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What it is worth creating successful business? If you decided to earn

strongly much strongly without straining, then here you will not meet anything interesting. Article is rather for those which do not want to begin business anew at the first change of financial winds.

Once, wandering on open spaces of a world wide web I came across the blog known business - the consultant Max Kraynov. It is interesting to read its blog and it is useful, but I paid special attention to article “Success - the market = idea + realization + team [We look for talents] “.

Except other, Max is engaged in support of startups and not against to take under the aegis some beginning businessmen. However, he wants to deal not with all, and only with those which meet to a number of its requirements. The list of these of the requirement just is also of special interest itself. In fact, it is the list of councils which have to make the beginning business interesting and perspective. Interesting and perspective so that serious investors became interested in it.

Here I quote the list of these requirements, and I will show below as far as they are proved and what will lead their execution or non-execution to.

your product has to possess the following number of properties:

to do something important that could be used for creation mobile or online services.

to allow to do atomic operations (conversion, aggregation, inquiry, etc.) . Possible payment methods have to include payment for the number of atomic operations therefore it is important to be able correctly and to convincingly consider the number of those operations.

to be scaled (to allow to process from 1 to 10 request a second with attraction of additional capacities like Amazon EC2 in case of need).

to allow to establish itself on the client`s server (perhaps, with other model of licensing).

to be hardly copied i.e. that five Chinese students could not create the competing product on a knee. If there is a patent or at least the patent application in the necessary jurisdiction - plus one point in your advantage.

fanatically to be supported, i.e.:

bugs have to be fixed within 2 days

technical support has to be given 12 hours a day with the average time of the answer, to equal 2 hours

what to do

the Possibility of an exit in online

Such there came times that present clients take great pain to be connected to a network so in a network it is the simplest to look for them. Besides, if your product cannot be presented to networks, then you were engaged in obviously backward business. Alas, backward business is not the strong player in the market. And the weak player will hardly be able to interest both possible partners, and consumers.

It means that the window prorubaniye needs to pay special attention in online, it is necessary to master information technologies and to learn to do at least what successful people do for a long time. Otherwise there will come time when successful people come and will make the worthy competition. And the abundance of cheap manpower will not be capable to rescue any more.

Splitting processes into atomic operations

Can create monolithic technologies, and it is possible to make them of some set of the finished bricks. At the initial stages monolithic decisions will be more compact and productive, but in process of growth the risk of failures will increase and it will become more difficult to try to obtain good scalability. In other words, the monolithic system more likely will crack and once will face a problem which will prevent to increase power. The monolithic system is ideally suited for small and stable tasks, but is unacceptable for the big and growing affairs.

Also when not really clear that there occurs in system, is more difficult to explain to clients what from them money undertakes. Therefore, the opaque project practically with guarantee will face a problem of impossibility of monetization, so its payback will be under a big question.

The developer should structure the project and to work each its detail. All processes have to become transparent and predictable. It will be as a result possible to allocate a project essence, its dry pressing, its highlight which will make the project tasty. If makes, of course. Farther even more simply, owing to the transparency, the project will give in to rather simple assessment on cost.

It will not turn out to inflate strongly its importance any more, but also the actual value of the decision will be in the public eye. If this value is solid, then why and not to show it? And if it is difficult to estimate the project whether then so its cost is high?

Ability to scaling

Scalable process has a stock for growth. It will not be infinitely necessary to be got involved in the exhausting fight against technical obstacles any more, it will be possible to concentrate on marketing and on operation of the available decisions. It does not mean that everything has to be ready to expansion, but it means that well worked plan of expansion has to exist. Otherwise, if business goes well, competitors will surely run and willingly will help to lift an untilled virgin soil, will help and will surpass you. It is necessary to you?

Ability to involve third-party resources

In general, computing and other resources get not for free of charge. They need to be got, they need to be supported, they need to be protected. All this demands skill and demands investments. Far more simply and the cheapest way if some part of cares and expenses is shifted to shoulders of clients or partners. Let better them care for operability of the servers and monthly pay bills for electricity. It is possible to be exempted from non-core tasks and to concentrate on the most interesting directions.

Ignoring this requirement it is difficult to achieve high efficiency by small forces. Dispersion of expenditure can easily lead to a situation when one processes choke with a lack of resources, creating a narrow neck, and others spend means empty.

There is other reason which does the requirement essential, ability to transfer business - process is confirmation of its full value. If the constant control of your experts is necessary, then from each order tails which cannot be optimized will be surely dragged. It is necessary to the investor?

Simply telling complexity of copying to

, for creation of the copy there should not be a shirokodostupny technological base. Having fulfilled this requirement it is possible to get rid of considerable part of competitors. If competitors can easily copy a product, then competitors, greedy to an easy money, and prospects on return will easily use fruits of its promotion becomes less. It is more favorable to concentrate on creation something extraordinary, some miracle of equipment. But it, by definition, will well unload the developer`s pocket. Therefore especially it is necessary to concentrate the expenditure in one direction.

For example, you can open business on production of any details from plastic. You buy 3D - the printer, take orders through a network, and send final goods by mail. You will not copy such business on a knee. For good three-dimensional printers ask too good price. In a usual workshop the cost of execution of many orders will be much higher, and dates of performance will be much longer.

Uninterrupted operation of support Here everything is clear to

. This requirement defines survivability of business. If a correction of mistakes is not conducted, then, first of all, it will lead to maneuver restriction, and, in the second, to the fact that business will be intercepted or jammed. Anyway, indifference of developers to the project does not promise anything good. It will hardly be pleasant to the investor if, of course, return cannot be received instantly. But instant return happens at the gun which still should be charged.

Some conclusions

let`s stop Now and we will think that all this means? It is already clear that creation of really successful business is not it and simple business. It is good if there is enough own knowledge and abilities, otherwise it is necessary to pay work of experts. And if these experts really of the pro, then they for certain ask the good fee.

So, the price for an entrance to successful business is rather high. If you are capable to pay it - I am very glad for you! But most of people cannot pay such price, and over time the number of such people will grow rather. It is possible to save and be put, of course, in business gradually, little by little, but to do it it is necessary, most likely, without the aid of the interested investors. It is simpler to find the uncle become kinder and to be employed to him.

Alas, consolidation and monopolization of the market is a natural and inevitable process. It prevails over modern economy and, sometimes, even sharks of business are forced to sell the business or to go under control of more solid companies. What it will lead to? Further I will speculate, but these assumptions directly follow that it is difficult to create successful business, and to get under control of more solid company easy.

So, the uniform system, some mega - business which will capture all profitable fields of activity will gradually be created. It will be simply unprofitable to be out of this system. Someone will be able to settle better, someone will get the place worse, but leaving the system will be equivalent to full fiasco.

Let`s consider one more circumstance. The economy possesses centripetal action, but this action exists not just like that. Centripetal action is fed with various incentives, awards, baits. Generally, financial stimulation. That is, the corporation pays for a consent of the person to be in system with this or that sum of money. The part of this money of people spends for a covering of the needs, and the part remains free. This free part of money just is also interesting. Spare cash can be dug in some fund and to wait so far they will not be destroyed. Other option - it is possible to spend them for creation of new, more successful business.

If to create successful business, then, proceeding from a natural tsentrostremitelnost of economy, over time it will be absorbed mega - corporation. As a result, the owner of the absorbed business can rise in the status, and can not rise. Considering that it is necessary to distract from successful affairs to doubtful, rather the second. So if there are no special ambitions, then there are no special incentives to create own business and in general to show an initiative. Therefore the part of the fee which will not go to satisfaction of own needs will be destroyed rather.

There is one more circumstance. Any commercial organization seeks for reduction of the expenses. At the same time it is possible to reach a bigger flexibility or to concentrate on the solution of new tasks. That is, cumulative remuneration to all members of corporation will be reduced by all means. Maybe it will grow in some virtual calculation, but it will surely go down in cumulative price. Remuneration will be reduced until it still is possible. As a result, under a knife that remuneration which will remain free with members of corporation will surely go.

Over time spare cash members will not have. There are no doubts that optimization will go from bottoms. The salary of unskilled workers will be reduced at first and expenses on the automated systems will be optimized. That is, at first direct contractors should tighten belts. Well, this process with might and main goes already now. Then process will affect more exclusive members of corporation. The acceptable alternatives to membership in system just will not be, or work “for food“ or go away to losers! Gradually process of optimization will pass above and above on an office ladder. Gradually “for food“ chiefs of the lower and average link will begin to work. In such conditions to think of creation of the business of a special opportunity will also not remain.

A result one - all cumulative income, minus expenses on feeding and satisfaction of needs of all members of system, will remain at the disposal of small group of people or even at the disposal of one person. Most likely it will be those which did not begin to dig in spare cash in any funds, and invested them in themselves, in the development and education. Most likely it will be those which in persistent and unequal fight will be able to creep to the very top.

As one person can will dispose practically of all power of all mankind - it is other question. We speak about that price which should be given for membership in society of successful businessmen. This price such is that forces will be enough generally only for performance of official duties and for satisfaction of natural needs. Well, if, of course, it is not possible to break a jackpot and to get on top. But more possibly another, at first you will feel clear advantages from the status of the successful businessman, advantage which will begin to thaw once. Even if it not and your income grows, the top limit for which recession will go will be reached over time. Perhaps, even what you will not live before, but your successors if they are, will live precisely as it is not necessary to doubt that mega - the corporation will become the most effective commercial structure which in principle can exist.

But the main issue not in progress of the company, and what it will cost for ordinary businessmen? It is obvious that it will cost them freedoms. Whether it is possible to prevent loss of freedom? Loss of freedom to prevent it is impossible without having risen on top of financial hierarchy. Whether it is possible to avoid such deal? Such deal cannot be avoided creating successful business.

And here two bowls of scales, on one of them successful business, and on another - freedom. What is chosen by you?