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Drivers and pedestrians: how all to get on on the road? We learn rules...

Saw in some magazine two caricatures - the road from the point of view of the pedestrian or the driver. On one the little man at the crosswalk is represented, and on it huge cars with razinuty mouths snatch from all directions. On another - the driver in the small mashinyoshka, and people as on demonstration, some try to climb to him on a cowl and a roof wander around.

And these pictures only not much more exaggerate representation about each other of these two groups of people. In what the reason of such views, is more than cats reminding the relations and dogs? And business even not in lack of politeness - I many times saw how quite well-mannered and cultural people change, having appeared on the road in this or that role. How to get on on the road to drivers and pedestrians?

Being a professional autoinstructor, I have an opportunity to observe people in a “boundary“ state - process of transformation of the pedestrian into the driver. Talking to them, understood, as those, and others often or do not know the Traffic regulation (especially pedestrians), or incorrectly treat them.

Though in Rules there is a separate section for pedestrians, their interaction with drivers occurs also in many other points. Comments to Rules explain consistently each of points. Therefore even honestly studying this science it is difficult to aggregate all range of relationship. From here mutual misunderstanding and irritation.

Here that usually I tell the pupils that behind trees of separate points they saw all wood...

Drivers often forget that pedestrians are full-fledged participants of traffic. And it is necessary to treat them not less seriously, than other cars. And not to hoot them if they do not violate the Rule.

Pedestrians often exaggerate the rights and ignore duties. The biggest and dangerous delusion of the pedestrian - that at the crosswalk he is God-almighty. But transition - part of the road, and a vstupatn it, according to Rules, it is necessary, having only convinced of safety of this step. The car cannot be stopped at once. And many rush on unregulated transition, even without having looked on the parties. Moreover from - for the car parked before transition which driver violated too the requirement to stand not closer than five meters before transition.

Drivers, in turn, have to give way to the pedestrians going on unregulated transition. That is even if the pedestrian only descended from the sidewalk, it is necessary to stop and pass it. And pedestrians should not be late unreasonably on transition.

It is important to remember that unregulated crosswalks can be designated not only “zebra“ with the corresponding signs before her, but also only signs without “zebra“ and vice versa.

On adjustable transitions there are problems too. It is offered to drivers after inclusion of the allowing signal of the traffic light to pass cars and the pedestrians finishing the movement through the intersection. And pedestrians often abuse it on wide streets. Instead of waiting for the following signal on a dividing strip in the middle of the road, go to the opposite side, detaining the movement.

The knowledge listed above already as showed my experience, is enough to drivers and pedestrians better to understand each other and not to be nervous on the road.

I wish you pleasant and safe trips and walks!