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His name “Kamazyonok“.

KAMAZ 4308 - the best of the Russian trucks of the class. “We build calculations so that to be ready to various surprises in the market - up to leaving of competitors. If ZIL leaves - we are ready to occupy its niche. If is able to remain - we will conduct competitive fight, but in more expensive price segment“. It words of the CEO of JSC CAMAZ Sergey Kogotin. Here it as they say, - is told - made, already on roads of the Russian cities already 7 - m years we see nice srednetonnazhnik of the KAMAZ production. The KAMAZ model 4308 unambiguously took the leading positions among similar. For not far long-distance and transportations in the city this truck is extremely convenient. Thanks to plastic plumage, the car got new design, it influenced also improvement of aerodynamic characteristics. In salon of a cabin there was a cosiness which was so not getting to Kama cars. This time designers took care also of comfort of the driver. The raising of a cabin carries out the hydraulic mechanism. Special attention zasluzhio 4 - x the cylinder Cummins engine, according to the characteristics which, can safely be called the modern diesel. At the capacity of 4. The 5th liter has a capacity in 185 - t hp and it is equipped with the turbine with a cooler of a naduv of air. Fuel system of production it is mute - oh the companies Bosch. At insignificant to the weight and good power fuel consumption pleasantly surprises with the profitability. It was not forgotten also a noise isolation of internal part of a cabin that provides a noise-attenuating casing of a compartment of the motor. The soft course of a car is provided a suspension bracket on springs ahead and pnevm. cylinders of the back bridge by means of which via the panel in salon it is possible to regulate van height on height. Changes and in torm were made. the KAMAZ system 4308, it became much more convenient and more reliable. KAMAZYONOK will demand from you overhaul only through 50 thousand km. run. Spare parts KAMAZ 4308 has not high price category and therefore not expensive maintenance. Undoubtedly, avty - KAMAZ 4308 is an achievement of domestic automotive industry in a segment of medium-tonnage trucks, we could already make sure of it for several years of release of model. At an exhibition of two thousand seventh “Commercial transport - 2007“ by right was recognized as the best domestic truck Kamazyonok.