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House feast: good tradition or empty efforts?

Society live stereotypes. And one of the steadiest is an idea of mother of several children as about an inspired hlopotunya in kitchen. On a field of preparation of dishes. Especially if that mother, having covered with children, also does not work neither at a factory, nor at office at the worst, the parasite.

It has to do something, the existence acquitting her. For example, a hot breakfast and - la a buffet in small hotel. And a daily lunch from three dishes with salad and cold appetizers, to each family member by the individual order. And rolls of own production with a heat about a heat, with jam of an autographic zakrutka for an afternoon snack. And the turkey baked in apples with a difficult garnish - for family dinner.

Well it is necessary to be engaged in something twenty four hours a day, isn`t that so? If to consider that kinders, in principle, are almost autonomous and tied at each other, in Lutheran church, that is in church, to the shame, I go seldom and irregularly, there is the third big To: kitchen.

Nevertheless, I will reveal to you terrible secret - it appears, it is possible to have in the anamnesis a family and three children, own kitchen and dozens of different recipe-books, but not to like to cook. No, the truth it is possible. I am an example.

However, almost nobody guesses it because except me in a family to prepare there is nobody, and anyway it is necessary to do it. Soups, cutlets, porridges, garnishes and schnitzels. Paste in Italian, meat in French and aspic from beef tongue. Herring under a fur coat, Russian salad and mimosa salad. Well a mimosa - that not every day, of course. Occasionally.

I even bake pies sometimes. Having pursed lips and with a sigh: say, and for whom it is easy now. There is such word - it is necessary.

Never understood hostesses who, rubbing hands, come on kitchen, say, now kaaaak I will prepare something - such! To me vividly so, quickly and to be released somewhat quicker. I better will clean up also a toilet bowl to wash if you say that it is impossible for days in one LJ. With children I will be engaged. Even to walk with them, for that matter. If only to prepare less.

Therefore on kitchen I always run gallop and I do everything quickly, accurately, without excess movements as the collector of pearls in to - an akvalangovy era which has an air reserve in lungs for one and a half minutes.

And having only come up from kitchen in a semi-coma, I take a deep breath. Also exhaled. And again breath. And - I come to life.

Special test for me are holidays. The holiday in understanding of the Russian person is first of all a table under a white cloth, and on it - plates, dishes, pialka and salad bowls of which various snack appetizingly look out. Without five - six salads, snack - cuttings, a portion meat hot and half-bucket chugunk of the baked potato or pilaf - guests though do not call because it is indecent. Will tell - called, and is there is nothing... Nearly “why was to invite then“.

And as we did not aspire by youth of years this foolish old man tradition to break that only did not invent - did not leave. Anyway we come back to a table under a white cloth.

Because - and how still to celebrate holidays in the two-room apartment filled furniture? In the room four by four meters where, except two sofas living there, cabinet furniture and members of household, still the person eight are invited - ten guests? Because the grandmother should be invited, the aunt Nina will surely come with the husband, Olya with the boyfriend, Tanechka with children, them is no place her and is fine, with ours potusit. Dima, turns out, there will be one, perhaps - no, so it is no good, it is necessary to ask Olya that the girlfriend captured some, there now though Vera, perhaps... Or Vera is married? Then Natasha... Nu and Boris Leonidovich with the wife, without them in any way.

A buffet reception, you speak, on western manners? Snack on a little table in a corner? Somehow it not our way. It cho, and do not suggest to sit down?. Besides such huge variegated crowd to the room only will also be located an elbow to an elbow on perimeter, around a table. Under a white cloth. And on a table - dishes both salad bowls, and meat in pots, and a pilaf chugunok in the middle, and the sweating bottles.

Yes I tried if it is honest and to invite less guests, and a buffet reception to manage, especially too it is easy for me to find excuses - pregnancy of late term regularly happens to me, for example, so it is possible to refer to it; and is not present - so on the baby in the house which at me practically always. But our people do not understand a buffet reception. The fourchette little table with sandwiches and a canape is taken out in the center of the room, guests sit down around it, and the hostess quickly goes to fry potato. Here to you and buffet reception.

And holidays in a big family there is a lot of. One days of births - five pieces moreover are good when in one day you cope. Most often birthday breaks into two parts - today friends, tomorrow relatives. Today adults, tomorrow - children from a class. Today will come from work - we will sit, and for tomorrow let`s call Kuzinykh, Sidorov, well and time we will train all the same, maybe, both Andrey with Katya and Serezhkoy?

And except days of births, feasts is enough. New year, Christmas, Easter because though we also do not go to Lutheran church, but we lay a table on church holidays regularly, any there eighth March and the May Day and “as we did not seem long ago, maybe, we will meet, we will sit?“ happen - and how still to mark out them - that? Only at a table. The soul demands to a banquet...

No, in cafe tried and as. But there somehow not so. At home it is possible to drink, relax, songs to shout a bit, on a guitar to pobrenchat, in table hockey to play, sit up zapolnoch. Besides at us - “child“ as write in authoritative community ru - child-free, and in cafe - restaurants with them it is not really convenient. Long you will not sit and in general. Houses they will always find to themselves occupations, and on departure - hundred problems. Well, those who not child-free, will understand me, and child-free - will understand even better.

We and in New year went to the wood. And in bowling. And even somehow I had time extreme New year in maternity hospital, apparently, an action on full. And the clown with spheres was called, and Father Frost with the Snow Maiden. Neey, not that... Why not that, you ask? Well somehow it on the run, not properly. There is not enough validity. Monumentalisms for understanding of the moment.

This white table with Russian salad and herring under a fur coat which became tradition, a symbol of any holiday.

I do not love it, but reconciled. In any, even to the most favourite work, there are unpleasant and unloved moments. The brilliant surgeon, for example, does not love, but the operation course, the artist is obliged to write down in the clinical record - to drag the easels, and the housewife - to collect a holiday table. I reconciled even to gifts on the birthday like supersaucepan, a set of frying pans or some wonderful device without name for formation of rosettes from forcemeat. Well people want to make pleasant heartily. From where to them the nobility about my addictions and antipathies. Besides I prepare? I prepare. Daily. Means, the next kitchen unit will be very opportunely.

Well judge what else, except a pan with a serving spoon, can be presented to mother of a large family, considering what the vacuum cleaner and a miracle - a mop already gave me?

Therefore in recent years when we are invited on a visit, I subconsciously wait and I look around at a table under a white cloth. As reciprocal courtesy. As holiday symbol. Also I grow stout at the sight of it in a pleased smile.

And having brought together friends at the table bursting with dishes, seeing pleased smiles, I am sincerely glad that all are happy and that we not in cafe, and houses where it is so good and sincere. Cleaning does not frighten me any more, and cooking, apparently, behind, here now we will only give hot...

Though couple of hours ago, conjuring in kitchen in couple and during a heat, I heartily think that, maybe, the next year we will fantastically grow rich, we will depart where - nibud to travel for this holiday... And at least once, the one and only time in life is not necessary to me before the birthday (New year, the Twenty third of February and further according to a calendar) to strugat in a Russian salad basin...