh at it. The power is the Power! When miners throw stones into OMON when they come to Triumphal Square discordant when residents of Pikalyovo block the federal highway, the power knows what should be done. Everything is fulfilled to automatism. Discordant - in the bus, to pikalevets - the prime minister settling a situation, to miners - promises light tomorrow.

But what to do when the people begin to laugh at the power? And in such a way, as it is almost impossible to carp. To close production of blue buckets, to forbid to put on them the head or to cancel excursions around the Kremlin? It is unlikely these measures will be effective. And if start walking with blue basins on the heads? Or even with violet. Or with ballot boxes for garbage (“garbage“ in this context - waste).

Hundred years ago the power of the tsar failed after began to scoff at it frankly both in mass media and in the people. Uncountable caricatures, obscene chastushkas, gossips about communication of the queen and Rasputin led to October revolution, on a habit still called by some the Great October socialist revolution.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky promoted falling of the Soviet power seventy years later after that revolution much. It “let`s argue on taste of oysters and coconuts with those who ate them“ and other, not less bright statements led to the I Congress of People`s Deputies in far 89th year. I am afraid that Zhvanetsky about it also does not suspect, but the word not a sparrow. And numerous jokes about Brezhnev? Honor the people in open laughed loudly, and the power fell.

Notice, now almost do not tell jokes about Putin and Medvedev. Both supporters, and opponents treat them rather seriously. And it for authorities in power - very good sign. Do not laugh, means are operated. And here, as the devil from a snuffbox, appears this notorious movement of “blue buckets“. And, generated by the power. Well it was really difficult to refuse the flashing indicators which set the teeth on edge and kryakalok? And to move at least by helicopters. That is - gelikopter. And to them quicker, and the people would not be irritated how much in vain.

And here and to the President to head the movement, to fasten on itself a blue bucket - and with the people around the Kremlin! If you cannot resist to something, it is necessary to head this business. Elementary theory of government. And a rating, look, grew.

And the power makes a strategic mistake. Instead of, at least, to paying attention to a small group of turncoats with blue nashlepka and to wait when all this bothers with him, dispersals, detentions and arrests begin. In itself it is ridiculous when arrest the person for carrying a headdress. And what article to show it? The terrorism - does not pull. Hooliganism - hardly. Disorderly conduct - well, once will slip...

And journalists here with cameras - and by the evening already chilling photo reports on the Internet. Hefty OMON fighters drag sickly four-eyes with buckets on the heads. And girls with blue balls laugh at the power. And together with them all progressive public laughs, still being rather afraid to come to the square, but already keeping a fig in a pocket. And what will be if the simple people laugh? The answer at Pushkin in “The captain`s daughter“.

The laughter - is scary infectious. Ask Petrosyan - he knows.

By the way, you know why in TVs numerous “Notices“ and Petrosyana? Because the power wants that the people laughed in other occasions. So to speak, take away energy to the operated courses. Earlier the power was afraid of orange color. The most antigovernmental song was:

Orange sky, orange sea,

Orange sun, orange camel. Orange mothers to orange children

Orange songs oranzhevo sing


Now the power is afraid of a blue color. But if on the heads of irresponsible youth still somehow it is possible to fight against blue buckets, what to do with that fact that the sky at us over the heads too of blue color?

Such big flashing indicator for all. And all who under it, in PTDC you will not drag. Will ridicule.