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Caps on wheels. Whether they are necessary? What caps happen?

are known to All that various decorative accessories are capable to change shape of your car strongly. One of the most popular types of accessories - caps on car wheels. They improve appearance of the car and hide traces of the rust which is inevitably appearing on stamped rims. Besides, decorative caps protect elements of brake system from pollution which can become the reason of emergence of scratches when braking.

Original or analogs?

Producers of cars establish to

caps on wheels of new cars, sometimes for an additional fee. At the same time the buyer has no possibility of the choice of design - for each model the official dealer has only one option of caps. The price of such accessories in salon is comparable to the cost of light-alloy wheels of third-party producers. However, installation of “nonnative“ disks is not always possible as new models of cars are often equipped with disks with non-standard adjusting sizes. Installation of disks not of original disks can also lead to problems at service of the car on THAT. The optimal solution is purchase of stereotyped caps which set at the price is comparable to the cost of one original cap. Such caps make world famous firms, they do not concede in anything original, and much more surpass them in a variety of options of design.

the Choice of caps

Applicability of a cap to the concrete car depends only on the rim sizes. It is very simple to recognize him - he is specified on disks and tires and has an appearance: R13, R14, R15, R16.

Caps first of all carry out decorative function and at the choice of caps first of all it is necessary to pay attention to a combination of their design to a general view of your car. Models with aggressive forms and acute angles are suitable for sports cars more. For the majority of representative cars and sedans caps with smooth forms of strict design resemble.

Open caps are better combined with disks of dark color as through open areas of a cap the rim is visible. The open design is recommended for the drivers possessing an aggressive manner of driving with frequent dispersals and braking as open caps provide good ventilation of brake disks that prevents an overheat. However, if you want to hide corrosion or other defects of a rim, then open models of caps - not the best choice.

The closed caps with the minimum quantity of openings will help to hide corrosion or other defects of stamped disks. It is necessary to notice that the closed caps, among other things, improve aerodynamics of the car due to reduction of an izrezannost of the plane of a wheel, and wash also much more simply, than models of open type. Automobile caps from the closed design protect internal surfaces from pollution and damages that promote long life of rims.

If you stop on caps with a convex profile, then it is necessary to treat process of the parking as it is easy to scratch such models about a curb more carefully.