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Karlovy Vary. What the general between Stierlitz and James Bond?

A few years ago I watched one American movie. Despite the simple philosophy and easy contents, hooked on me then two things. The first - thought that we often do not even reflect what can “tomorrow“ and not come. Life passes, and we live past, we hope for the future, we refuse the desires and dream. And tomorrow can just not come.

For me, the girl who is not facing till that minute death, this simple conclusion became almost revelation. The second that left an indelible print on my gentle essence - Karlovy Vary. This town was mentioned in the movie. To visit this Czech resort town was dream of the heroine. Since then Karlovy Vary at me steadily was associated with mysticism, luxury and isolation. With the place where easily it is possible to meet some global celebrity.

As it appeared, my perception near the truth - this small European town receives the international festivals, the congresses and other significant events. And therefore to meet here the celebrity does not seem such unrealizable thing. For example, here in Soviet period shot a scene of Stierlitz`s meeting with the wife. And in the 21st century - episodes of one of parts of Bondiana “the Casino the Grand piano“. Among visitors of the resort there were a tsar Peter I, Ataturk, Siegmund Freud, Kafka, Goethe, Beethoven, Chopin, Turgenev … On small streets of Carlsbad Marina Tsvetaeva liked to walk.

The town with the population about 50 thousand people are considered the largest resort in the Czech Republic. It is located between mountains, along the small river of the Greenhouse. “Here it is impossible to get lost, - our guide tells. - It is possible to return to the bus, at first having left to the small river, and then along it you go in an opposite direction“. Here astounding mountain air and about 15 sources of the mineral water curing of diseases of a digestive tract and a metabolic disorder and functions of endocrine glands.

History of the town began in 1358 with Charles IV who constructed here then the hunting lock. Guides tell that Karl was very much hurt by a leg, but he noticed that after bathing pain passed in a local source. Then - that the acute sovereign founded the city here. And a source of “Vrzhidlo“ with which everything began it is considered “source No. 1“. This natural geyser throws out every minute about 2000 l of healing water from depth of 2,5 kilometers.

And except sources with mineral water, Karlovy Vary is famous for bekherovky - the well-known liqueur which locals for fun call “source No. 13“, and “oplatka“ - not less well-known vafelka.

At each house, as well as it is necessary, there is the history. There is, for example, a house of the person which was very rich, but nobody loved it, except his cat. When the cat died, the owner constructed a monument to the favourite. It is curious that the cat looks towards the house, and to the city will turn a back. The monument still costs, reminding of loneliness of the wealthy, but not learned to get on with people person.

Lodges are similar to “cakes“: ancient, painted in different colors, adjoin with grandiose, to buildings of hotels and museum luxury of bohemian crystal. In Karlovy Vary the salon of the well-known mozerovsky glass is located. Rolls - roysa on local streets - too a commonplace. Though it is a little cars. Generally people walk here.

Karlovy Vary is impregnated with aristocratism, nobility, tranquility and a cosiness. I think, it is necessary to get here. What for? to see as far as everything can be at the same time simple and refined around; that the aristocratism not necessarily borders on snobbery, and luxury - on inaccessibility.