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Last rendezvous of


- Yes, there was a business! How many years passed, and I will never forget it, - the smile did not descend from a face of the blonde. One more Victor. More precisely the first - so it appeared in the list. “Astounding eyes“. In these eyes there was a wish to drown …

A here in these hands - to thaw. Olga confoundedly smiled - the man noticed her look and defiantly raised the right hand. “Is banded“, - the thought rushed on “to recover the breath“ without stops. Slender beautiful fingers gave aristocratism of their owner. The man with a week bristle, though resembled the long-distance truck driver, but was surprisingly nice. “Something in it is … and hands … mm …“, - Olga continued to be surprised to herself.

should get it together … - the Girl, tell, to us to wait for a long time? - a little aggressive-minded though it is very weakened the man sitting at a little table showed the discontent. And, it seems is that which got used to start immediately and on full gas to go. Not without brakes, but with a speed. The habit got in inheritance from the childhood when Vitya (thank God, their of everything three!) was engaged in karting. “There have to be strong legs and buttocks“, - the thought in the head to Olga was knocked with a ring. “Well, all. Enough!“, - the girl collected will in a fist and managed a smile. It turned out quite lovely. Or she wanted to think so.

- Soon. We wait for one more main participant, and it will be possible to begin. In the list you 99, but the rest can send the registered mail.

- And what in general will be? - the former racer was not appeased. I received a note in which nothing is specified.

- is strange and why came? - the blow was assumed by the owner of magic hands.

- There was the word which was pronounced by one my old acquaintance. Years - to tsat it did not see, decided that it it. She is capable to make it, - the racer drank from a glass of whisky. - And you why here?

- is interesting … and what is her name? - the brutal type put in a ward. - I have such acquaintance, a little shifted too, but it at school forced all our schoolmates to dream of it silently. Though later so nobody got it. However, Vitya, - addressed brutal type the blonde.

- It did not leave chances at other choice, - fog in eyes dissipated. For a second. The sun looked out and lit up a heavenly azure. In eyes the spark flashed.

- Forgive, I was late, - the man with a gray-haired beard surely entered doors.


She sat in front of the mirror. Hours slowly, but inevitably brought closer it the last minutes of life. The grown decrepit body asked on rest. But internal fire was not appeased. She slowly combed the gray thinning hair, peering at the pupils. It often so did - tried to increase them. That life was more interesting. People with widely open eyes have more chances to see that another, making light, not to notice

- Not your destiny, not yours - You whispered to me. Thanks that agreed to go to a meeting.

- It is not necessary to gratitude, - you deserved this meeting, - the Stranger grinned.

- You today in Roma`s image.

- I Think, it will be pleasant to you. It will not be here. Perhaps though so I will return. You asked to bring together all who played a key role in your life.

She smiled.

- They did not give me chance to grow old. I wanted to be for them fireworks or at least a guiding star.

- All right, without pathos.

- I tried.

- They too. All of them here because did not forget you. Even when did not remember. Tell, you loved all of them?

- I do not know.

- would be time to understand. Remained absolutely slightly - slightly … to

- Yes. Loved.

- Is sure?

- I do not doubt, - the smile slipped on the person. - You know how many energy they presented to me and how many I gave them?

- It was enough for warming the cold Moon) Only you and there was one.

- I could not belong to someone from them to one. Each of them remains for me to the best. I won everyone.

- Well, you did not stand on ceremony with some.

- They wanted it. At everyone the payment for love.

- You - that do not pose as Cleopatra, - the image disappeared and instead of it the person in a gray hat appeared and it is dark - a gray coat. In hands it had a saxophone. - We will speak so further. This style approaches more, - by the way the Stranger chilly explained.

- Without all of them there would be no me, - something flew inside and pulled soul strings. - Call as you want. I am grateful to them for the fact that I felt. For the fact that breathed suffered, worried. For the fact that they pulled me for live and I could even grope walls of the opportunities blindly.

- All it is time, - the person in gray touched her shoulder. Only remember that this meeting as if will not be. It exception of the rule. It was necessary to work with spatially - a temporary curve … You will have a minute.


the silence hung In mid-air. In the doorway there was a little, dry old woman. None of attendees understood what occurs. Suddenly the old woman smiled, her lips shivered, she wanted to say something, but the voice foully did not sound. It pressed hands to a breast and slowly went to men.

- What you beautiful, - she whispered, touching them. She wanted to touch everyone. They stood, without understanding what occurs. From her eyes tears slid. But it was happy. They stood here, everyone - with a part of her soul hired once. - Thanks. Thanks. Thanks … to It became good, easy, quiet

. Comfortably. Eyes were closed. Anything else did not disturb. Neither noise around, nor the surprised exclamations “Who is it?“, phone calls. Now all. It was possible to leave quietly with the person in gray. Forever.