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Antalya. Than it attracts the tourist?

Antalya gave me a cordial welcome. And whom, actually, Turkey in which how guides joke, all the year round the sun, can meet in a different way? Even the most seriously adjusted skeptic cannot but agree: in Antalya located at width San - Frantsisko, warmly, solarly and beautifully. It is checked by millions of people, some not once during the season. According to the latest data, annually antaliysky airport meets about 8 million tourists.

One fly behind five stars and Ultra Ol Inklyuzivom here. Others - for the sake of children not to shiver in hours-long flights over the ocean, reaching coast of South America or some other far earth. The third - behind satisfaction of one of the main passions of modern society - shopping. And to that there are objective reasons: in Turkey a variety of goods is combined - that is very important - with an opportunity to bargain. Skin, gold, precious jewelry, country houses, yachts … The list can be continued indefinitely. Price category: it is not limited. What will be the final cost of goods, depends only on your ability to bargain. It is not excluded that the price can be a bolt from the blue and for you. And, pleasant.

On supervision of antaliysky guides, Russian-speaking tourists arrive to Antalya in the summer. And here “the season of Europeans“ proceeds here all the year round. Turkey, including Antalya, in the oseena - the winter period is especially popular. Europe has a rest in Antaliyska Rivyere, enjoying fine golf - fields or breath ancient and eternal. It I about historical sights.

And to look here is on what. Found this promised land still Ache, having come here on the ark (in the territory of Turkey there is Mount Ararat). As tourist collections, the last food on Noah`s Ark assure, turned sour - the sweet pudding (ashura), still everywhere prepares in Turkey. There was the well-known Trojan war, here, on many sources, Saint Nikolay was born (though in this question Turkey has no consensus with Greece). A hilt with Artemis`s Temple and Galikarnas, the Blue Mosque, Cleopatra`s island which sand, according to the legend, was delivered from Egypt; the miracle - the Pamukkale mountain with is dazzling the white stiffened cascades and natural pools with salutary water...

In Turkey there is the only city in the world which was located in two parts of the world at once: on the way from Europe to Asia, from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and further in Mediterranean is Istanbul. The biggest diamond in the world, Kashikchi, is stored in the territory of this country too - in the Topkapi Palace.

The list of sights and historical details is huge. Two facts concerning world famous commanders seemed to me especially curious: in the territory of present Turkey Julius Caesar proclaimed the well-known words “Veni, Vidi, Vici“ (“Came, saw, won“), and there is a city which was not conquered by Alexander of Macedon.

Not to repeat Macedon`s mistakes and to receive from Antalya that you want it is necessary to be fully equipped. That is, speaking to the modern language, to obtain detailed information on where and why you go. Depending on the purpose also choose hotel, a route, rest time. If first of all entertainments are important, then look for hotel in which all this is or which is located in the large city (but in that case consider that the hotel can have a city beach).

There are several supervision which will help those who come to Antalya not only for the sake of 5 - stars holiday.

1. The currency can be changed even in grocery stores. Of course, hit in Turkish liras back, but before taking from you euro or dollars, always sound a course at which will change money.

2. Antaliysky minibuses klaksonit to the people standing at the road, as if speaking: “I go to that party, you sit down“. If to you not on the way with the minibus which stopped near you, you can ignore this call. Fare - from 1,5 TL to 2,5 TL (1 dollar = about 1,5 TL).

3. In Antalya there are several falls, the largest of them local call Dyuden Shelalesi. Along the coast, since falls to the Old City (Kaleichi), the park in which the special racetrack is constructed lasts, there are free exercise machines. By the way, in Antalya such parks not the rarity, is free tennis courts (for example, at an entrance to Dyuden Park which is located near Dyuden Shealesi). It is very easy to support itself in a tone at desire.

Besides, parks are equipped with little tables with small benches, in the evenings antaliyets families come to a dinner in these pleasant corners. The grass well-groomed, on it pleasantly not only barefoot to walk, but also to lie down.

5. Soccer - one of special passions of Turks. Somehow coming back from evening walk, saw two restaurants standing on two sides of the road. Both with summer terraces broadcast soccer. At the time of a goal the exulting exclamation at the same time was distributed also on screens of plasma TVs, and at both restaurants. It was lucky that fans of the same club gathered. There is an impression that the Turkish men in days of soccer become inaccessible for all the rest.

6. Tea - a cult product. Here it is drunk from small glasses. Constantly. After a lunch or a dinner in an institution of any price category and a format at you will specify whether you want to tea.

7. If you got to a zone of “special attention to tourists“, be ready that sellers will not lag behind you. My acquaintance had to pledge the word of the man that he will return the other day and surely something will buy.

8. Choosing excursions, you remember that in street agency maybe is cheaper, but in that case responsibility for yourself is born only by you. If any guarantees and tranquility are necessary for you, overpay 5 - 10 dollars better to that travel agency to which you trust (with which you got to this country or about which heard positive responses).

Antalya will receive everyone with open arms: and there was enough fan of the passive rest seeking to be filled to the brim with solar luxury - so that the next dank autumn days with interest, both the judge of historical sights, and the active shopaholic. Things are easy - it is correct to plan rest.