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White. From where the symbolics of this color takes sources?

D. R. R. Tolkien “Lord of the Rings“:

“- White it is good, - Saruman grinned, - but only for a start. White fabric can be painted, a clean sheet - to speckle any letters and color in itself whether to you not to know that, can be spread out.

- Then it will stop being white, - I objected. - And about the one who endeavors to comprehend whole, decomposing it to components, I will tell one: it descended from a wisdom track“.

In the people not without reason expression “this world“ because natural day lighting was for the person a standard white occurs. This world arises when the source radiates waves of different length evenly, and a white subject we call that which them everything as much as possible reflects. Therefore white clothes are recommended to wear where the sun mercilessly scorches.

The origin of the word “white“ which philologists consider to related such Old Indian words as bhalam (gloss) and bhati (shines) also is connected with light.

White is a purity and emptiness, air, sanctity, rest, silence. White it is actually colourless, and at the same time it comprises all variety of paints of the world.

V. Kandinsky about color: “White color affects with

our mentality as great silence which for us is absolute. Internally it sounds as not - sounding that quite precisely corresponds to some pauses in music …

Is silence is not dead, it is full of opportunities. White color sounds as silence which can be suddenly understood. White is Nothing which is young, or is nothing donachalny, till the birth real even more precisely. So, maybe, the earth at the time of Ice Age sounded“.

V. Vysotsky “White silence“:

“How long we dream only white dreams,

swept up All other shades of snow.

We went blind from such whiteness long ago.

But we will begin to see clearly from a black strip of the earth“.
the Symbolics of sanctity and spiritual purity of white color is shown by

in an attire of the Celtic druids, the Pope, Favorskii white clothes of Christ (in same it will appear also after revival). Gods were most often recommended to sacrifice purely white animals - without uniform speck.

the Roman vestals are the priestess of a cult goddess Vesta - as a sign of the obligatory virginity wore white clothes.

Innocence and a peculiar birth for new life symbolizes also the wedding dress of the bride traditional for Europe and Japan.

Though white color quite often contacted death (shrouds of dead men, a mourning attire in India, China, Ancient Greece and Rome), here its symbolics unlike black had no negative character. On the contrary - white meant death only for this world and the new birth for afterlife, farewell to the dead man in a kingdom of Heavenly emptiness.

White color in general quite often accompanies conception and the birth of new - it both color of egg, and color of a seed, and color of maternal milk. Let`s remember also expressions “to begin with a clean sheet“, “clean copy“, “a tabul race“ (Latin a blank sheet), “cards - Blanch“ (fr. the white card), the meaning blank form signed by the bearer conferring to volume unlimited powers.

From - for the fact that white clothes very easily soiled, the role aristocratical, ceremonial, festive was assigned to them long ago (white shirts, blouses, collars, cuffs). People of “dirty professions“, certainly, could have no daily such clothes. Before recent time there was one exception - white dressing gowns were worn by doctors and employees of scientific laboratories. Their work hardly you will call pure, but to him great demands of sterility were placed. And what can testify better than white color purity of clothes? However, for today the practicality got the best and white dressing gowns of doctors are even more often forced out by nonspottable green.

our subconscious perception white as colors sterile, well illustrates also the experiment which showed that the ballot box put in the center of a white circle sharply reduces the number of “inexact hits“ in it.

Occasionally white attires can find also negative symbolics as it happened to a uniform of white racists from “Ku - kluks - clan“. Not without reason say that “not the place paints the person“...

The peacefulness symbolics also was assigned to white. Not without reason a truce signal (or capitulations) was the white flag testifying to purity of intentions. Well and how here not to remember the well-known white pigeon - from an easy hand of Picasso of the world peace which became an emblem. He drew it by request of the I World congress of defenfers of peace of 1949

there are many treatments of this symbol. Here and the bible pigeon who brought an olive branch on the ship of Nov meaning that the flood ended and God reconciled with people. And the evangelical Holy Spirit, condescended on mild Christ in the form of a white pigeon. It is widely known as well an antique legend of how pigeons of Venus built the nest in a helmet of Mars, and the god of war not to destroy their nest, refused the next bloody invention. Well and, at last, Picasso in general passionately liked to draw pigeons. Even the daughter called Paloma (“golubky“). By the way, on a symbol of the world it is represented a pigeon, but not a pigeon though as you will define it?

The symbolics of white color is not always connected only with pleasure and a positive. Especially brightly it is shown in classical Japanese poetry where white - invariable attribute of cold (air, snow), separations and loneliness (emptiness).

And the whiteness, more precisely pallor, causes quite often and bad associations: ghosts, a skull and bones, the pale rider of death from “Apocalypse“.

And one white color in itself is intolerable. The nightmare once dreamed me that I am imprisoned in empty, evenly lit, the room with white walls, a floor and a ceiling. Good it is not enough. Not without reason prisoners quite often for the purpose of psychological pressure are supported or interrogated in such cheerful interior.

But white is fine in contrast and a combination to other flowers.

So, we returned to what began with. All paints of a range gathered in a white beam again, so - time to finish our cycle of articles about symbolics of color came. In conclusion, it is necessary to tell that in this cycle I mentioned only the basic reasons of this or that symbolics, trying to avoid those semi-mystical speculation and conjectures with which allegedly scientific and psychological articles about color just teem. And the subject, of course, is inexhaustible.